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Ria brings her hand forwards but then pushes Karan’s away and says that one moment you say something and the other something else, who knows what you’ll do tomorrow. How ironic is it that the person who can’t stand someone breaking his trust isn’t trustworthy himself. Karan hears a voice and his Bhabi wakes him up, and he says that thank God it was just a dream. Karan explains the dream and Bhabi says that you deserve it and if I was in her place I would have slapped you.
Karan asks of what he should do as since he found about Anaita he is unable to look Ria in the eyes, she is such a nice girl and how much I hurt her. Bhabi says that everyone knows their weakness and you should have as well, you know how much impulsive you are then why did you such a thing and didn’t’ control yourself.

Karan asks of what he is supposed to do and Bhabi says that go cheer her up.
Ria’s mother can’t believe of what Ria has told her about the past life and says that you are an educated girl of the 21st century. Ria says that this is the reason she is able to connect all of these, her father says that find the logic behind these signals as you just might get stuck in these problems, Ria says that she has found the cure to her irregular heartbeat and has also seen the face of that boy but there are still a lot of questions to be solved and she will find the answer to all of them. Her mother says that lets say that there is a truth in your dreams but what does it has to do with this lifetime. Ria says that this is destinies second chance to her to finish what was left incomplete in the previous life. Ria says that she is just following the signs and wants to know why she took the boy’s life. Her father says that who is the boy in your dream and Ria says that she’ll tell when the time is right.
Karan is waiting in the college with Trumpet and Jignesh and wonders how he would apologize to her and if she would forgive him. Trumpet says that it’s true that you don’t deserve her apology after what you did. Karan says that he is already feeling like a criminal so don’t make it worse and says that give me some useful suggestions. They start to argue when Jignesh says that he has solution and tells them to meet him behind the college. The two of them go to the back and Jignesh comes there covered in a towel acting like a girl, and Trumpet says to Karan that this is the best rehearsal you can get. Karan starts to practice and falls to the ground by apologizing one by one. Trumpet and Jignesh start to laugh when a worker comes and calls Karan to the Principles office.
Karan comes and Ria is there with the Principle who tells him that Ria has started to take legal action against the Euro, he explains of what this means and says that we have no idea of how Mr.Singhania would react to it, he is the trusty of our college and a powerful man to. Ria says that she has no relation to his power and she wants to set an example for the girls of this college, Karan agrees to be an eye witness and the principle calls the police.
Karan follows Ria and finally calls her while everyone goes peaks from behind. Karan goes to her and says that I have no idea on how to apologize to you, on the other hand Ria is thinking of what she did in her previous life. Karan says that I fell into Anaita’s trap and hurt you while Ria thinks to herself that not as much as I did. She puts her hand on his mouth and says that some relations don’t have future and ours is one of them. Karan says that it’s not like that and I’ll win your apology and your trust. Ria says to herself that I can’t come close to you even if I want to as I have to find answers to my pervious life and don’t want to hurt you anymore and leaves.
Euro is sitting with his father who says that when will you stop this childish behavior, Euro says that what to do right now as anytime a legal action could be taken. Signhania says that nothing will happen as everyone knows that you are my son. The police come with an arrest warrant against Euro and say that we have a complaint for him for molestation and assault. Singhania says that I’ll talk to my lawyer and get the bail papers ready while the policemen says that its 7o’clock and the offices are closed. Singhania asks of what could be done and the police man says that if the victim takes her complaint back then he could be set free. They give him a copy of the complaint and he reads the names of Ria and Karan and says that you are going to suffer for this.
Ria is working on her computer when her mother comes and says without thinking you started to fight Singhania you should be afraid of people like these. Ria tells her mother to relax as there is nothing to be afraid of as if she wouldn’t fight for herself then who would. Her father comes clapping and says that I am proud of you, her mother is scared and says that Singhania is also a father and won’t forgive the person who sent his son to prison. Ria’s father says that I am standing strong with you and Ria asks her father if he found someone on the past life regression. Her father gives her an article while her mother says that what are you doing when his father says that I am taking her to an expert doctor and asks her to trust him.
Karan is at his house with everyone and they ask of why he called them and not to tell Ria. Karan says that he has to something about Ria and has cheer her up, Jignesh and Trumpet give him ideas when Karan says that I don’t know much about you but know this much that she is simple and special. Bhabi gets an idea and tells everyone of what they should do, everyone high fives and Karan says that he can’t wait till morning.

Precap: Singhani comes to the college and talks to Ria and says that why do you want to ruin your life by your own hands and asks her to take the complaint back. Ria drops some water on her and he gets up saying that what kind of manners are these. Ria says that she doesn’t need any favors and won’t take her complain back against Euro. Karan brings his hand forward to Ria and asks her to forgive him while she pushes it away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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