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Anaita was sure they won’t find anything there, Veer was sure they will. Karan and Ria enjoy their argument. There is a jerk in car, Ria comes over Karan. They share an eye-lock then notices Sohani and Jignesh laughing at them. Veer notices a car following them.
Euro hears Singhania order his manager to update him about Karan. Veer stops the car, Anaita asks why he stopped the car? Veer asks if she wanted a break. Anaita was curt she wanted to go to washroom. Ria suggests about stopping by a restaurant. Veer agrees to stop at a stall and asks Karan to keep a check on time. They stop the car, Euro’s men were following. Veer shares with Karan he feels Anaita is connected by their past life, he feels Anaita is somewhere related to Anushka. Jignesh calls this all as really complicated and scary. Karan

teases Jignesh may be he was Jigyasa in past life. Veer turns around to wonder who are these men and why are they stalking on them.
The girls come inside the restaurant. Ria hands the cosmetics back to Sohani promising to try them later. Anaita insists on them not to go there, it would be useless. Ria asks to go for her sake. Ishaan’s man takes their photograph to send to Ishaan. Veer watches him and say aloud it would take them 5 hours to go Nagpur. The man gets it. Veer asks them to take seats inside. They all question Veer why are they now going to Nagpur, while they had planned for Nausiki. Veer hushes them all up and shares he suspects this man, he has been following them. He leaves calling them to leave for Nagpur. Ishaan’s men informs him they are heading towards Nagpur and we are following them. They lose their car and heads towards Nagpur.
In the way, Ria asks Karan to close his eyes while Sohani and Jignesh were asleep. She shows him a new pendant, he thanks her. Karan promises to take care of this one. She puts it around Karan’s neck, when the car undergo a jerk again and Ria gives an unintentional kiss to Karan. Karan thanks Ria, Anaita asks what happened? Karan tells her that Ria gifted him a lucky charm. Anaita complains Ria never say I love you to Ria.
Ishaan’s men inform him they are going to Nagpur, but Karan’s car isn’t visible. Euro calls Ishaani then and says he hacked Jignesh’s phone, they are on Naisik highway. He assures to leave them for him to handle. Anaita begins complaining why they are going to Naisik, they could have gone somewhere else to an exotic place. They all first shut their ear by cotton buds, then says please… she gets silent.
Ria gets cough, Karan was concerned and gives her water. He then asks her to look up. She thanks him, they look towards each other and smile. Euro reach Naisik following them, he curses the place to be really cheap. He was disgusted, these morons could go anywhere. He anyway had to prove to Ishaan that he can do anything. Veer asks them to keep an eye on any place around like in the painting. All at once, Anaita asks Veer to stop the car. They are all concerned about her, Anaita stops a man nearby and says there used to be a lake, where it went. The man says to Anaita it seems she came after a long time, the lake has dried up. Anaita judge that it was by the mountains and asks Veer to head forward. She asks a nearby lady about the mountains, the lady informs Anaita they were fifteen years ago but were then cut. Ria thinks Anaita was right. Anaita asks Veer to move on.
Euro informs Ishaan they have come to see some site. Ishaan wonders whom they went to look around. Anaita remembers the mountains, a shop of bangles as well come to her memory. She gets worried that she can ever hear the voices. She shouts at Veer to stop the car, there is no way ahead. She comes out of the car, Veer follows.

PRECAP: They reach the home in Anaita’s paintings, a neighbor tells them this house is vacant since last twenty years. They rub the name plate with Anushka Khanna’s name. Anaita finds Kabir’s guitar of Anushka. Euro hears Veer and Ria talking about the past story.

Update Credit to: Sona

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