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Anushka jerks Kabir to bring him back and asks what is going on, she asks if this is the same girl who was in the bar singing. Kabir says she is just a girl whom he was helping. Anushka asks where he got lost without his shades, and asks him not to leave as such as she gets worried.
Anushka tells their officer that Sofia had asked her to book a cab for her. He asks Kabir to keep an eye on her, what they are upto. Anushka gives the details of the cab driver and the number of car, Kabir takes the driver’s duties. The same girl comes to Kabir and asks to drop her to a nearby car. Kabir apologizes but Sofia agrees. In the way, Sofia commits on a call that she is coming soon. She asks Kabir to stop the car, she will just leave now. Kabir says he will drop her, but she says she will manage. Kabir

thinks that this girl had to come to this car only, he needs to find out where Sofia is going. He thinks his duty comes first, and stops the car with a jerk. Saying that it seems there is problem in carborator, he gets down the car. He tells the girl that he has to get a mechanic. She agrees to leave on her own, he hands her a screw driver for her security and goes behind Sofia. He follows Sofia to a banglow. The girl waited near the car.
Qureshi shows Sofia the arms they had collected. Kabir informs on intercom that Qureshi is showing Sofia something in the trunk, Sofia and Qureshi leaves the house. Kabir gets inside. He informs his team that there are a lot of weapons inside. He says there won’t be another chance to destroy them, gets the orders and switch the gas cylinder on. He thinks that gas cylinder will blast in a minute now. When forty seconds were left, the girl had arrived to the house. Kabir runs to her, and picks her away from the house. There was a huge blast just behind them. The girl was shocked. Kabir asks if she is hurt, and asks what she is doing here. The girl was speechless, the girl says she got scared. She asks what he is doing here, how he knew about the blast. Kabir says he smelled gas, and wanted to find out if someone needed help here. The girl asks Kabir to move back. Kabir drives the cab back. Anushka comes outside and asks what happened, she takes him inside and watches his bruise. Kabir says this is a minor injury. Anushka asks what that girl was doing there. Kabir says she was with him and Sofia, Anushka asks how come. Kabir says she asks a lot of questions. Anushka says this injury isnt minor, the girl comes there and asks for two minutes with Kabir. She opens up the first aid box and does his dressing. She apologizes Anushka for hurting her friend and leaves.
Anushka tells Kabir to stay away from her. Kabir says he didn’t stick to her. She put on a special herbal medicine on Kabir and says that girl only knows about giving injury. Kabir says to Anushka that she has that boyfriend, he has seen the cards. He asks who that guy is. Anushka says he is that guy, who else. Kabir gets shocked. Anushka laughs that she was joking. The officer calls and says well done to Kabir. He boasts about their cross attack. Sofia must be talking to her seniors now.
There Sofia told Zubair about the destruction. Zubair says that now they need to finish their mission in the next two days instead of two weeks. Sofia and Qureshi meet at the bar, Anushka informs Kabir who places the microphone and serves them both. He is again attentive towards the singing girl. Some boys complimented the girl as item, one of them throws a rose at her. Kabir watches this all. Kabir stops the guy and politely says he requests him to behave. The guy punches him. Kabir was still polite. Anushka runs towards them, she takes the microphone first from the table and tells Kabir to stop. She apologizes the boys and asks him to take a seat. The girl leaves her chair. Anushka asks Kabir to control his anger and takes him along.
On the road, Anushka says to Kabir that he has to understand that they are here for a mission that is above everything. She asks Kabir to listen to what Sofia has said, but he wasn’t interested. Anushka says that Zubair is going to get in touch with Sofia in next twenty four hours, but Kabir spots the boys drinking again on road. Anushka drags him inside and pushes him in his room in staff quarters. Kabir makes sure that Anushka has gone to her room, he arrives at the girl’s room and knocks the door. He asks her if she trusts him, she gives her hand to Kabir. Kabir takes her along him.
Maa talks to Anushka on phone and says she still didn’t tell Kabir about her feelings. Anushka says she is so busy here, but she will tell him today about it. Anushka says she is afraid what if she lose a good friend. Maa says she is crazy, and belive me nothing will be wrong. Anushka says she will say it today. She writes a card of love for Kabir, and says she will tell Kabir today how much she loves him.
Kabir takes the girl out to the boys. Kabir tells him to touch this girl now, he will tell him now. He has good fight with the boys. Anushka comes out searching Kabir who number was also unreachable. Anushka is worried if this guy is again in some big problem. The girl tried to stop Kabir who fought with the boys beating them hard. Anushka watches them there. The girl asks Kabir why is he doing this all? She turns to leave upset, Kabir shouts back; because I love you. Anushka looks at her card, then Kabir.

PRECAP: Anushka cries in rain that nothing is ruined and she must tell Kabir about her feelings. Sofia met Zubair to get a briefcase, Kabir kidnaps Sofia and keeps her on gunpoint, she was about to spit her reality when a girl shoots her from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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