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Mastaangi 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair looks under the bed and says Anaita how are you, Veer tells that he has punched Euro’s number to when he called Zubair and if the card is not destroyed then they will find about them very quickly. The search fails as the card is destroyed. The person says that the whole force is spread but Euro and IRS are not even in the likely places. Karan says that we should split up as well while Ria asks of where to start as they don’t have a clue. Veer suggests to check their old house and Ria says that what Zubair didn’t do to them and tortured all of us in the previous life and is doing the same now. Karan says that he will remove his name for forever from his life. Veer says that he has to clear his father name and they can remove his name from their life but what about millions of people as operation

tabahi is still alive. Ria asks to call Anaita for an update and Veer says that she is finding clues regarding Euro and Zubair and if she found any she would have called us and tells Ria and Karan to follow him.
Zubair pulls Anaita out of the bed by her hair and asks her of what she was doing in his property and asks of what he should do with her. Anaita says to Euro that why are you with this terrorist and you decided take Karan’s life. Euro says that how did you know and she says that Karan could hear and see all of this and says that Veer will take care of you. Zubair says to her that you have a lot of feelings for Veer but I don’t feel anything except for my son. He says that I will bury you in a place where no one will find you like the last time. He takes her to another room and says that no one will come here and asks Euro for the pin. He says that as this pin hits you go far from here where a lot of people are waiting for you. He grabs and pricks her and says that she will leave soon and Euro asks if she wants to say something before she leaves. Anaita says that her friends will get you and Veer will end them and realizes that the needle did nothing. Zubair also realizes that she is alive and that this is a trick and grabs Anaita who says that you were saying that you are smart but no one is more stupid than you. Zubair says that your tongue works a lot and I will cut and throw while Veer comes and holds Zubair and says that your laughter will be taken now. He comes with Karan who fights Euro, Zubair manages two tackle the two of them and says that no one will touch his son. His men come and hold the two of them and Zubair says that today I will kill all you and says to Karan that how many times will you come to die in front of me. Veer asks him come and listen to something and gives him a head bud and Euro comes to beat Veer. Zubair says that you got saved the last time but this time I will shoot you in the head myself, my name is Karan Malhotra and Kabir is dead and you need to be born again to kill me says Karan. Zubair starts a count while Ria comes to tackle Zubair and the bullet hits Euro.
Zubair goes to Euro and says that get up as we are leaving and says that you told me that make me proud while the officer comes to arrest them. Zubair is still talking to Euro and asks him to get up and says that I will kill all of them. Zubair remembers his moments with his son and so does everyone else stands quiet. Zubair says that I will sing your poem and then you must get up and we will start a new life. Karan says that this is because of your doing that I lost a dear friend of mine today and Veer asks Zubair to do at least one good deed and tell where the bomb is and that will save a lot of people’s lives. Zubair says that I killed my son with my own hands and hits his hand on the grounds saying I killed my own son. Zubair says that my child has died and now all children will die and you all must die now. The police take Zubair away and wait for the ambulance. The policeman checks Euro’s pulse but looks up in despair. Karan comes and sits next to Euro with a feeling of loss.
Later at the house the four of them are sitting and Karan says that it’s good that IRS got caught but I feel bad for Euro. Ria says that the visuals are not going away from her eyes and blames herself for this as she was the one that pointed Zubair’s hand in the other hand. Veer says that you didn’t point the gun but was only saving Karan. Ria says that the visuals are not going away from her and her head hurts. Anaita also tells her that this is not your fault and if Karan is alive than it is because of you and to what happened to Euro is not your fault. Karan sits next to Ria and says that you are an angel to me as you saved my life once again and what happened isn’t your fault and Singhania was a father like that. Ria says that Euro still died while Karan says that someone was to die either Euro or him, Ria says that don’t say this again or I won’t talk to you again. Karan says that you also need to take this thought out of your head. Anaita says that we also need to forget this day and says that when Zubair pointed the gun at you I felt a headache and don’t know how to explain that. Veer asks her if she is Okay and sees a mark on her neck.

Precap: Veer says that Zubair planted a bomb in some college and Ria realizes that it’s Steven’s College where the bomb in planted.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Akansha

    i heard that mastaangi is goin to end on june 30 is it true…
    finally veer and anaita are coming together i love it

  2. episode was not bad but euro should not have been killed.. i will miss his character… should have shown that he was saved at last movement

  3. mastaangi is my fav show i dont watch other shows….. mastaangi cannot end n that also on june 30 only in 10 days… plzzzzz someone say its false… its not going 2 happen

    1. Akansha

      even am hoping d same anuu but in wikipedia its given that the show will end on 30 june

  4. Shekhar.yash01

    I am also sad because Mastaangi is gonna close.
    Very good show and one of my favourite.

  5. I. am D salian

    Actually Mastaangi is ending because of Channel V.Every shows in Channel V will air it’s last episode on 30th June..then from 1st July it will be a music channel..Even I don’t watch any TV shows except Mastaangi …infact it became a part of my life and I can’t live without it… this is a heart breaking movement for me….I just hope that Mastaangi will return as Mastaangi season 2 in some other channel…The whole cast of Mastaangi is Fanta fabulous ..each and every are giving their 100% ..Idk how will I stay without Mastaangi

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