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Mastaangi 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria climbs the rock as Euro watches her. Karan was in his tent, he thinks that Trumpet and Jignesh think themselves to be really smart and are pushing him towards Ria, he has got their plan now. Anaita comes to his tent.
Ria sits on the rock and watches the sky. She says she has a lot to wish, but she knows something great has been planned for them. She asks for a shooting star.
Anaita zips up the tent, Karan asks what she is doing here. Anaita takes her upper off.
Ria prays to God that He must do what he wants, no one is hurt. Only the one who deserves Karan must come to his life. She requests for one shooting stars.
Anaita comes towards Karan in the tent, he asks what she is doing.
Ria watches a shooting star, she laughs and thanks God.
Anaita was about to kiss Karan,

she shouts because of a lizard. Karan stops her and tells her not to cross her limits, he asks where Euro is. They come out of the tent, Anaita asks why he is after Euro now. Karan says Euro’s mind is planning a lot these days, what if right now as well he is trying to harm someone around. Anaita thinks she must stop Karan from finding Euro and destroying their plan.
Some goons get Ria, Euro comes to save her there.
Karan asks everyone about Euro, he asks a friend of Euro about him. Aman says Euro has gone to forest to drink, it wasn’t allowed in camps.
Euro saves Ria from the goons and himself gets beaten.
Karan asks where is she? They ask who she? Karan says R.I.A. They all say Ria and Trumpet aren’t here. Karan grabs Aman’s collar and asks where Euro is. Anaita says he told him Euro is drinking.
Trumpet gets Ria and asks what happened.
Karan tells Aman that not only Euro but Ria is also not in camp, he can’t let Euro harm anyone now. Euro calls from behind he is here, he appear with Ria ad Trumpet. Euro tells Karan about the situation, Ria calls Euro. Aman whispers to Anaita that Euro’s plan was successful, now she would say thanks to him. Ria says to Euro that after he did this all, it is necessary. She slaps Euro hard. He says he saved her from the goons. She says not goons but his friends, she shows him the I card she had found there. She says she isn’t weak woman, she neither needed someone like him before not need him now. Euro leaves.
In the tent, Ria says good night to Anaita. Anaita thinks that nothing went well today, what will happen to them tomorrow.
The next morning, professor announces that they all must go to valley in groups of two and bring the pictures of flora and fauna with correct species identifications. The marks will be included in exams. Anaita puts on gum on the chits with her and Karan’s name to join them. Trumpet mix them in the pot after collection. When the professor announces the names, Anaita was teamed up with Euro and Karan’s name was there with Ria. Karan asks to change his partner, the professor disagrees. Anaita offers to be with Karan and Ria can come with Euro but professor says whoever has issues can leave the field study. The professor says they all must reach this place till sunset.
Trumpet says she must be wondering how it happened, Anaita had used chewing gum, Trumpet also used the same trick to exchange their chits. Trumpet says K deserves the right girl, Ria is the once. Euro comes to Anaita and asks if she is crying. Karan comes to him and asks if he remembers the last night slap, if Anaita complains today about him it will be something worse than just a slap. He must maintain his distance from Anaita.
Ria and Karan goes in the forest, Ria stops Karan, he turns around. She says their destination arrow goes to the other side.
Anaita was curt at Trumpet.
Karan asks Ria if she can’t walk carefully, why she stops again and again. Ria says they came to identify species here and not for a morning walk.
Anaita says to Euro if he can’t see the arrow, they have to go straight. Euro says he doesn’t have to go straight, he has to go in the direction where Ria and Karan have gone, towards the cliff.
Karan walks behind Ria and throws stick towards her, she turns around and wonders where she has been caught between this Mr. Attitude. Karan was also curt where he is caught between this Much Much.
Euro tells Anaita that he has only one day to make Ria apologize him in front of everyone.

PRECAP: Karan looks for Ria, Anaita says may be she has gone back to camp. There, Karan tells everyone that their map shows the wrong directions of arrows, may be someone changed the arrows pointing them toward dense forest. They all head to find Ria. Karan watches Anaita alone on a side and wonders what she is doing here. Anaita says on intercom that Karan is looking for Ria, they must blackmail her so much that she leaves the college. She turns to find Karan who hd heard this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope that now that bidhuu Karan can understand whose character is what.

  2. Wow… can’t wait for tomorrow epi…

  3. At last k gets to know about anaita s true colours

  4. hope now k and ria get together but if k is not acting then i dont think if ria is going to forgive him so easily as he didn’t trust her and maybe if effected her self respect so maybe she will not patch up with him i think so but if he is acting with annu then chances r there that their relation will get more stronger
    anyway let’s hope for the best

    1. But she doesn’t keep enmity i mean she cant b rude to any1 so when she realises evry1 needs time to undrstnd d situation she does patch up wid k

    2. I m sure that k didnt hear her….
      Jst making fool of viewers…??

  5. u r right sanjana they like to make the viewers excited abt the next episode and then jst dashed their hopes to the ground

  6. i read in spoilers that k knows the truth and that he is just acting but then its hard to believe … duh !!!

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