Mastaangi 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

They all walk towards a clearing. Anaita goes to a tree trunk. Ria calls it unbelievable, how this all is possible. Anaita thinks there was her home. They all come to a building. Sohani exclaims this house is exactly like Anaita’s paintings. Anaita gets flashes about her mother. A man was collecting logs from the house, Karan asks if he know who lives in this house. The man says it’s vacant from the last twenty years. Ria says this means Anaita has some link with Anushka, she has been missing since 1995. They go inside the house.
Euro spies on them and tells Ishaan they have reached an old home. He reads the name plate reading Anushka Khanna. Ishaan asks him to keep following, and keeps the phone back. Veer suggest Karna to break this lock. Anaita stops them, she gets some flashes and tells them

that keys are in the letter box. They were all shocked, Veer finds the letter box and the key inside.
They enter the house, Euro peeks from the window. There was a painting, same as Anaita used to make. Anushka and her mother’s dialogues echo in Anaita’s mind. She opens a door, Karan was worried and follow her inside. Jignesh and Sohani were afraid of a log felling off. Anaita comes inside. Jignesh asks Sohani why they are making their lives as hell, everything was going fine. She removes a sheet off a table, Kabir and Anushka talk in her mind. She removes the dust off the guitar, Ria asks about it. Anaita says it’s Kabir’s. Ria asks if she knew Kabir. Anaita denies. She shows Ria Kabir’s name written over it. Veer comes to Anaita, and politely says although its difficult, but she must try to focus; maybe she can help them solve the riddle. Anaita takes the guitar outside.
Euro wonders what information Veer wants from Anaita’s subconscious. Ishaan calls and asks why they came here. Euro says they are doing really weird talk. He follows them into a different room. Anushka’s mothers voice echo in Anaita’s mind. She remembers about hanging a painting and finds it broken on the floor. It was Anushka’s photo and shows it to Veer and Ria. She points at the other wall, Veer removes the sheet off a book rack. They find cards fell off. They all prove Anushka’s love for Kabir.

PRECAP: Euro tells Ishaani that Anaita calls herself Anushka, they have also found a few cars of Karan. Ishaan stops his car and points gun at Veer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. finally anaita also remembrs her past…nw it wl b mr fun to watch…

  2. I think Anushka ‘s mom is alive….also she will be depressed after loosing her child….maybe!!!!!

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