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Mastaangi 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The teacher is informing the students that Steven’s choses a student every year for the sword of honor and this time the job has been given to me. We have introduced new extracurricular activities as well as the old one. Karan comes and stands in front of Ria while the teacher says that this time we are going to start with basketball. Vanessa says that she doesn’t wants to get a tan and wont play while Sohani says that I have sunscreen and starts taking things out of her bag and the teacher asks if she wants to start a stall here. The teacher tells them to decide their own team and captain and they’ll meet here after the lunch break. Ria leaves when Karan follows her and she says that you can’t come after me all the time.
Anaita asks of how she is supposed to do the job, Singhania tells her

to become friends with Ria and after to keep in touch with her. He’ll create such circumstances in which Ria will hurt Karan and it will look like a crime scene and Ria will go to jail for two years at least, but we’ll have to do this before the sword of honor tournament. Anaita gets up and agrees with Singhania.
Jignesh comes to Karan and asks if he is sure to play as he just came out of the hospital, Karan says that he’ll play the tournament. Later everyone is gathered and Karan is the boys team Captain and walks towards Ria and gives her a flying kiss while everyone makes Ria the Captain. The teacher starts a match between the captains and Karan scores two points. Ria ties her hair and starts scoring point and they become equal. Karan says to himself that I must let her win otherwise she won’t become the captain and Ria scores another point. Ria says that I won today and will win tomorrow so stop following me. Ria says to herself that why are you doing this Karan making it hard for me while Karan says that I’ll see for how long you deny me but why are you doing this and there must be a reason behind this.
Ria leaves and Jignesh says that are you sure you’ll be able to play basketball as you wounds are not even filled. Jignesh says that I heard people go crazy in love and have now seen it as well. The teacher calls everyone and says that why not have a girl vs boys match. Karan disagrees and says that this was a trial match and for a real match you need a lot of stamina and training. Ria says that now we need to have a match and the teacher announces the date to be 7th April. Jignesh asks Karan if he is sure as he is a boxing champion and Karan says that he has to do it for his love.
Singhania calls Anaita and asks of what she has thought about Ria and Anaita says that she is going to use a painting. Singhania asks if the plan will work and Anaita says that she knows Ria and this painting will emotionally touch her, Singhania says that just make sure that this painting works. Later Singhania comes to Euro and asks him to participate in the boxing tournament. Euro says that he doesn’t wants to do anything and feels miserable. Singhania says that if you feel miserable then join the circus and have a lot of anger than try to put it to some good and go take part in something and try to wind at something.
Karan is boxing and thinking about the promise Ria asked him to make. He says that no matter how much you stay away from me but I will keep trying because I know that you also feel the same way. Bhabi comes and says that it hasn’t been a week and you are boxing. Karan says that he is fit and feels no pain and the only pain he feels is about Ria.
Ria is looking at a photo of Karan and says I am sorry and I know that I am hurting you a lot but I don’t have a choice and can’t put you in any trouble. Her mother comes and gives her coffer while she hides her tears. Her mother tells her that her therapy will start this month. Ria says that it will give her the answers and her mother says I hope you get all the answers. Ria says to herself that this distance is not a pain for you but for me as well. Vanessa calls Ria and says that she is throwing a surprise for Jignesh while Jignesh says that I am the one who bought everything. Ria asks for what she has to bring while Vanessa says that she has arranged for everything. Anaita hears the two of them and says that this is great.
Karan is with Bhabi and she is rapping a gift for Jignesh while Karan is running in circles and when Bhabi asks of what he is doing. Karan says that he is thinking of getting a moment with Ria at Jignesh’s party. Bhabi says that you are trying everything but she is not listening. Karan says that she loves him as well but I have hurt her a lot and have to make amends.

Precap: Anaita says to Ria that to what I did is not forgivable and says that this is the best I can do. Ria says that this is the best you could think off while everyone says that don’t do this Ria

Update Credit to: Sona

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