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Udita says to Kabir that his wish will be granted. She smiles at him as he looks towards her happily. He asks her to go. He says he guess she will never lose her smile. Anushka drank in her jeep as she watched them together. Udita says to Karan that he is here to get it back, even if it is lost. Kabir tells Udita they have reached her hotel, bids good byes and leave. Anushka thinks about Kabir whenever he saw Udita, press the accelerator of her jeep and drives in rage. Udita turns just in time and Anushka stops the car, Udita is shocked to see Anushka there. Anushka comes out and says Udita has been going on her way, she knows Kabir for last five years. Those who cheat are on a hit list of Kabir, she says she isn’t her enemy but she knows for the fact that Udita isn’t his friend. Anushka says Kabir

is good at heart, she must never think about using Kabir. She says this time it was just a suggestion, else next time there won’t be a break in her car. Udita stops Anushka and says she didn’t back up watching Anushka coming, she stepped forward. She wants to move forward in relations, she knows how to keep others happy and will never cheat Kabir. And if she fails to keep Kabir happy, she must not stop her car then. She leaves.
Next morning, Kabir looks for Udita in her room. He comes to garden, and texts Udita about date at 8.30 in moonlight restaurant. Udita gets Zubair’s call, he demands her to meet him. Udita reminds him that he had to give her the details of her brother’s murderer, Zubair says it is a part of that commitment. Udita agrees to meet him. There, the officer calls Kabir to go to moonlight club, the ISI agent is going to meet some companion there.
Kabir waited at the club, Udita comes there. They sit together, but both waiting for someone else. Zubair comes there in some old man’s avatar, he sits on the bar and wonders whom she has come with. Kabir takes a leave for restroom meanwhile she orders. Udita finds a good way and points at Zubair. Udita thinks what if Kabir spots them together. A waiter hits and ruins Zubair’s dress. Udita spots Zubair and hides himself. The whole envelope was wet. Kabir tells Anushka that Zubair is here. The officer tells him that he must not get away from Zubair for a second even. Udita comes looking for Kabir and hits him at the back. Anushka hears her and asks if Kabir is on a date, the officer is also concerned. Kabir says he knows what he is doing. The take the seat. Kabir points a mirror behind to watch Kabir. He says to Udita that he thinks he has lost his wallet in the washroom and goes to check for it. Udita comes to the bar near Zubair, he wonders what Udita is doing near Zubair. Udita asks for a glass of water at the bar, Zubair forwards the envelope. Udita drinks water and goes back to her glass. Zubair gets up to leave. Kabir informs his officer that Zubair didn’t meet anyone here. The officer tells him not to leave Zubair at any cost.
Kabir stops Zubair and beats him, but Zubair hurts Kabir and flee. Udita watches Kabir and is concerned, Kabir says he had a fight with someone. Udita bandages his injury. Kabir remembers their times together. He tells Udita that he is ok. She was angry at him. He says to Udita that he can look in her eyes about what she feels. Kabir says to Udita that when she loves him so much, why she doesn’t confess it. Udita says there is always a right time, does he believe in destiny. If they are written together in destiny, they will come together. Kabir says she must not let him wait to an extent that life ends. She looks at him, he smiles.
Zubair says this is the game of fate, the prey has come to hunter itself. He says now he will get the real victory.

PRECAP: Udita tells Zubair on call that she can’t kill so many people, she isn’t here for that. Anushka tells Kabir that Udita belongs to Punjab Pakistan, is it a coincidence or a conspiracy. Kabir is thoughtful.

Update Credit to: Sona

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