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Mastaangi 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riki comes to Ria and asks if she is Okay. Ria says that she is a little nervous and he says that I know you’ll rock it and if I was in your place I would feel the same but I know you’re a strong girl and will balance your emotions. He asks her to give her best and Ria promises, they start talking and Trumpet comes and asks if she needs anything and says that call us if you need anything. Karan comes and calls everyone to the table and asks everyone for the preparation and says that everything should be perfect and if anything feel wrong than call the person next to you. Riki looking from the back at Karan says that he raises the bar every time, Ria is a very lucky girl.
Anaita calls someone asking where are you, Euro comes and says right behind you. Everyone prepares the stage and area while

Karan and Ria get their makeup done. All the guests are seated and Singhania comes as the chief guest, assisted by the administration. As he walks inside he says that this will be Karan’s last night. He is welcomed by the guest and she addresses everyone of Karan and Ria’s repeat performance. The performance starts and Singhania watches with a grin on his face, he looks at Anaita and she nods positively. Anaita remembers Euro telling him about the gun being .22 caliber and telling her not to make a mistake and there is profit in this for her as well.
The act is to an end and Karan goes on one knew with flowers in on hand, Ria takes out the gun and aims at Karan. Singhania smiles and says end of the game and trail. Ria takes the shot and Karan falls on the ground. Ria looks at the gun and the lights turn off Karan is no longer on the ground and Ria and Karan descend from above and everyone claps. Singhania looks at Anaita and she smiles seeing Karan and Ria on the stage. Singhania calls Anaita and she tells him that she is in the rehearsal hall. He goes to her and says that why didn’t you change the guns, Euro gave you real gun himself didn’t he then why all of this. He says that at the end the friend in you woke up, I helped you and you agreed to all your conditions. He says that you are utterly stupid this is my game and I will end it.
Anaita says that you want to know why I did all of this, the lights turn on and all of the gang is standing there. Anaita says that your plan never fails so let me explain, she stands with the group and says that you thought you were playing the game but it was me who was playing you instead. Ria says that the person you thought was a fool played and defeated in your own game. Anaita says that I never believed you your low caliber lie and as expected you thought of total destruction. She says that maybe I am bad but not enough to destroy the life of my friend and thank God I listened to you and Euro talking the other day. Anaita says that as expected the plan was not as simple as it was shown to me.
Singhania yells and Anaita tells to him wait and shows him the video of Euro giving her the gun. She says that this is enough to make you meet your destiny and we had to do this to catch you red handed so that you don’t do it again. Singhania says that you are still playing the game as you came to me to separate Karan and Ria, Aniata says that is old now. Ria and my issue is a personal issue and not any person can come between us. She says that the attack on Karan and Ria in the garden was also planned by you.
Karan says that its funny but tell me something that all of your big budgets schemes yet you are after innocent college students, why is that, what fear do you have. Your son tried to molest Ria, cheap and disgusting and if you are against us for that than I haven’t seen a shallower man than you. You are a big hypocrite and your face should be brought in front of the world. He laughs and says that you are all just kids and it would take me ten minutes to prove that video fake. Karan says that you are talking here but I am sure that the police has done their work and you should where Euro is.
Euro comes running inside and says that why aren’t you picking your phone. Some men come and address themselves as policemen and are here to arrest Euro. Singhania pushes them back and says that this video is fake and this is all a conspiracy. The person says that this is a murder attempt and all the files would have to be studied again till then Euro will stay in jail.

Precap: Anaita and Ria are at the police station ready to sign the FIR papers, Singhania comes and says that you messed with the lion and even by singing all the papers in this office you won’t be able to do anything to me. Ria says that start counting you free days as you will also company Euro soon enough in jail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I just hope dey make Anaita’s character as positive afterall she ws karan’s best frnd in d past lyf..

  2. Now this is what I call an awsm show. So happy that friendship still has value in this shoe…..

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