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Mastaangi 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka cries watching her card and goes away.
The girl (Udita) goes inside, dripped in rain while Kabir stands there shirtless.
Anushka thinks that nothing is ruined, she must go and tell Kabir who will understand her. He isn’t a flirt, and t hat Udita is just a random girl. Anushka bucks herself to tell Kabir how much he loves her.
Kabir sits on the bench, he thinks why Udita left. He must meet and tell her now that he will always keep her happy. He runs while Anushka runs for Kabir. Udita sat on the bed in her room. Both Anushka and Kabir come to confront each other, Anushka asks Kabir where he is, she was looking for him. Kabir says he has to tell her something. Anushka says she too. Kabir asks Anushka to tell first, Anushka says she has to show him something but her card was

torn in water. Kabir tells Anushka that she won’t believe he is in love. He says he loves Udita, and asks Anushka if he should tell her about it. Anushka says if one gets late in confession, it really hurts. Kabir hugs her saying he knew she would understand him. Anushka cries in rain. Kabir runs away. Anushka says if she is too good, why could he be hers.
Udita thinks Kabir is a good girl, he has honesty and respect in his eyes. No one has loved her, but she behaved so coldly to him. She says she must apologize him for her behavior but wonders he won’t be able to meet her now. Kabir knocks the window then, Udita smiles that he is really crazy. Kabir says Udita is responsible for this all. He says he is Kabir, world knows him as Kabir. Udita says she has no time for love in life, and she can’t give him false hopes. Kabir says she didn’t understand him, it isn’t necessary that if you love someone, the other must also. Kabir says he will wait for her reply, he backs up and was about to fell down. Udita holds his collar, and says she could have let him die. Kabir says this life belongs to her.
Anushka cries on phone that she has always loved him Kabir, could he see her love for him. He could have look towards her, she cries that I love you Kabir. The message was recorded, she forwards it as voice message. She says that her maa was right, she missed her bus now.
The next morning, Udita and Kabir comes to light the candle again. Udita prays while Kabir watches her only. She opens her eyes and asks what happened, he says it has happened now. He asks why she lights the candle. Udita says she gets peace here, and she remembers her family as well who no more in this world is. Kabir says he is now with her, today and forever. Udita asks about him. Kabir says his family is also where her family is, he isn’t only alone. He has Anushka, his best friend, he owes her a lot. He feels that he won’t be able to pay her owes back in this life. There is a church bell, Udita says it is said that whatever one asks for. Kabir gets a call from officer, who says Sofia is going to City Hospital, she has to meet some official of ISI. Kabir takes a leave, Anushka picks him on jeep. He says hi to her, she doesn’t reply and tells him to focus on mission. She hands him the passes and says there is strict security and they will have to find Sofia here at any cost. Both Kabir and Anushka enters the hospital, Zubair was working as a janitor there. Sofia also enters the hospital.
Zubair thinks he has made a great plan, there will be so many people and one bomb will kill them all.
Anushka calls Kabir asking for Sofia. CM had arrived. Sofia met Zubair who said that her name would now be taken with respect in ISI. She heads towards the corridor with the bag. Kabir points her out, and tells Anushka she is here. Anushka says alright, and turns to face Zubair. Both recognizes each other from that night’s firing encounter. Kabir comes behind Sofia and asks to divide her burden, she gets alert. Anushka fights with Zubair, there is a fire from their gun and chaos in the corridor. Kabir takes Sofia aside in a room, he opens the briefcase with the bomb device. There Zubair had the bomb remote, that fall on the floor.
Kabir asks Sofia who sent her there, he asks what the password is. He says this is her last game ever, he asks Sofia about the plan. He says if she gives him the information, nothing will happen to her, not even punishment. Zubair spots Kabir and Sofia. Sofia had agreed to tell him everything. Zubair makes a call saying Sofia has been compromised. Someone opens the door and shoots Sofia. Zubair says well done, this is the real ISI.

PRECAP: Kabir stops a suspected girl going from the hospital. He tells his team that the agent can come in some other face as well. Udita says to Kabir that real love is strange, it takes ones heart beats and won’t end till the heart stops beating.

Update Credit to: Sona

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