Mastaangi 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Mastaangi 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan successfully unlocks the cell. Veer tells him to fasten, Jignesh reminds only five minutes are only left when people may get conscious again. They run outside, Jignesh opens the doors for them and they flee.
Euro calls Ishaani asking if he is fine. Singhania sits up and remembers about Karan feeling enraged. Euro tells him there is no theft in house, they are getting all the people’s finger prints who came without invitation. Three girls who were the actual dancers stood there, they had been kidnapped. Singhania asks about the pendant, Euro says he found it in his hand. Euro wonders whose it can be, because that person is involved in this.
Ria comes out of the car with the basket. Karan stood beside and advice her to take someone’s help sometimes as well. He assures he would always

know whenever she needs help and be there for her. She smiles and asks to go. Anaita and Sohani stood near the fire, Veer burns the clothes. Sohani felt bad, but Anaita explains they are their death proof. Sohani asks about Jignesh, Veer reminds he was also a proof so he threw him in the lake as well. Anaita smiles, Sohani gets upset. Veer turns her towards Jignesh, Sohani cheers and heads to him. She asks why he is standing alone, Jignesh tells her he realized something he had never done. He says life is so unpredictable, they were so close to death today and he realized we have to do everything today without taking time for-granted. Sohani smiles that Jigyasa also speaks this way.
Veer and Anaita and Ria and Karan have time together. They get around the fire and discuss about Singhania’s plan. Veer suggests about not telling anyone about it. There is no proof against Singhania, they have to do this fight alone. Veer gives them time to think he won’t force anyone. They will decide tomorrow, and today they were for Ria and Karan’s sword of honor celebration. Sohani takes the attention towards celebrating. Jignesh says they have already done.
Karan drops Ria home, he stops her and asks when and how she will accept him. Ria asks how much time he can give? Karan says just two or three days. Ria watches Karan’s pendant had been missing, he assures it must be at home. Ria was really worried. Karan makes her calm, then thinks if its at Singhania’s home all his friends would come to problem.
There, a guard tells Singhania they haven’t left a single proof. Singhania asks his guard who knows his real identity. Singhania asks to find out whose pendant it is. Veer was in bath when he notices someone outside, he goes to clutch that person. It was Anaita. He leaves her with a jerk, and asks what the emergency that she came here was. Anaita says she found a few evidence against Singhania, so she came to take him here.

PRECAP: Singhania asks his men to keep an eye on Karan, Anaita and Ria. He informs Singhania they are together at Ria’s place and their coach Veer is also there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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