Mastaangi 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The principal comes to invite Singhania. Euro was also there and asks the principal that the girl participant of the music competition got an electric shock. The principal tells him that she has been replaced.
In the morning, Karan and Ria do the rehearsals. Trumpet and Jignesh were happy with the rehearsals. Karan stops at once, the flash from the past life comes to his mind. He removes Ria’s hand from his chest and jerks her away. Ria wonders what happened to him. Karan curtly says that Ria won’t be able to do this, he put all the efforts. Karan says he needs some break and says he will be back in ten minutes. Jignesh and Trumpet come to Ria and says she performed really well, Karan is just like that. Trumpet goes to see Karan while Jignesh offers her a sandwich.
Karan still sat on

the college stairs with the flashback in mind. Trumpet comes and asks why is he sitting like a tragedy film heroine. Karan says he already told Trumpet that whenever Ria is around him he feels he has been betrayed by Ria. He says he don’t even know about her, how would she hurt him.
There, Ria says to Jai that she never understand the behavior of Karan with her, if he complains she will apologize but he suddenly starts behaving so harsh.
Karan says it is his mistake not Ria’s. she would never understand his odd behavior.
Jignesh tells Ria that her and Karan’s couple is going to be a hit, he and Trumpet had a crush over them. He asks Ria for a treat, comes to Trumpet and Karan and says Ria is giving them a treat, because their couple is going to be super hit. Jignesh and Trumpet leave, Ria stares at him for a while then leaves. There, Anaita called Karan who doesn’t pick up the call. Anaita was curt and asks why he isn’t receiving the call. The doctor comes and asks Anaita to have fruits. Anaita jerks the doctor’s hand away. She apologizes and calls Ria. Ria tells Anaita that Karan is somewhere in the college and will join them soon in canteen after a while. She tells Anaita that she misses her and can’t perform and Anaita would have. Anaita says even Ria has the talent like poetry. Anaita tells Ria to say her Hi to Karan as well. Jignesh and Trumpet ask Ria to say some poetic verses. Ria does. The bill arrives, Ria says she has forgotten her hand bag and leaves to take it.
In the corridor, she hears a tone being played on guitar. She says this is a familiar tone, and looks around to find who was playing it. There, Karan had been playing the guitar tune. Ria follows the voice and comes towards Karan. Ria wonders who this is, why isn’t he visible. When she comes to the stairs, Karan wasn’t there. She asks who was playing this tune, she must find out. Karan leaves that place with his guitar.
Ria comes towards the bridge singing on the tune. Karan hears this and plays saying the poetry just matches his tune. He also looks for Ria following her singing. He keeps on playing the guitar. There Anaita keeps on calling Karan but he wasn’t in a state to attend. Anaita was annoyed why Karan isn’t attending her call, is he with someone else. Karan wonders which girl has matched her poetry with his tune so perfectly, why he thinks he has heard it before. Both stood on the opposite edges of the bridge and comes towards each other; Karan playing the guitar, Ria singing. Both finally comes to each other, keeps on looking at one another in shock.

PRECAP: Anaita asks Trumpet to send her a photo of Karan and Ria. Anaita was curt, she comes to the event clapping and tells Ria that she has a crush on Karan. Ria says there is nothing between her and Karan. Anaita says she won’t let anything happen between them as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Wowww…misunderstanding already started. I think this will bring ria and Karan close. It will be fun?

  3. mmm…m liking d show..But scaring about Ria And Karan…

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