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Mastaangi 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan comes to the group, Anaita watches him looking at Ria who was also looking at her. Karan thinks about Trumpet’s words that when she cares, she will be angry as well. Anaita drags him up in the bus. Euro comes from behind staring Ria, he thinks that he couldn’t win Ria’s trust even this time because Karan came in between, but he has another plan.
The professor tells the students that this is their college’s first science trip, they don’t want them to do any mistake that makes it the last one. The instructor tells the students that they have put on arrows around the acre wide land. She tells them to be aware that at night wandering out isn’t allowed here because of wild animals. All the students scatter around.
Jignesh gets a spider over his forehead all at once and shouts

and screams. Ria removes it from his forehead. Trumpet says Ria, like Karan is friend of friends. They move on. Euro tells his friend to change the direction of the arrow, the professor spots them and scolds them. Euro says sorry to him.
Anaita deliberately slips down, she calls Karan for help. Ria was filming around and watches them together. She was upset. Anaita tries to kiss Karan but he backs up and moves ahead. Anaita smiles that she will soon get Karan. Sohani and Vanessa asks Jignesh help but he himself fell off and the girls have to help him instead.
The professor announces that they have reached base camp, she announces that two people will be sharing one tent. Karan and Euro were together, Ria with Anaita, Sohani with Venessa and Jignesh was with Mishaal. Trumpet offers Ria to exchange her tent with her. Ria says she has no problem with Anaita. Ria comes in the tent, Anaita says this is awkward but she wants it to stay like this, she must not try to be friends with her now. Trumpet brings map for Ria, they spot shooting star’s place. Trumpet says this is a few miles away, the night sky is really visible from here. Ria says this sounds interesting.
At night, Anaita brings Karan his food. Euro calls her aside, she informs him that Ria will go to shooting star rock after dinner. Euro leaves thanking her. Karan comes to sit beside fire and watches Ria sitting with her friends. Jignesh comes to sit beside him. Trumpet watches Anaita coming towards Karan and deliberately sits beside him. Anaita complains but the professor tell her that here, anyone can sit anywhere. The professor asks for some fun tonight, as their project will start tomorrow. She asks Karan and Ria for a song, they all buck tem up. Karan takes the guitar and plays. Euro tells his friends the spot where their plan will get executed. Karan thinks about his moments with Ria. Euro’s friend tells Anaita that Euro is waiting for Ria. Anaita wishes Euro does something to Ria, she wants her to get away from herself and Karan. After the son, Ria and Karan confronts each other. Karan thinks about the video and leaves.
Trumpet asks Ria what urgent wish she has to ask for? Ria says happiness for all. Trumpet asks Happiness for Karan? Trumpet agrees to come with her, she says she won’t go up and will stay down only. Anaita informs Euro on intercom that Ria has left with Trumpet for Rock, but she will come to rock alone. Trumpet tells Ria in the way that Karan stills loves her, Ria says the way he left after singing, he hates her for sure. The girls gets scary, Ria asks her to move forward soon as it’s a jungle. Trumpet fell on the way. Euro and friends were watching them.
Ria apologize Trumpet, she asks to go back and they will watch shooting star tomorrow. Trumpet tells Ria to go, she will follow her and insists. Ria agrees, she gives Trumpet a stick and come forward. Euro awaits Ria and says the game is on.

PRECAP: Ria says that she wants that Karan only get in life who deserves him. Some men kidnap Ria and tries to rob her of her respect. Euro comes to save her and fights the goons. Ria finds a card as a clue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. guys i heard that karan is actually acting with annu to find the truth and to prove ria innocent hope it is true

    1. Then why did he nt keep lucky charm locket given by ria

      1. that even i dont understand maybe after that he got some clue against annu and then he must have searched for it and maybe even he got it back but the writers r not showing it to make it more interesting i dont know whether its true or not i just read it and informed u guys

    2. May be because if anaita would see the lucky charm with him she will get to know about his plan

      1. yeah its the reason and maybe karan is still having the locket with him its just that he is not wearing it

  2. Hope rian soon get togthr

  3. Yeh guys plz read my ff mastaangi-a new love story and plz do comment
    BTW today’s episode was ok…only want to see how karan xposes Anu

  4. yes jeffy.that is true.karan is acting to annu to accept herself that she made the fake vedio.

    1. thats a big relief thanks

  5. Wohoo loving the show…

  6. And in precap i guess what card ria is holding is anu’s id

    1. Ria is holding karans id. I have read it. I think euro has done this in order
      to create misunderstanding between k and ria

  7. Muslima Sheikh

    Does anyone know the song that they were singing?

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