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A stand drops and Riki comes with Ria and picks it up. Anaita is painting when Riki comes and complements her saying that I thought you could only play basketball well. He picks up a painting and asks if he could steal one as he needs one to frame at his house. Anaita says that you could steal all of them if you want as they are all the same. Riki says that the paintings are great but why so many copies of one painting. Anaita says no they are not the exact copies. Riki says that according to you till this painting become perfect till then you will keep practicing. Ria says that Anaita has been making these since childhood, first with crayons than with water colors and now with charcoal and pencils. She shows him that the weather in the paintings is different but the structure is same.
Riki says

that he has heard this for the first time, Anaita says that it’s weird for me as well but sometimes I gets an urge and make the painting. Anaita says that I am not a pencil painter and Ria jumps in and says that is why you called me because you needed support. Ria says that you should use your talent and take participate in the competition. Anaita says that she can’t make anything else with that much comfort as she makes this painting with. Ria says that make this and give it your best, Riki says that you are aware of this photo but for other it’s new and artistic. Anaita thanks the both of them while Riki leaves as he gets a call wishing Anata best of luck. Ria says to Anaita that I am always there for your support and tells her to pack the kit and get herself registered.
Anaita asks Ria if she is coming to the lecture and Ria says that she has to attend the PLR session. Anaita says to Ria that don’t believe in all of this but I’m really worried where these sessions are taking you, I am only concerned that’s all. Ria says that she doesn’t expect everyone to understand this Anaita says that I know what you mean but why don’t you take a break. You might feel fresh if your mind changes for a while Ria says that I know you are saying that right thing but I am looking for a permanent solution and the break would only delay. Anaita says that I know what you are saying is right and if you need help than I am always here for you and you don’t need to ask. Ria says that I know and says that when I am done I will call you.
Sohani is watching Karan trying to paint who is getting messed up trying to work. Trumpet is sitting by when Jignesh and tries to talk to Sohani, Karan yells at him and says that you are disrespecting an artist and tells him to go away. He also tells Sohani to hold her emotions. Trumpet comes and asks how much more time it will take and says that look even Sohani has become a statue by sitting for so long. Karan says to him that don’t disturb and tells her to shoo. Jignesh asks Sohani if she is free at night while Sohani says that she has plans with someone special. Karan says to Jignesh that you are disturbing my subject, he comes to him and says that because of you Sohani will reject me and I will become and object. Karan says that I can understand but now you are distracting me as well. Karan says that I have to improve my sketches and win the sword of honor so he goes back. He goes and asks Sohani if she is going with Jigyasa and she says yes as Jigyasa is a great person.
Karan says to everyone that the masterpiece is complete and the painting is horrible and no can say anything. He asks Jignesh to say something about it while Trumpet says that by seeing this they will definitely chase you away. Karan says that Ria is participating and so should I as she is my real competition. Anaita comes and laughs at the painting first and then says that you don’t need worry as Ria is not participating the tournament. Karan asks if she is sure and Anaita says that she is trying not to lie now a days. He asks where Ria is and she doesn’t tells him and no one else knows.
The doctor tells Ria that when the man with the photo came in your dream there was an alarming drop in your heart beat. Ria says that if she saw his face than a lot of things could be solved and says that I think we should do the next session quickly. The doctor says that I thought you understood how dangerous this is for you and says you should never do the session again. Riki asks if her health is Okay and the doctor says that to disturb that memory is not good and it could take your life. Ria says that if you won’t help us than who would as I can’t live with the guilt that I took someone’s life and that the same will happen again. The doctor says that we can try after a few days gap but yes I will not commit for it. Ria says that what will I do till then.
The Principle is informed that Veer Singh has agreed to coach and he tells his assistant that make sure he doesn’t has any problems. He sees Karan with his group and wishes them for the painting tournament and tells them about the boxing coach as well. Karan high fives everyone and doesn’t sees Ria standing behind her and so they fall on the ground as he turns back. He picks her up but she walks away and so he follows her and starts to copy her steps by keeping a distance.
Ria asks him if he doesn’t has anything else do and he says that he has and that is to love you. He says that where he can see he sees two lovers who are meant to live together. He shows her a reflection and tells that all your problems will go through me first. Ria says that she has to face all these problems alone as to where she sees it no can help her. She says that I love you but I have to find out who that man was and it’s for your own good. Karan says that if destiny has done this than it will give them the solution as well and there must be someone who can help them.
Veer arrives at the college with the file in his hand and says that this city will help him and he has a strong feeling about it. Karan says to Ria that there is a solution and almost bumps into Veer who walks by him. But they don’t see each other and he walks on and gets hit by some paint unintentionally by Anaita. He goes to her and says what the heck, you don’t look like a child and these girls. Anaita says that I was going to apologize to you but you are so rude that I don’t care anymore. Veer says that now you have to apologize and Anaita says attitude and that to me. She turns away and Veer takes her scarf and cleans his face and throws it in her back again. Anaita says that you have messed up with the wrong girl while Veer says that you don’t even know with whom you have messed with and leaves.
Sohani calls Jigyasa and she comes to the college and crashes in Sohani saying that I bought a new sandal so that’s why got misbalanced. On the other hand Ria says to herself that even by knowing everything I don’t have anything to give to you. Veer comes and asks her…….

Precap: Anaita tells to the group that how can any guy be that rude and he took my scarf and Karan says that let’s see who he is. Everyone is stalking him and he walks towards them as they hide behind the pillars.

Update Credit to: Sona

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