Mastaangi 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Euro gets a call, his friends tell him the three are partying. Euro says he will be there, Singhania orders him in rage that he isn’t going anywhere. Euro goes inside.
Everyone was drunk when they bid good byes to each other. Ria and Karan gives cold looks to each other. Trumpet and Sohani push them both not to angry with each other specially today, and give hug to each other. Karan finally says good bye to Ria, she also says good bye. They all leave the party. Singhania stood there in his car, he wonders how are these exactly same three faces back after twenty one years. He must find their truth, as he can’t accomplish his mission Tabahi with them being there.
Anaita comes to Karan’s room, he asks what she is doing here? Anaita laughs saying yes. There Ria asked Anaita to

shut the door, she doesn’t move. Ria is shocked to see her bed empty. Karan gives a medicine to Anaita, she spits it away and asks what was it. Karan says this was vitamin C, to get her rid of her hang over. Anaita hugs Karan, Karan says she had taken a single shot then how she got this hangover. She laughs that she had a little more than one shot. Karan was curt and pushes Anaita away on the bed. Ria calls her then, Anaita watches her call. Karan asks whose call is this? Anaita says it was her dad, let him think she is asleep. There, Ria was worried where Anaita is.
Karan asks Anaia how she took his address. Anaita says she called for pizza order, told them his name, they confirmed his address and she wrote it down. Karan’s bhabi came on door and knocks it. Anaita was about to call her, Karan shuts her mouth by pressing it up. She resists. Karan tells his bhabi that he is watching tv. He requests Anaita to leave. Anaita asks him to confirm their date, he agrees for a lunch date. His bhabi returns to the room, and finds Karan on the bed.
At home, Ria awaited Anaita in the lounge. She scolds Anaita for being missing and not picking up her call. Anaita says she had gone to temple to pray for Ria and Karan’s friendship. Ria leaves saying she doesn’t want to be friend with Karan. Anaita wonders why she feels so insecure taking them both.
Singhania tells his men to get all the information about Karan, Anaita and Ria to him.
Jignesh and Trumpet meet Bhabi of Karan. Bhabi says they could have find a good girl for Karan, both think about K and R.
Anaita was worried about her dresses. Ria says if she knows what this symbolizes, that she is in a state of romance. She asks Anaita if she is going on a date. Anaita says no, its his father’s friends family who invited her for dinner. Ria smiles, then goes to get her a red dress. Anaita cheers, then thinks that she can’t let her or anyone come between them. Singhania’s man had made a video of them from behind the window.
Jignesh and Trumpet tells Karan that he and Ria make a perfect couple, made for each other. Karan thinks about Anaita’s words about Ria, he thinks that Ria isn’t trust worth. He tells Jignesh and Trumpet that Ria there can only be an explosion between him and Ria. He tells Trumpet to text Anaita a restaurant address. Trumpet picks up the phone and thinks she must do this little betrayal with him, she can’t let him meet Anaita and winks at Jignesh.
Anaita cheers getting the text and goes to the restaurant. She was being spied. She comes to the restaurant and wait. There Karan leaves his house. He was also being spied. He comes to a restaurant, Ria was there too. Both ask what they are doing there. Karan gives up and sits on the table. Ria asks why he came here? Karan says he came here for Anaita. Ria says he is a liar, he can’t blame her BFFe. Karan asks who is BFFe? Ria says her best friend for ever and ever. Karan says this seems really cheesy, he came here to have lunch with Anaita. Ria wonders if Anaita had lied to her that she is going to her father’s friend’s house.

PRECAP: Jignesh says to Trumpet that their story has begun, either they must have killed each other or kissed each other. Karan holds Ria from falling back on stairs.

Update Credit to: Sona

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