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Mastaangi 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir asks his friends go somewhere else, he is being uneasy here and feels some heaviness. It is something strange.
Jignesh texts Ria’s friend and fixes date with her at 4. He cheers and shows his friends the message. There, Ria’s friend shows her fixed date message to Ria. They cheer. Karan tells Jignesh not to cheer so much, Euro tells Jignesh that emotions are all fake and it is only about beauty. Karan thinks that he won’t be able to get this date successful. Ria wish her friend all the best, tea fell off on her dress. Karan watches this, and thinks this girl is such a joker. Ria says she feels bad about her friend, the other suggests to go with her. They both go behind her. There Karan asks Euro to go behind Jignesh, Karan says he can’t let Jignesh go on date, get committed, then

marry him leaving his friendship behind. Ria wished that nothing bad happens to her friend, that that she is able to impress Jignesh.
Jignesh comes at the date point, she says that he looks different from his photo. Jignesh says he has started to go to gym these days. He appreciates her bag that hits him hard. Karan and friends laugh at them from behind the bush. Karan bribes a waiter to give a gift pack at the table. The waiter tells Jignesh that this is from his friends. Jignesh cheers and gives it to her, wondering what his friends must have gifted. She opens the gift and is shocked to see branded con**ms and bikiny. There, Ria sends guitar with a waiter for Jignesh and her friend. The waiter plays guitar for them, as they sit with each other. Karan thinks that he won’t let her snatch his friend.
Ria texts her friend that she will make it work, she cheers that friends should be like this. Karan takes the uniform of a waiter, he whispers that his pant is torn so he must leave. The waiter leaves, Karan keeps the glass of water in front of Jignesh and the sauce over the face of the girl. He shows Jignesh his face covered in P cap, and leaves. Jignesh cleans her face. The other friend of Ria comes with a cake for them both. Euro had gone to take some call and spots Ria. When Karan curtly asks who is spoiling his plans, Euro says there is a girl behind the bars. Karan goes to see Ria, Ria had left but returns to take a photo of special moment. Both she and Karan watches each other from behind the bars of divider. Their heart beats change pace, as eyes meet. Euro comes and taps Karan’a shoulder, Ria’s friend takes Ria. Karan finds Ria as she moves ahead. Jignesh comes to Karan and asks him to say sorry to Sohani. He introduces Sohani to Euro, Karan and Shortcut. Shortcut asks Karan if he could see the girl. Karan says no, he couldn’t but something happened to him definitely.
Ria’s father sat with a heart specialist, he showed him that Ria’s irregular heart beat has no solution but to take her to Past Life Regression therapy. Because such cases can only be connected to her past life experience. He suggests that there is nothing wrong if they once try that therapy. Ria again has the nightmare. Her papa says that this is why he doesn’t want her to go to Delhi. He says that he wants to take Ria to hypnosis for Past life regression session, her mother is shocked at this. Ria says they are giving her even more tension. Her mother says they aren’t arguing, and hug each other. Ria tells her father that there was a strange thing, her heart beat got normal at once. Her father asks how that is possible. Ria says she was looking at someone, but she felt it for a minute. Her mother asks how he was. Ria says she didn’t see him, just his eyes but her body felt numb. Her mother cheers and asks her to go to sleep as she has to go to St Stephen’s college tomorrow. Her father asks her to get to sleep now.
Ria and friends arrive at Stephen’s college. Jignesh comes to Karan and says he isnt ready to get him samosas. Jignesh says he loves her. Shortcut mocks him that he always say love you to everyone. Jignesh says now he has Sonali in his life. Euro comes and tells them their admission is done. He tells them that the girl is here in college. Karan remembers his confrontation with her, he says he wants to meet her. He thinks that she ruined his plan, so now he will spoil her college life.

PRECAP: Ria was at the entrance when the bucket of colour fell off her. She calls for the one responsible to come forward, as cowards play pranks from behind one’s back. Karan comes forward to her, she is shocked to feel her heartbeat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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