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Mastaangi 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir speaks on call that he doesn’t understand who killed Sofia. He spots a girl going out of the hospital, Udita turns to face him. Kabir is shocked to see her and asks what she is doing here. Udita was silent for a while, she recalls firing at Sofia. She says she had made a collected for cancer ward, she came to deposit it. She asks Kabir what he is doing here, and he stopped her as if he is a cop. Kabir says he came to pick his manager’s medical report here. He says they must leave and offers to drop Udita. Udita says no, it’s alright. She thinks about her mission and commitment to Zubair, then being with Sofia on the bomb day. She had stabbed Kabir that day on his shoulder as well.
Kabir reports to his officer that Sofia was shot. Anushka says this means someone else is also there,

because Zubair was with her. He had exit before this all. The officer says there is another agent.
Zubair tells Udita that Sofia was a weak player so he had kept her. Udita says she did her job, now Zubair fulfils his promise. Zubair says ISI’s first rule is complete your mission, until you complete it and kill her brother’s murderer she is on this mission.
Kabir had Qureshi’s neck in hand, and asks about ISI. Qureshi says he doesn’t know anything, it is just that he used to get calls from private number and didn’t see anyone’s face.
Udita cries in her room watching her brother’s photo.
Kabir and Anushka leave Qureshi.
Udita cries that her brother was everything, her father, mother and everything. She remembers how Kabir had told her everything is fine. Kabir says to Anushka that another day has ended today. Anushka stayed serious. Kabir asks why she is behaving so cold. Anushka says nothing and leaves. Kabir comes to his room, he suspects someone’s presence in his room. Udita appears, he switch the lights on. Udita says he had said whenever she needs a reason to smile he is there. Kabir smiles, he says he has a place where she will forget all her problems. Udita asks really? Kabir asks her to go. Anushka sits on her bed and watches the box full of cards. Anushka says she always wanted to live with him and share everything with him, but she thinks she was really cold with him, she shouldn’t have been so angry. She thinks about apologizing, picks her phone and wonders if he will agree. She says he will be a bit angry but will agree. Kabir doesn’t reply the call, Anushka wonders why.
Kabir takes her to love place, Heer and Ranjha who died for each other. Udita says she is already depressed, and he has brought her to such a depressing place. He says it is about love. Udita says love has always been very tragic, she tells him about seven stages of love in Urdu. Kabir asks if she can read Urdu as well. Udita says she only heard this in a movie. She says she has read a lot of love stories, they all end in tragedy. Kabir says he always wanted to get true love, after that he is always ready to die.
Kabir asks udita to take a coin and make a wish. Udita asks him to make one. He says he is with her here, his wish has been fulfilled. She must make one now. Udita makes the wish and throws the coin in water. Kabit comes and asks what she asked for. Udita says she won’t tell him. He forwards towards her, she is stuck with a pole. Kabir says that even their Heer Ranjha doesn’t want her to leave him alone. He asks if she wished for her. She nods and says he gave his coin to her, so she should have paid him back. She says this is the rule of friendship that one must care for the other. Anushka asks Kabir to go and make a wish for him. Kabir goes to the lake, he says he likes this girl a lot and doesn’t want anything but her. Udita says his wish would be granted to him.

PRECAP: Anushka tells Udita that she must remain away from Kabir. Udita says she knows how to keep happy, and will never hurt Kabir. Kabir spots Zubair in the bar, and handing something to Udita.

Update Credit to: Sona

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