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Mastaangi 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan looks for Ria and finds her sitting and praying, he smiles after seeing her and then goes to her as she prays. He asks of what she is doing here and if it is a routine. Ria says that she doesn’t know why she was dragged here and Karan says that he feels the same way. He says that because of this I found a lot about you, though you are a little irritating but a little interesting.
Singhania is watching from camera as Ria and Karan arrive at his villa. He comes out and remembers the mission when he encountered them. He looks at the two of them as he walks towards them and remembers how they were in the previous life. Singhani says that if they are actually those two then they are playing this game greatly. He welcomes Karan and Ria when Euro comes as well, while Sighania says that I won’t

let him ruin my plan.
Singhania says to his workers that don’t let Euro ruin anything. He then offers Karan and Ria drinks. Euro stares at Ria while Karan says that you should get your eyes checked as you want to look somewhere and are looking at something else. Singhania agrees with them and Euro leaves, Singhania then asks Karan and Ria to stop playing this game and play it out in the open, and asks of what they want from him.
Karan says what would we want from you, the Principle told us that you are showing genuine interest in our career this is an honor for us, Ria says that after Karan saved my life you acknowledged everything I did intentionally or unintentionally and now even my mom and dad admire you a lot. Singhania says to himself that these two won’t admit it easily. He laughs and says that I am joking and I feel good to know that you appreciated my efforts. He further adds saying that I have always admired brave men like you and smart girls like you. He offers them and internship in a big company as he wants to see them grow, Karan and Ria thank him for that.
He says that you must be starving right now so let’s have lunch. He orders his men to take them to their rooms and their stuff as well. Karan gets a call from Anaita and says that I am at my brother’s factory doing some work. Anaita says that I get a feeling that you and Ria are together, Karan says to her that have you lost it while Ria says that how much will you lie. Karan says that Ria has gone to Euros’ father’s farm house. He asks if this is the kind of girlfriend she is going to be an insecure one. Anaita apologizes and says that I will try to control my emotions. Euro hears this conversation and says that this is going to be hell of fun.
Jignesh is looking at the photos of Sohani and Vanditta and says that I think should take one of them on a date. Trumpet says lets agree for a moment that those two will say yes, then do you know where to take them. Jignesh says that Sohani is very peaceful quiet and shy so I would take her to a peaceful place like mountains and gardens, and starts dreaming about the date. Trumpet asks about Vanditta and Jignesh says that she is very hot and I will take her to a place where her beauty could be appreciated. Trumpet says that how will you spend time with them. Jignesh says that Sohani is deep thinking type so I would sit and talk to her while Vanditta is different kind of girl and I get a totally different kind of feeling. Trumpet wakes him up and says that have you ever decided that wth whom you’ll be with. After answering with a while Jignesh is confused as well as he can’t decide as well.
Microphones have been placed on Ria and Karans stuff by Singhania’s me and they watch the two of them on the hidden cameras in the room. Karan is called to go to the table as Mr. Singhania is waiting for them, Karan goes to Ria and asks her join them. She says that I have to call my parents and then I’ll join you directly at the table. Singhani is told that the medicine is mixed in the salad placed infront of him. Karan comes to the table when Euro sits at his chair and Singhani apologizes to Karan. Euro is about to eat from the salad when he tells them to take the salad away.
Ria is lost and roams around the house looking for the dining room. One of the men says that the girl is going towards the wrong corridor. On the other hand Singhania is talking to Karan to what happened the other day and says that it was an act of valor. Karan says that Ria is her friend and he had to it and but only if he had caught the guy then he would have made him talk as well on who has sent him. Singhania says that I have seen depth in your eyes and says that if there is an old wound there or have you been through it before. Karan says that he believes in live and let live and if someone does something to his friends then he could take their life as well. He then apologizes and says that I got carried away and Singhania says that I have been through it before.
Singhania gets an update on where Ria is headed and leaves the table saying that he has to take this call. Ria is still looking for the dining room and says that why do people make such a big house. She sees an old clock and changes the time on it which opens a place which has an electric code on it. Singhania instantly comes and stops her.

Precap: Euro takes photos of Ria and Karan together and sends them to Anaita. Ria thanks Singhania for all the surprises and great planning, Euro says that there is one more surprise when Anaita walks in as well, Singhania says that this weekend is going to be more interesting now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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