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Mastaangi 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone on the trip is searching for the Ria, Karan, Euro and Anaita when the meet up with Karan and Anaita. The teacher asks of where they were as they afraid of what might had happened. Everyone looks at Anaita and says that what are you doing with Karan, weren’t you on Euro’s team. Karan says that she got lost and found me while Ria and I got separated as I didn’t want to further with her on the trip. He says that should we go now as we are already late because of Ria and she would be already there. Sohani says that Ria is not at the camp and one of them says that you are the four that were missing. Karan asks of who the fourth one is. Trumpet says that it’s Euro and everyone goes to search for Ria.
Ria is sitting still shocked and thinking back of her moments with Karan and her parents

telling that it’s a connection from the previous life. Ria then says that Karan feels untrustworthy with me because in previous life I betrayed him and shot him dead. She says that how could I do that as I don’t feel hatred even for my enemies then how could I take his life, specially the one I loved. This is the reason for that guilt that I have felt since childhood. Ria says that in previous life Karan died because of me.
Everyone is searching for Ria and Euro when Karan sees the sign pointing in the wrong directions and tells everyone to check on the map. Anaita acts saying that how could that be possible. Trumpet says that if someone intentionally does it than it’s possible and Ria goes to dense jungle. They agree to go the dense jungle to search for the two of them while Anaita says that we should split up to cover more ground. She further says that I know that this is the doing of Euro to take revenge for yesterday slap. They all start the search and head in their directions.
Ria is wondering of whom Udita and Cabir were and why did she take Cabir’s life as Cabir was proposing her. She says what happened after that and one thing is for sure and that is Karan is still my love and says that I must tell all of this to Karan. Euro is watching Ria from a distance and says that a little powder will do and then you’ll be helpless Ria. Anaita calls Euro and says that Karan is finding her and I have kept him distracted and tells him to think as he doesn’t have much time. Euro says that Ria is in front of her and once he makes the video then she’ll never say a thing.
Karan sees the pendant that Ria gave to him and remembers the luck it brought him and says that maybe some good will happen now. Anaita says to do something to Ria that she never returns to college again. Euro says that he’ll take care of it and asks her to stop Karan. She turns around and Karan is staring at her with a lot of anger in his eyes. Ria asks God to bless her and says that I hope he doesn’t think of me as the wrong person. Anaita is trying to stop Karan while he shouts at her to leave and takes the Radio phone from her hand.
Ria is taking her pills when Euro comes and stop her, he taunts her and then throws them away. He takes the drugs out and says that I’ll do today what I couldn’t do at the fresher’s party. I will make a scandal of you and once it goes viral you will not be able to show your face to anyone. He says that I have to prove to my dad that Euro is not a loser. He tries to give her the drugs when he hears Karan’s voice on the Radio saying that you have only 10 seconds to run if you can. He starts the countdown and Euro waits for him and Karan arrives.
Karan says to Euro that you again played this disgusting game and thought Anaita was alone. You think that together with Anaita you can do anything, how dare you. He takes of his bag and a fight between them starts. Ria is getting dizzy while Euro loses and runs away. Ria calls Karan and he looks back her and remembers the wrong things he said to her on account of Ria. He sits down and Ria hugs him, she says to herself that my heartbeat is coming to normal just by you holding me. How should I tell you how deep our relation is, He asks if she is Okay and she apologizes remembering once that she shot, Karan wonders why Ria is apologizing as he is the one who did the wrong thing.
The two of them are heading back to the camp and look at each other one by one and remember all the accidents and drama that happened between them. Ria gets her ankle twisted and Karan lifts her up in his arms and takes her to a place to sit down. Ria takes out her water bottle but its empty and Karan offers her his. They sit for a while without talking.

Precap: Karan tells Ria that this was the doing of Anaita and says that she wants to tell you something. When everyone is not there Anaita warns Ria to leave the college and Karan as she loves him otherwise she’ll commit suicide. When Karan is there with everyone Anaita says that Ria has forgiven her when Ria shows the video of what Anaita just said to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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