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The Nurse shows the staff where Sohani and Anaita are standing, the two of them run as the staff heads towards them. She bumps into someone and Bhabi sees her and wonders why she dressed like that. She goes and knocks on the door and yells why the door is locked. The doctor comes and say that the nurse was here and she instantly figures that Ria is in there. She asks Ria to open the door while Ria is still thinking of what to do.
Veer comes to meet Zubair and says that I didn’t expect this from you. You acted like a coward and talk about a nuclear bomb. Zubair says that if you think that I tried to suicide because of a weakness than you are as stupid as your father. Veer gets angry and holds Zubair by the neck and says that don’t say a word about my father. Zubair says that even if I do you won’t

be able to do a thing about it. He says that do you want to know about the nuclear bomb or not. Veer stops and asks him why he tried to commit suicide. Zubiar says that I want you to show a photo of me to my son and he will come here without another thought. Veer says that why will I do that. Zubair says that you are only one who can understand the pain of a father and son. Veer says that you are the person because of whom I lost my father and asks Zubair of the nuclear bomb. Zubiar says that the bomb is with Karan’s elder brother Rajiv Malhotra.
Bhabi sees Karan and asks the doctor if he is OKay , the doctor checks and says that he is Okay. Bhabi says that this was all Ria’s doing and Anaita was with her in this, she says that the girl has become a headache and says that since the door was locked she must be inside. Bhabi checks another door and says that she left from here and won’t let my Karan get better. The doctor says that it looks as if she loves him a lot. Bhabi says that you call all of this care and love while the doctor says she has tried to bring the patient out of coma, and though there is no scientific proof to it. Bhabi says that you have no proof but I have a lot to prove that she is bad luck for Karan. Bhabi’s phone drops and Ria is under the bed but she doesn’t sees Ria and calls Veer.
The doctor tells the nurse to stay focus on her work and she sits to pick something up. Ria begs her not to say anything and she gets back up, Veer comes and Bhabi blames her and says that I didn’t expect this from you. Veer says that I will talk to you about this later I have something important to talk about and its about Rajiv Malhotra. Bhabi says that what about him and Veer takes her outside, the nurse tells Ria to come outside. Ria thanks her for helping her. The nurse says that I don’t know why I did this and tells Ria to leave otherwise her job would be threatened.
Veer asks Bhabi of what Rajiv does and she says that he works in a cargo export and import. Veer asks of where he works and Bhabi says that he was in Vietnam a few days ago and was to come but got delayed somehow. Veer asks of what delay and Bhabi says that some weather issues, he asks if she is in touch with him and Bhabi says that I get to talk to him through message or company calls. Bhabi says that you can’t understand to what I am going through Karan is already hurt and Ria and Anaita have annoyed me. Veer asks of what they have and Bhabi explains of where Ria was and what Anaita was wearing. She says that I don’t know what they want and why they are after my Karan and want to kill him. Veer says that I will make sure that they don’t come back here again and says to Bhabi that I will tell you all about Rajiv when the time is right.
Sohani tells Anaita not to go there as everything will go wrong while Anaita says that you are very intelligent. Anaita says that this is not funny while he says that he is only trying to make you laugh. Anaita says that I understand while Sohani tells her not to go. Anaita says that she left Ria there and has to go while Jignesh says that who told you to adopt such a stupid idea. He apologizes and Anaita says that Ria had to meet Karan. They are about to walk in when Veer comes in and says that Ria had to meet Karan so you made a circus of the hospital. Anaita tells him to mind his own business and Veer says that this is my business. Anaita says that she is helping her friend but maybe you’ve never had a friend before and she tries to go inside. Veer pushes her back and says that you are creating problems and tells her to stay away from Karan. Anaita says that what if she doesn’t what will you do. Veer says that if he finds out that you have disturbed Bhabi again he will tie her up and throw her in the police station. Anaita says that she will do what she wants and tries to go inside. Veer picks her up and Jignesh tries to help Anaita while Sohani says that it’s romantic and tells Jignesh to pick her up as well. Ria comes and the two of them explain what happened and Ria goes after them.
Anaita says to Veer that she will call the police and Veer asks if he should dial the number for her. He says that if I go to jail than no one will come to save you. Anaita asks of why she would need help and Veer says that when Bhabi files a case against you then someone must be there to protect you, to bail you out. He says that what has happened to you, you are trespassing blowing balloons in the hospital. Anaita says that I knew you were made up of a rock and don’t feel any pain, Veer says that you are seeing Ria’s pain not Bhabi’s. He says that her husband hasn’t contacted her for so many days, Karan is in coma, money, food and you guys, He says that I never expected this from you guys. Ria says that she sees all of this but can’t also bear her pain and till he gets better she won’t stop trying. Veer says that if it this way he won’t bear it and leaves.
Veer says to Euro that I didn’t come her disturb you and shows him pictures of Zubair wounded. Euro asks of what happened and Veer explains, Euro says that I know him for 20 years and he won’t do it. Veer says that he did all of this because of what you said that day and all those are coming to his mind again and again. Euro says that you are making all of this up and Veer says to himself that Euro won’t listen this way and I won’t find out why Zubair wants to meet his son. Veer says that I told you before that I can understand your pain and he couldn’t see your problems and decided to suicide, he was also asking about the boxing match. Veer says that this time people saved but don’t know about next time and I know that you would want to meet your father before….
Anaita is yelling about Veer at Ria while she sits and smiles. Anaita says that are you listening to what I am saying and Ria says that I am but am also looking for a gift for Karan as tomorrow is our first anniversary. Anaita asks of what anniversary and Ria says that a year ago from today I felt my heartbeat normal for the first time.

Precap: Ria calls Bhabi sitting next on a stair case and says that I know you are worried about your husband but let me help you. Bhabi tells her to leave her alone while Ria says that you look worried. Bhabi says that what do you mean look, where are you?

Update Credit to: Sona

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