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Mastaangi 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Euro is standing and says that I wont come back here again and it’s a new start from now. Anaita and Veer are watching him from behind a car and Anaita’s hair get in Veer’s eyes and she apologizes while he closes his mouth but Euro heads towards them. He comes but they hide under the car and Veer throws a stone somewhere and he goes from there and leaves in his car. The come out from below and Anaita apologizes and says that we could have been caught because of us and Veer says that its your long hair keep those away from me. He sees a scar on her hand bandages her, she looks at him and says that if you want to check out than look from front and as he leaves after giving her the master he tells her to stop staring him and start her work.
Karan comes out of the washroom and as Ria makes a heart

he gives her a flying and asks of how he looks as she must be tired of seeing him in hospital clothes. Ria says that you looked hot at the anniversary day and he asks so what about now and she says that you look handsome today as well. He grips Ria and is about to kiss her when Ria says Bhaya and he stops and looks if he is there. Ria laughs and says that why do you become so dumb on hearing Bhaya’a name. Karan says that let your parents come and see what I ask of them then. Ria gets a message from Anaita about the update and Karan says that this is the time to bury all our things from the past, they hold hands and head out.
Veer is following Euro on his bike and Anaita is checking his house. Euro comes to a place and Veer behind him and hears Karan there. He turns and hugs and says that it feels great to see you talking and walking like this. Karan says that you returned my whole family to me and how can I forget for what you did for Rajiv Bhaya. Veer says that you are like my brother as well and this was my duty and says that you should go back as you are not well yet. Karan says that you call me a brother than ask why I am here, he says that Zubair is here but this place is ours. They shakes hands and Veer takes out a gun and they head together.
Anaita is searching and says that there is nothing here but something must be here. Veer enters a room and find it empty and they saw that how is this room empty and wonder where Euro went and Veer says that Zubair knew that the police would come after him so he changed the place. He calls a guy and asks if he has seen Zubair while the person says that he is there with all preparation but Zubair is not here. The start to wonder where the two of them would be while Veer says that maybe they have a common place to meet and Ria asks of how they would find them. Anaita finds a box under the bag and sees a file of Kabir and remembers Kabir and the three of them and says that maybe my Anushka’s file would also be here and finds it as well. She starts reading and finds information that her mother is still alive but nothing else and wonders how old this is and this information was updated a month ago. She says that this means that my mother is still alive but then says that how will I find her as there is no information regarding her and wonders if they did something to her and says that due to the hope I am Okay.
Veer is on a call and asks if they found something about Euro and Zubair and Karan says that we can’t find any information about them as they were talking going to Dubai and Ria says that what if they left. Veer says that he has increased the security everywhere and they can’t leave by airport or any check post or bus. Ria says that this means they are meeting in some place hidden and Veer says that it must be someplace common. Zubair is with Euro at the house and Zubair says that the inspector and Veer would be looking all over the place. Euro says that I knew that Veer was following me but how did you. Zubair says that he has been doing this for a long and knows a lot while Anaita is under the bed worried what Zubair will do if he finds that she is here. Zubair says that I was clear that he will follow you but to what you did is really amazing. I never thought you would learn things so quickly and for a time I got worried that my only son left me. Euro says that you did a lot for me, I just love you and If you are bad than so am I as I am your son. Zubair says that I am so proud of you. Euro asks of how they will reach home, Zubair says that of course Veer would have seen you leave and till the time they get tired of finding us we would have left for Dubai.
Anaita realizes that her phone is on the table and prays that the two of them don’t find it. Jignesh and Sohani find about where Ria and Karan are and Sohani says that Karan has just came out of coma, while Jignesh asks where they are. Bhabi says that she doesn’t know anything but Ria was talking to Anaita before going so Sohani decides to call Anaita. Zubair is about to take rest when he sees the file and wonders how it got here and asks if someone came here. Anaita’s phone rings and Zubair answers the call and Sohani asks Anaita of where she is. Euro says that Anaita is here while Zubair says that I know exactly where she is and looks under the bed and says Anaita how are you.

Precap: Zubair says to Anaita that as this pin injects you will go far away from here where a lot of people are waiting for you and pricks her with it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    What happens with Anaita…
    Unable to watch today’s episode.
    It always end on a suspenseful moment on Friday.
    I hope today I am also first commenter here.

  2. #*Oo I wAnT some roMANtic scene BY both riya and kran And Anita and veer….#!

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