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Singhania says to Euro that nothing is going to happen and the men take him away. He says to everyone and says you are all done and I will end it and pray for your lives. Ria says that the game is on and now we can save ourselves as we know who the enemy is. He leaves and says that get ready, Ria says that a lot could have happened but I am glad that those two are exposed but still wonders why he wants to kill them, was it revenge for Euro or something else. Riki says that lets get back to the stage as the winners are going to be announced soon. Everyone leaves and Ria says to Anaita that this could be a new begging though to forget everything is not easy. They leave and win the trophy as well.
Vanessa says that its strange that we didn’t became friends before, Anaita says that this is because

I didn’t do anything on behalf of which your group would accept me. Vanessa says that we have now and Sohani says that how about a party. Trumpet says that we still have the hangover from the previous party so the shake hands for the while. Karan comes and says that I have to talk to you and they two of them leave. Jignesh ways to Sohania and Vanessa leaves and Trumpet goes after her.
Karan says to Anaita and says you did well, Anaita thanks him and says that I did only what I thought right. I couldn’t win Ria’s trust so far and sometimes can’t trust myself. Anaita says that I still like you and only I know that how hard it is for me. Karan says that forget what has happened and start fresh as I know that Ria is very forgiving. She asks of the confusion going on between him and Ria and why she tells Riki to be her boyfriend and she killing you in the past life. She says that its really hard to believe all of these things. Karan says that she believes all of these because of her nightmares and she doesn’t want to give me pain and she keeps saying that she took my life and the same will happen again. karan says that I feel helpless but will make her mine.
Sohani says to Jignesh that she has to leave and is going to talk to Jigyasa. He says that you should be giving your time to our relationship but you are leaving me for that Jigyasa. Sohani bashes out at him and says I should focus on the man who couldn’t decide between two girls. She says that you do act cute now but I am still angry and Jigyasa is important for me and I am going to video chat with her tonight. She leaves and Jignesh goes to Karan saying that we have to leave now.
Ria gets a dream from the past life and sees someone give him Karan’s photo. She says that this can’t be a dream and I strongly feel that all of this is related. She gets up and starts to walk and finds Riki in the garden. She sits down with him and he asks if she is fine. She says that I know all of this inter related and explains that she saw a man giving him a photo to kill a person. Riki says that you are thinking a lot and says that don’t think a lot about this and gives her water. He say that pen down all these dreams. Ria says that this is all a puzzle and explains something and says that I am right as there is someone who wants me to kill him. Riki asks if she saw the man’s face and could draw a sketch. Ria says that she hasn’t and thinks should start the session quickly.
Sohani is trying to chat with Jigyasa and is about to end saying that she won’t come now. She gets a text from Jigyasa and asks for her number, Jignesh keeps making excuse. Sohani apologizes saying that I was feeling very low and wanted to talk about a guy. Jignesh tells her to wait and gets ready and starts talking with her. Sohani says that she likes Jignesh but is not sure how he feels. He says that I think that Jignesh is a kind of a guy who doesn’t breaks hearts and you should give him a chance. She ends the call saying that we’ll talk tomorrow.
Singhania is bashing at the officer to find a way and says that how much money you need I will bring it. The officer says that nothing can be done as that video is with the crime branch and if we ask anything about that video than they would doubt us. He tells him to keep calm while Singhania says that his son is jail. The officer says that wait for a few days for things to calm down so that he could do anything. Anaita and Ria come to the station to sing the FIR and Singhania confronts them saying you messed with a lion in a young age. He takes the document and says that if you even sign all the papers in the office even than nothing can harm Ishan Rai Singhania. He looks at Anaita and says that you should start counting your enjoyment days as your life left is very short. Ria says that start counting your free days as you will soon company Euro in jail. He is about to do something when his PA pulls him back saying that the case is very weak so it’s better not to do anything. Ria and Anaita leave and he throws something away in the office.
Anaita and Ria are going somewhere and she stops the car to pick up Riki. He is talking to someone and Ria asks of who it is. Riki says that it’s not your concern and Anaita asks where they are going. Riki tells that they are going to the P.L.R session and Anaita asks to come with them and Ria allows her. The doctor informs Ria that all her reports are fine and her friends could view from the side room and the sessions would be recorded. Riki is talking to someone and Karan comes saying that her I am. Ria’s sessions starts and the three of them watch at a monitor.
Ria starts remembering it backwards and the doctor asks where she is, Ria says that she sees a young lady around 20 years and its her. She says that I see a happy moment, its him he loves me a lot and I can see it in his eyes. The doctor asks what his name his after remembering something’s Ria says Cabir and Karan is shocked.

Precap: Ria says to the doctor that you know how dangerous it is to access that particular memory and her life could be threatened. Karan looks at Ria lying in the room and says that I want to end her problems and if she is right than destiny has to help her, there has to be a way by destiny that helps her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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