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Riki plays a game with Ria and she asks him to play, he performs and she says that you are horrible dancer and can only do freestyle good. Riki says that I am a great dancer but you can’t see anyone else but him and he is best. Ria says that a lot of work is left and we still have to decide the costumes for the performance. Riki says that he will only decide Karan’s costume and tells her to match it with his and they leave.
The next day everyone is working for the performance, Karan comes forward and says that lets start Ria suggests a step to start and Karan agrees. Everyone clears the space and Karan jumps in front of her and sits down with a flower in one hand and Ria takes out a gun and aims. She remembers something and looks away. Karan gets up and says that it’s just a performance. She

aims again and shoots and the performance ends with everyone clapping. Anaita says that it’s amazing especially the last part. She asks to be a part of this and Karan says that the space is full. Ria says that we can’t stop someone from participating as everyone has to score for the sword of honor, Karan says that why cant she do an individual performance, however Ria says that you can manage the costumes and accessories while Karan says to Jignesh to manage the artwork and let someone individually manage the artwork. Anaita thanks Ria for helping her and Ria replies saying that you also helped in the basketball match. Ria says that don’t break this trust as after it I won’t be able to trust you again no matter what
later Anatia explains the act to Singhania says that’s perfect and after this Ria will go to jail and Karan is all yours, he asks if she will be backstage and Anaita says that in this performance I am in charge of costume and accessories. Singhania says that Ria will shoot Karan in front of everyone, she will just be doing her act but the gun in her hand will be real and you will exchange it.
Ria and Karan are practicing again and everyone cheers them up saying superb performance. The act ends and Ria says that I think we should change the climax. Everyone asks why and Ria says that because of the shoot out our end looks very tragic and asks if anyone would want to see it in general. All of them say that this is the twist in the story or the hype of the act and after all of this they still meet and this is a great thing. Karan says that this is an act and shoot out is important because we want to show to the people that after all of this these two lovers meet. Riki agrees and says that this performance will also give strength to people who are ready to bare pain in love and maybe after this people start believing in destiny. Everyone says that this is a good one and Ria agrees to keep the ending same. Karan comes to Ria says that it’s just a performance and Ria says last performance.
Singhania shows two guns to Anaita and asks which the fake one is. She picks a gun and Singhania says that one is fake and this is the original one and is fully loaded. He says both gun have the same weight and Ria should have the original gun in her hand. Anaita says that we planned nothing like this and says that I am not in for it and Karan could die. Euro sitting next to them says that then will Ria go to jail. Singhania says that I will only do what I said and Karan will only get hurt and Ria will go jail for attempted murder for at least two years. He confirms her that Karan will not be harmed as this is a low caliber gun and the bullet will not give any much damage. He says that the bullet is the one that is in stalls at a park with the shooting game. He says that I have talked to my lawyer and the charges on Ria will be dropped very soon. He tells her to be calm and tells her to replace the pistols before the performance.
Karan says to Riki that you are a true friend as who leaves a girl like Ria and today true love is very hard to find. He asks Riki why he did all of this, Riki says that true love is very hard to find but more difficult is to understand why people only love one person and why you can’t love anyone else like that, Riki says that I didn’t sacrifice anything, Karan says that I still have to thank you and says that you have helped me a lot. Ria comes and asks if they should leave and Karan asks where they are going. Ria says that Riki has some tests as he loses his cholesterol level and has no control over his diet. Riki tells Karan the truth and says that Ria has some past life regression test. Karan says that he also want to come as he is also a part of this past life and I am also connected.
The two of them laugh when Karan says rebirth and Ria says that this is very funny for the two of you and you will never understand it. Karan says that only knowing about them is not enough and he has to share her problems and one day happiness will come and he will share those as well. Ria says that its not so simple as he can’t share the guilt and it’s a curse and she will live with it alone.
Euro says to Singhania that after so many attempts I thought you would do something but you made an episode of Tom and Jerry of it. Singhania says to him that you are such and idiot and explains that he has lied to Anaita and the bullet in the gun are real. He says that one gunshot Karan will be dead, Ria will go to jail and Anaita will have a lifetime guilt and she can go to jail for it. She has no proof against me and I only have to wait till tomorrow.
The Principal is informed that the boxing coach is not agreeing to come and he says that I will handle the matter and asks for the number, and wonders who the person is.
Jignesh is working and comes sit next to Sohani who is still waiting for Jigyasa’s reply. Jignesh says that he is sure and she will reply and goes away and texts Sohani. Karan tells Jignesh about the work that has to be done and checked when he sees Ria. He stops and looks at her smiling and imagines the two of them dancing together. Ria turns and looks at him and remembers when he saved her in the jungle but looks away. Riki comes and stands next to Karan and signals to Ria that you two are great. Anaita comes and asks Karan to try the costumes but he doesn’t even reply and says to himself that I will make you mine. Riki wakes him up and says that she is saying something and Karan leaves for the dressing. Riki tells Ria to smile while she says that this smile is incomplete without Karan and maybe I can never say that.

Precap: Anaita is handed over the gun and told not to make a mistake. The act between Ria and Karan is taking place with Singhania watching and Ria shoots, Singhania says that the game ends.

Update Credit to: Sona

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