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Mastaangi 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The teachers are talking about the missing students when one of them says that Anaita told us that Karan has found Euro and Ria but why are they not here yet. Trumpet says Anaita will know it as she is an expert liar and proposes to call Anaita out, they teacher says that she is nervous so lets not do that. Jignesh says that I hope Karan has found Ria and that they are Okay. A few seconds late Ria and Karan come to the camp and everyone helps Ria sit down and asks Karan of what happened to her. Karan doesn’t say anything and asks where Euro is.
Euro is comes to his friends in the jungle and when the see the scar they ask if he is Okay. Euro says that he is fine and blames Anaita as she couldn’t stop Karan and he managed to find her. His friends says that now this news will reach the principle

and he will take our kit. They ask if he made the mms and they could still blackmail her. Euro shouts at them and says that he couldn’t. His friends says that no one can stop them from being suspended. Euro says that one man can and that’s my dad and tells everyone to leave with him now.
Jignesh comes and informs everyone that Euro’s friends are not in the camp. While Ria’s friends ask where she kept her pills, Ria looks at Karan and says that she doesn’t need any pills and has found the cure to her problem. The teacher ends the trip and says that I have to take Ria back to her family and have to take action against Euro. Karan thinks of what Anaita did and goes to her tent, Anaita is thinking of an excuse to tell to Karan, he comes and says that I need to talk to you.
Ria is sitting with the gang and says that Thank God Karan came there otherwise who knows what Euro would have done. Vanessa brings her coffee. Ria says that Karan saved my life once more, Trumpet asks of how she reached Heer Ranja Point as it was not in the destination. Jignesh says it was a conspiracy as Euro changed the signs. Ria says that it was her destiny as destiny wanted to clear all her weird problems for this life as all the secrets are hidden in that past life moment. Ria says that she has also found the answer to her nightmares, Vanessa asks if she has finally seen the face of that man.
Karan asks Anaita of why she did that. Anaita says that Euro gave him the walky so that they could complete the task and they could go the camp together. Karan says that He hates liars and Anaita says that she is not lying . Karan says that if you are not lying than why are you shivering, do you know how disgusting this plan of your was. Euro wanted to make an mms of Ria and tells her to cut the crap and tell him the truth. Anaita says that Euro tricked me and I didn’t know that the plan was so dangerous and I only agreed because I didn’t want her to come between us. Karan says that how many times will I have to tell you that we are not a couple and how could you be so insecure. Anaita tries to talk and Karan tells her to stop it.
Ria says that yes she saw the face and it was like it was happening in real. Sohani asks if she knows her and has seen him in real life. Karan comes with Anaita and says that whatever happened to you, Anaita was behind it and had planned it with Euro. Karan says that Anaita wants to apologize to you while everyone says that don’t forgive her as she is not worthy of it, Jignesh asks her to leave when Karan says that I am not asking you to forgive her but just saying that she need to apologize and whatever your decision is will be mine as well. Anaita comes to Ria and says that I need to talk to you alone and takes her aside.
Anaita abuses Ria and says what do you want and why are you doing this, you know very well I love Karan, then why are you not leaving us alone. Anaita says that why are you snatching Karan from me and says that if you don’t leave the college then I’ll commit suicide. Ria is recording all of this on her phone held in her phone and without saying anything just nods yes and go their friends.
Later they come to the camp and Anaita says that Ria has forgiven me and that’s how she is and that’s why I love. Ria stands quietly when Anaita says that I’ll talk to the professor of how Euro tricked me. Anaita says that since Ria has forgiven me than anyone would. Ria plays the video which she just recorded and Ria says that its time your taught a lesson. You can no longer manipulate and hurt me anymore and Jignesh says that its superb of what you did. Karan says that I held our friendship above others and have made me wrong like you and I have fallen in my own eyes and leaves. Ria says that none of your tricks will work on me now and let’s see who wins, your obsession or my simplicity.
Everyone is getting on the bus when Karan sees Ria sitting by and comes to her and says that I feel apologetic as I said so much to you. Karan says that I came in Anaita’s tactics but why did you apologize to me even though it wasn’t your fault. Ria says that how am I supposed to tell of the mistake I did and it was not of this lifetime. She remembers the past and her dream and says that what kind of mystery is this as this doesn’t wants to leave and is annoying me a lot and is confusing me between reality and fiction. Karan says that he doesn’t know what she is saying. They get up and Ria says that why did I do take your life as there was so much love between us, until I find the answers to that I won’t start a new relation.
The next day Ria comes to the college with Sohani and Vanessa when a student comes and gives her a letter which tells her to keep walking straight. She sees an arrow sign and says who is playing this game with you, Vanessa says that maybe someone wants to say something special to you. She follows the arrows and finds herself in a shower of rose petals. Jignesh and Trumpet above and tell Sohani and Vanessa to keep quiet.
Karan comes to Ria and says that I feel really guilty of the things I did, I said I like you in front of everyone and by falling into Aniata’s trap I said I hate you as well. He says that I never thought of what you feel and asks her to forgive him and give him another chance. He brings his hand forwards but Ria pushes it aside and says how short minded are you one second you are thinking something and other something else. Today you are bringing the friendship hand forwards tomorrow you’ll take it back and how ironical as the man who couldn’t stand someone breaking his trust is not trustworthy himself and leaves.

Precap: Karan sees the principle with Ria and the principle tells him that Ria has taken back the complaint against Euro. Karan says to Ria that I came into Anaita’s trick and should have thought a 100 times before acting. Karan promises not to hurt her anymore when Ria tells him to be quiet and says that some relation don’t have a future and our is like that.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What is happening??? Y is ria acting weird?

  2. episode was OK… n thank god that ria came to know abt her past life bt when will this karan come to know abt this past….

  3. What nonsense Riya is doing is she crack ……karan is so guilty but still she is not listening to him and forgiving him. ……sheeeee yaar

  4. i guess she has forgiven him…. she just wants to figure out why she killed him in her past life and then start a new life…

    1. i guess she has forgiven him…. she just wants to figure out why she killed him in her past life and then start a new life…

  5. What ria did was right. Karan is very stupid. He did not even trust her. Even he should know how ria felt when he was rude to her……

    1. he said i like u not love u so how could she expect that he will have so much believe on her.Mai manti hun ki usne galat kiya par use uska guilt hai nd he is trying his level best so for me she should forgive him

      1. She hs already mentioned tht-‘until she knws abt her past she’ll nt probably begin afresh relation’ aftr ‘k’ savg her!!

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