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Mastaangi 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita was shocked to see Ria and Karan. Veer comes saying he called them, they also want to see the evidence. They all ask Anaita while Anaita shows them a lizard and demands him to take it out. Veer denies going there, Ria smiles that he is an ex-army officer. Anaita and Ria laugh, Ria boasts Karan to deal with it. Karan begin to pant. Ria goes to deal with it. She holds the lizard throwing it out of the window. Karan was upset that lizard is homeless now. Ria calls them both as losers, the boys laugh at this. Ria asks Karan if he found the pendant? Karan says he couldn’t, he doesn’t remember where he left. He requests Ria to get him another one, he lost it.
Singhania comes to Euro, Euro says he feels well but has headache. Singhania explains this is the reason he wanted him to go abroad. He

asks Euro if he spotted someone in the party when he came back. Singhania holds college magazine, Euro was curt that this is year book and doesn’t even contain his name in it. Ishaani was shocked to see the pendant in Karan’s neck, he laughs hysterically. He wondered how to react, he underestimated this group. He thought it was either army or intelligence, but this pendant is Karan Malhotra’s. Euro says they were five, one was Karan’s friend Jignesh. Singhania says the two girls were Ria and Anaita but he wonder why they came here. Nothing was lost from home.
Anaita gets noodles, Veer suggests about finding the hard disk. According to his father’s last report, the hard disk had been given to Anushka. Ria suggests Ishaani must know about Anushka, she might be of same age as Ishaan. Veer tells them they don’t even know if she is alive or not. Karan watches Anaita’s painting and discuss that Anaita always paint the same thing on canvas. Anaita shares a few ideas, Veer watches the painting and says it seems something else to him.
Singhania scolds his manager for false security measurements. He wants the best agents, and every information about Karan, Ria and Anaita’s activity.
Veer asks few questions from Anaita, what was the age she has been making these paintings and whose home is this. Anaita says its her home. Veer matches all the clues of the painting, and says no matter Anaita believe or not but her mind has been giving clues. Veer strongly believe there is some strong connection between her paintings and childhood. Anaita denies, as she doesn’t believe them. Ria insists this painting is same since childhood.
Jignesh pants while jogging with Sohani, Sohani asks what happened. He shows himself to be strong and working out instead. Sohani was irritated, she can never get what she loves by heart. She wants to speak to Jigyasa but she isn’t attending her calls. Jignesh demands her to focus on him rights now.
Veer shows his laptop to Ria, there were three places with the same identities as Anaita paints. He will go to each of this place and try to find out the clues related to Anaita’s past. Ria tries to make up Anaita’s mind that may be her sub conscious can recognize something.
The manager tells Ishaan that Karan and Ria are in Anaita’s hostel room and Veer is also with them. Some boys nearby harass Sohani, Sohani demands Jignesh to fight with them. Jignesh was afraid instead. He goes to the boys, Sohani asks him to given them a punch. Jignesh pleads them that he got a girl with much difficulty, he can even join his hands to them to leave her alone. They leave. Jignesh boasts to Sohani that they ran away out of fear. Sohani gets Ria’s call to pack her bag for one day. They all meet near the car to leave. Jignesh texts Sohani from Jigyasa’s number that she is going to Ahmedabad. Anaita joins them, Veer questions her about being late. She tells him she feels nauseatic during long journeys and stopped to take medicine. He asks her to get on back seat, she takes the front seat instead saying she feels more nausea on the back seats. Ishaan’s people inform him about their trip, he asks them to follow.

PRECAP: Euro tells Ishaan they came to view some site. Ishaan was alert and advise him to keep following. Veer notices a car following his.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Luv anaita n veer plz put some more scenes of them
    I like veer more than karan n I hate ria
    But I like anaita

    N wow anaita past is also going to come out to much excited to see

  2. ilyk veer and anaita

  3. love Anaita and Veer

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