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Ria wipes her tears and Veer asks if he hasn’t disturbed her and says that I cant’ find the office and Ria says that come this way . Sohani is with Jigyasa and complaining about her problems to her Jigyasa tells her not to take stress as Jig’s is here to sort her problems, he sees his nail coming and tries to fix it while Sohani says that since you are here so meet Jignesh, wait I’ll call him. Jigyasa makes an excuse saying that he might feel embarrassed to meet me. He says that I will meet him again and I believe in destiny and if destiny wants us to meet than we’ll meet without planning. Sohani says that you are so intelligent and asks her if she would drink orange juice. She takes a glass out her bag and a bottle and pours some for her. She says your hair I love them and always wanted hair

like these, Jigyasa says that I also like your hair and as he runs his hand through her hair the nail gets stuck in Sohani’s hair.
Ria asks Veer if it is a new fashion and he says that don’t ask stupid kids. Ria says that there are a lot of those over here, Veer says I don’t need to be aware the winds are going to change here. She takes him to the office and leaves. Sohani asks Jigyasa if she didn’t like the juice and Jigyasa says that something is stuck in her throat. She then tells her not to worry and starts drinking the juice again and says it’s lovely and gives her a hug and takes the nail out. She then says that I have to leave as I have to get that phone fixed. She says that if you are still confused about Jignesh than I have an idea for that which will make you 200% sure about him. Sohani asks of what it is, Jigyasa says that every girl should try it, you should give Jignesh a kiss and it will prove if he is serious for you or not. Sohani says that we are meeting tomorrow right aren’t we and Jignesh remembers the fatigue he had to go through to get ready. Vanessa is watching him from a distance and says to Trumpet that I am watching a new drama in college. Trumpet asks Ria with whom she was with in front of the principal’s office. Ria says that it was a stranger but a nice personality. Vanessa says that I hope it’s a new student whom I can trap as Jignesh is out of my hands anyway.
Veer is with the principle who says that there couldn’t be a better time for your joining, tomorrow the boxing tournament will start and after that you can plan the whole year’s session. Veer says that’s Okay but after practice I will need sometime for my personal work. The principal agrees and says I have arranged the place for you stay and I hope you will like it. He gives him a file on all the students and he doesn’t even reads it and says that I will meet them tomorrow and will judge them on their performance.
Anaita says that says that how any guy can be so rude he took my scarf. Karan standing with her says that lets see who that person is who messed with my friend and my special friend. They leave and Jignesh comes to meet Sohani and she asks if that’s lipstick on her lips, Jignesh says that he was in the canteen and it’s just sauce .The group hide behinds the pillars as Veer comes after saying goodbye to the Principal, Karan comes out and he notices someone stalking him and goes towards them but leaves as he gets a call from kaka. Anaita says that he left. Karan says that I hope that he doesn’t while Ria says is he your enemy than why are you getting hyper and tells him to chill, Karan wonders what is up with her. Veer is at Nagar route and says that to solve your death won’t take me much long now.
Ria is with Riki who is exercising and says that you have become very smart nowadays. She says that I have always been smart, Riki says that I was just trying to divert your mind the doctor said the same thing. Ria says that it’s just a matter of few days and I will be ready for my next session. Riki says wrong don’t you remember what the doctor said we should never apply for that again and you said yes. He says that it’s going out of control and tells her to think about her family and friends at least as this is life threating. Karan on the other hand says that heartbeat was very low and she is alone bearing a lot as she wants to find out what happened in the previous life. Bhabi says that this PLR is very dangerous than why is she doing all of this, Karan says that she is very stubborn. Riki tells Ria to be not stubborn and think about everyone else and he stayed here for her. Ria says that I can understand but see in pain for a few days than a lifetime of guilt. Karan says that she is a lot of pain and I wish there is an option or someone who could solve this and make a future in which Ria and I are together forever. Bhabi tells him to stay strong and Riki comes and sits next to Ria.
Sohani is dancing in her terrace when she gets hit by some flowers she looks down and Jignesh has come to meet her. She throws a piece of cloth down for him to climb and he says that I have to do all of this as well now. The guard comes and after a while he notices his present and gets beaten up.
Ria gets a call from Anaita and asks if she is Okay. Anaita says that she feels nervous for tomorrow’s competition. Ria says that just be focused and I know you will nail. Anaita says that tell me something that how can you be so forgiving as if I was there I don’t what I would do. Ria tells her to put all of this aside and focus on the competition.
Veer comes to location and says that here I will find all the answers regarding Kabir, Udita and Anushka. He sits down near a spot and says that just like their death that hard disk was left useless and the password could never be crack nor could anything be found about those agents. He starts cleaning the place and finds a picture of Kabir and just puts it in order. The place is Kabir’s grave and says no relation to you but here I am finding out what happened in 1995. He says that this is a promise that I will not rest till I solve this puzzle and bring the truth about my father to the world.

Precap: Karan comes and asks Veer about the medical forms and without turning he says the blue file and continues to read about Kabir. Karan comes forward and he turns back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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