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Mastaangi 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The doctor says to Ria to what she says, Ria says that she is getting ready to meet Kabir and this is their first date and wants to tell him how much she loves him and the have agreed to meet at Heer Ranja point. Ria says that she sees a person come in her room with an envelope in his hand and the doctor asks Ria to describe him. Ria says that she can’t see him properly and the doctor that there is no hurry and if you want to end the session we can end it here and now. Ria disagrees and says that I want to see his face, he has an envelope his hand and there is a photograph in it.
On hearing this Riki says that Ria told me the same thing last night that she had a dream about it. Ria says that its Kabir’s photo, I mean Karan’s photo. On hearing this Karan says that maybe I am Karan and Anaita

says that whenever Ria discussed about her nightmares it was all real. Riki says that there was a reason behind all of this and this is so strange. Ria hears the man telling to take revenge from him while Ria says that he is my life and love and I can’t do that. The doctor asks Ria to focus on the person and what he is saying. Ria explains that he is giving me a gun to kill Kabir. Anaita says that what is Ria saying and doctor asks Ria to recognize the person or ask his name. Ria tries to focus but says that I can’t see his face.
The doctor calms her down and tries to wake her up and ends the session. Later the doctor says to her Ria’s friends that Ria’s heart beat started to change rapidly so I had to end the session. Riki asks of how much truth was in Ria’s story, the doctor says that depends on how the people close to her believe it. PLR is a science and evidence is needed it though I have a 21 years’ experience in it. She leaves and Anaita says that this is so strange and if Ria thinks that you might get hurt if you go close to Ria and maybe there is some truth in it. Yesterday anything could have happened to you in the performance which fortunately didn’t happen.
Karan looks through the door at Ria and says I don’t know what is going to happen and what could happen and that I could ever fall in love, he says that I love Ria a lot but I can’t believe in this rebirth but neither can I see Ria in this situation. He says I want to end her pain and suffering and if there is a little truth in her than destiny must help her. If I can’t help than I pray that the person who can finds her. Someone is shown training while Karan prays to destiny to help her.
The person gets a letter, on the other hand the principle says that I have issued a letter to Veer Singh and don’t want any miscommunication. He says I want Veer Singh for boxing coach and maybe you think I am insisting but there are two reasons for it. One it is that he is the best and the second that he is affiliated with the army which would maintain discipline and he would also have an influence in the campus, I am sure that he would have seen my letter.
Veer throws the letter while his assistant comes and asks to read it once as they are requesting to meet him. Veer says that even if they run their noses even than he won’t agree, he is just not interested. His assistant asks him to think again and he gets up and says that his aim is not yet achieved and hasn’t gained the name and honor of his father until than he won’t do anything. His father was the man leading the team of Kabir and Anushka in the previous life against Singhania. He sees the files he has saved and says that I have to figure this mystery out and Kabir’s body was found next to that Pakistani agent but there was no sign of Anushka’s body, but I have to solve this mystery.
Ria wakes up and everyone asks how she is, she says that she is fine only feeling a little low. Karan comes and says that mean low sugar level and we have to increase that, Ria says that what are you doing here Riki says that he called him and he was here the whole time and didn’t move till you woke up. Ria asks if she could get a little privacy, Karan says that you can in the washroom. He says that look what I brought and says that I am a very nice so no need to thank me. Ria says that I don’t want to eat it while he says that I made it all myself. He says I bought It all from the market and mixed it up and then gave it to the cafeteria and they made the rest. He gives her and says that eat it please, as Ria starts to eat he says that how did you think that I would do all. He crash lands on the bed and Ria can’t stop laughing so he doesn’t say anything. She starts to cry and says that what am I do with you as even knowing everything I can’t do anything. Ria says that I only need your support and then our car will come right on track, trust me.
Singhania is at the station and says that my son can’t stay at jail for long as he has never seen such a place in his nightmares. The officer comes and he goes to meet Euro who is training. He says that I never saw this bravery and will before in you. Euro says that he lost so many times that he is not afraid of anything anymore and asks Singhania to make his bail. Singhania says that if you get out of here you will go to London straight away. Euro says that it’s not the time for you to worry about me and I can handle myself. He says that I will end Karan’s game once I enter the boxing championship. Singhania says that I will do your bail, Euro says that I won’t leave you Karan.
Karan is standing alone thinking of what Ria said about him taking his life. He says that how long will this go on and she will remain confused in all of this, there must be someone who can help her. Ria is also thinking about Karan and him not leaving his side. Veer also sees some files regarding Udita and starts to solve the puzzle while Ria says that the person in the vision the crucial lead and once I see his face than I can solve a lot of answers. She gets a text from someone asking her if she is participating in the art competition.
Veer’s assistant gives him the letter again and asks him to read it at least once. Veer says that he only wants to prove his father innocent. The person agrees and says that keep your eyes focused and keep your ears closed and sometimes help comes knocking on your door. He says that this letter is no help for him and puts it down. He sees the address of Pune on the letter and says that Kaka was right I am the one who couldn’t see the things right in front of me. He says that there is only way to find the truth, Pune here I come.

Precap: Veer comes to the college and almost bumps into Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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