Mastaangi 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria says that she is sure he must have come for a date with someone, and he is afraid that she will tell it to Anaita. Karan asks Ria to hold her horses, Ria says she will tell Anaita that he isn’t suitable for her.
Outside, Jignesh and Trumpet think that Karan and Ria must be going along. Jignesh says that either they may kill each other or kiss each other.
Karan tells Ria that it is about Trumpet. He had told her to send the address to Anaita, but she sent Ria actually. Ria asks why would Trumpet do this. Karan tells Ria that Trumpet thinks they are made for each other.
Karan and Trumpet play game as with Ria and Anaita. Karan asks Ria to tell something to Anaita that there was nothing that happened between them. His Bhabi comes there, she asks Karan and Trumpet who are Ria and

Anaita. Trumpet says they are BFFes in their college. Karan says Ria is a polite girl while Antia is simply rude. Bhabhi calls Ria as his girlfriend. He says there is nothing like this and sends Bhabi out of the room. Trumpet says to Karan that Bhabhi’s opinion is same as all of theirs. He must think about Ria.
Euro’s man pushes a mobile on floor towards Anaita, then comes to ask about it and when she denies he says he will give it to manager. Anaita calls Karan but his phone was switched off.
Karan watches his mobile and says Jignesh and Trumpet removed his mobile’s battery. He wonders how to find where Anaita would be. Ria tells him to stop lying about Anaita as she was going to her relatives and not him. Karan tells Ria to stop this drama of BFFes, Ria offers to call Anaita. He asks to put the phone on speaker. Anaita tells Ria that her dad’s cousin is really nice to her. She hangs up. Ria says that if he has seen she is lying. Karan takes Ria’s phone and goes out, she comes behind him. Ria comes behind him but he puts the sim in her mobile. She asks him to show her the message Trumpet had sent. He moves and Ria was about to fell off stairs, he helps her and both feel strange.
Trumpet and Jignesh were together and creating a romantic scene with flowers and fan for Sohani. Trumpet gets Karan’sc call, he asks Trumpet where is Anaita. Trumpet tells him the restaurant name and the flowers get on Sohani. Karan says to Ria that he will let her talk to Anaita. Ria asks him not to involve Anaita in this all. She thinks why Anaita is lying. Karan asks if something strikes her why hre BFFe lied to her. Ria says they both don’t lie to each other, Anaita must be thinking about a surprise for her. Ria hurries Karan saying Anaita must be waiting. Karan thinks that there is no jealousy between them, Ria is just caring about Anaita while Anaita is lying. He wonders if he is judging them correctly. The spy man stood there. Karan tells Ria he is really tired to go on bike, Ria says Anaita is waiting and she doesn’t want to hurt her friend. He asks him to get in the car and drives. Karan watches the spy man still follow them, then jerks the though. Ria tells Karan to hurry inside and corrects his hair. Anaita comes behind and watch them, Anaita comes there. Ria was about to explain, Anaita gets in the car and complains Ria why she did this all to her. Karan stops her car. Anaita tells Karan to let her go. Karan says she must first listen to Ria. Ria says Trumpet did this in mischief. Anaita asks why Ria did this. Karan was about to tell her the reason, but Ria stops him. Karan asks Anaita about her justification for lying to Ria, Anaita complains to Ria that she has created the problems between them and leaves. Ria gets in her car upset.
Singhania’s men tell him the story about the three, their residences and love triangle. Singhania shouts to hell with love triangle, he wants proof of their age from their appearance as well as their minds. Singhania tells them that he needs Ria’s fingerprints and not Anaita’s.
Ria’s mother comes to Ria and asks why is she taking dinner for Anaita inside the room. Ria says normal people behaves as such when they are upset. Mom says she doesn’t think Anaita is normal, she is being obsessive for a few days. Ria tells her that Anaita is the same as she was and goes inside. Her mother says Anaita doesn’t seem to be normal. Anaita was sitting with Ria’s dress and scissors; she says that she won’t let her BFFe snatch anything from her. Ria opens the door and watches her there.

PRECAP: Anaita was happy to see Karan. Karan says that Ria invited him here. Anaita is happy. On the dinner table, Karan says to Anaita that Ria did so much for her and she is sitting outside alone. Ria feels someone being there in the house at night. Anaita says she will call her inside after a while, but Ria shouts then. Karan gets worried for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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