Mastaangi 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Singhania was disturbed watching the trio back. He gets uncomfortable on his seat.
There, Karan and Ria perform on the story.
Sweat beads fell off Singhania forehead. Karan presents Ria with a bouquet kneeling in front of her, it was same as Kabir had bent to present Udita with the ring. Ria points a gun at Karan and shoots him. The flowers fell off his hand and he fell on the floor. Singhania recalls the past.
There is an announcement about the second birth of the couple to fulfil their love, the story continues. Karan and Ria comes in new costumes. The crowd gave them standing ovation. Singhania is invited to the stage to present them with the token of appreciation. Singhania was lost, the Principal stands up and takes him to stage. Singhania stares at Karan and Ria, then says well

done to them. Karan forwards his hand, Singhania takes it. Karan says thanks to him. He recalls the three dead bodies as he presents them with flowers. Ria also says thanks to him. Euro leaves the event curtly. Singhania wonders how this is possible as he goes down the stage. Anaita comes on stage and appreciate the performance as amazing. They take selfies together. Anaita says they both looked good together, she felt jealous for a moment.
In his dark room, Singhania roars that how this is possible. From 1995 to 2016, after 21 years he had sent Udita to Kabir and she killed him. and that RAW agent Anushka was also shot. He watch their past photos and thinks he took them by himself.
Ria wonders why she feels as if she knows Karan since childhood. She wonders what is the connection of Ishaani Rai Singhania with her.
Singhania asks Euro if he took the revenge from his mates. He asks Euro since when he knows them. Euro says this is his matter. Singhania drags his collar and shouts at him. Euro tells him that Karan is his age, his school friend. He asks who Udita is. Euro doesn’t get him. He explains it is the girl performing with Karan. He says that is Ria, she is Anaita’s friend and shows him the photo of Anaita and Karan. Singhania thinks that the three are in a group like friends.
They were all together when Jignesh asks Sohani if he should make a drink for her. Sohani brings out a drink from her bag and says she would take this one. Jignesh asks her to dance with her. She denies and leaves. They all then go towards dance floor, Anaita and Karan dance together. Anaita appreciates Karan’s performance. He says a little credit for this also goes to her friend. Anaita looks towards Ria. He says Ria isnt that bad, she is hardworking and responsible. He says he didn’t let him miss Anaita, though she couldn’t fill her presence. Anaita says it seems he has been falling for her. She says there are some problems with her only, she tells him not to tell Ria about it. She says Ria is a bit immature, she can’t handle her relations well. Karan says he doesn’t have to fell in relationship with her. Ria smiled continuously at them. Anaita tells Karan that their friend Mickey who told every secret to Ria and Ria in turn told them to another guy. Karan was enraged at once, he says this is betrayal of trust. Anaita says he isnt getting her point, but Karan wasn’t ready to listen. Suddenly, his phone rings and he leaves. Anaita smiles victoriously.
Ria comes to Anaita to ask her if they should leave. Anaita says they were talking about Ria. Ria insists what they were talking to. Anaita says leave it, but on insistence Anaita tells Ria that Karan hates her, he doesn’t want to listen to anything about her. She tells Ria that Karan said Ria didn’t care about Anaita when she was in hospital. He said Ria wanted to replace Anaita. Ria was curt, and tells Anaita that she is happy Anaita told her everything.

PRECAP: Singhania tells his men to get all the information about the trio. There, Karan and Ria were stuck in café. Karan curtly says Jignesh and Tumpet removed his battery from his phone, he is stuck with Ria; knowing her reality he can’t sit with her even.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Its anaita n karan love story or riya n karan

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