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Anaita says to Veer that how did you knew that I was coming as she looks at the hot chocolate mug. Veer says that he made it for himself as he drinks it every day before going to sleep, Anaita is surprised and says that I do the same and takes the mug and starts drinking. As Veer looks at her she asks if she is going to talk about Euro now. Euro is packing his stuff and sees the poem and takes a packet out of the back of its frame and says that Veer you have helped me getting close to my dad and you like your father will be declared a fool. Anaita asks Veer why he is making such a face and says you can’t get this mug now and thanks him for it. Veer replies saying that he should be thanking her as he is meeting Euro tomorrow and Zubair will also be there and tells her not to tell anyone as they would

get tensed. Anaita says that maybe I could help and he says that you can go to Euro’s house and find any clue on him. Bhabi comes to Karan’s room and finds Ria sleeping there as well, she puts a blanket on both of them and leaves.
Veer is on a call and says that I am heading to Euro’s house and you head to the location behind the old school where Zubair and Euro will meet. He says that today this drama will end. Ria goes to Bhabi and apologizes for sleeping in Karan’s room. Bhabi says that this is your house as well and you were sleeping like a baby and that only happens when someone is really happy. Bhabi says that you are very happy that Karan is finally well and Ria says that she is and it feels as if she got a purpose complete and another to work for. Bhabi says that has Karan told you are like a child something and asks if Karan ever woke up in the night. Ria says that they talked for a long time in the night and she doesn’t know when they when to sleep. Bhabi says that you two must have a lot to talk about and Ria says that we do and the great thing is that Karan remembers all we did for him. Bhabi says that you did as I was busy in keeping you away from him. Ria says to forgot all of this and to talk about that Karan is back and he has told me to not to cry and I won’t let you cry as well and asks Bhabi to smile as well. Bhabi says that all of this is because of you, Karan is healthy, and everyone else is happy and asks of how she managed all of this when she had no support. Ria says that she has a power with her, power of love and she then says that Karan is calling her and leaves though Bhabi can’t hear anything.
Anaita is waiting Veers’ bike, he comes and they say good morning to each other by calling each other Kharoos and miss attitude. Anaita says that this is the name you have given to me and Veer replies saying that it’s better than the one you gave. He asks of what she is doing here and Anaita says that why are you always angry if I sit on your khatara for a while it won’t get punctured. Veer says that he is getting mad and maybe he looks like it, Anaita says that this is my point and that is why you are mister kharoos. He asks her to move aside and sits on the bike and Anaita asks if this is how he is going to treat someone who comes on time. Veer says that are you here to kill him that’s why you are waiting here. Anaita says you told me to come here and follow Zubair and Euro and Veer replies saying that such bad days have come that he needs the help of a girl. Anaita says that she is agile like a cat and Veer mocks her by making a cat noise and tells her to get lost. Anaita says that this is her fight as well and if he won’t let her than she can follow him as well. Veer says that I think you have forgotten what I told you last night and that was to go to Euro’s house and find clues. Anaita says that you agreed that you need my help and they finally head to Euro. Veers’ bike doesn’t start and Anaita asks of what happened and Veer says that you called it a khatara so apologize now so that it may start. Anaita apologizes and Veer starts the bike and they leave.
Ria goes to Karan and says that I have brought breakfast for you eat it quickly so that you can take your medicine. Karan agrees and Ria asks if he can feed him and Karan asks if he is a boy. Ria says that you are my sweet heart and on eating Karan says that it’s very sweet as it has touched your hand. He asks her to read the news and Ria asks if she can bring the newspaper. Karan says that he has already read that one but you are the one who will give him the morning news. Ria says that you want me to tell you about the country right now and he says that I want to know about Euro and Veer.
Ria says that Anaita told her that Veer will stop Zubair from going to Dubai and Karan asks how and Ria says that Anaita is with her. Ria says that I feel that the two of them like each other and Karan says that Sohani and Jignesh told me as well. He wants to go there and help Veer and Ria says that you can’t go there as to what happened last time while Karan says that he must go. He tries to stand up from the bed but trips and Ria supports him. Karan says that you have helped me a lot and did all in your power but I have to walk on my own and starts walking. Ria smiles as she looks at him and he says that look we have done it and Ria comes and hugs him. She says that I am so happy and so proud of you, Bhabi and Bhaya come clapping as well and Rajiv says that I knew you will stand while Karan says that we need to help Veer. He has helped us a lot and even if not that he is a great friend and I must be with him right now. Rajiv says that I can understand but this is no kids boxing match and you can’t fight the two of them, Karan says that impractical were his friends as well when the doctor says that nothing can be done and today if a friend needs him he can’t back away and you have taught me this. Ria wants to come with him as well and Karan says that he will go alone. Ria says that she wants to travel with him in good times and bad times. Karan says that it’s impossible to win against you and Ria hugs him and then backs up realizing that Bhabi and Bhaya are also there leaving the two of them laughing.

Precap: Anaita and Veer and stalking Euro when Anaita’s hair go in Veer’s eyes and she apologizes to him. He closes her mouth while Veer hears them and comes to the car to check if someone is there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow iam too exited for the next episode..precap was awesome waited long for anaita n veer sneces

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      I am also waiting for the romantic scene of Veer and Anaita

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