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Veer asks Zubair to think as a father and as a commander and tell him where he has planted the bomb. Zubair says that he hates their nation and even if he knew he wouldn’t tell, Veer says that lets see who is more loyal and tomorrow you will be put in a cell and will not be able to sleep, Zubair says that you will all go to hell and Veer leaves smiling. Zubair sees something pasted on the wall and wonders what it is.
Everyone is sitting with Karan and Anaita says to Ria that Karan has made of your name. Ria goes to him and dances with him and at the end he holds her with his finger. She stops and everyone claps and Karan moves his hand and Ria places her hand on his and sits down. Sohani asks if Karan is Okay now and Jignesh says that I am not sure of that but Karan is responding to Ria. Ria says

that the next time you bring your hand we’ll dance together just like we did in college. Anaita says that Karan will get better and the prankster will return, Jignesh also agrees with Anaita. Bhabi says that with all this sweet talk we need something sweet to eat and all the girls go with Bhabi and so does Jignesh. Before leaving Ria says to Rajiv to take Karan outside. Rajiv says to Karan that I feel very bad as I returned to this family but you haven’t even that you are here. He takes Karan outside to roam around.
Singhania calls the policeman and says that he has to go to the toilet and takes the packet of the wall. On the other hand the Kheer is prepared for everyone and Bhabi says to Anaita that you have placed an extra bowl. Anaita says that we are eight while Ria says that Karan is not is a situation to eat Kheer right now. Anaita says that she knows and has counted Euro instead while Ria says that there is still one bowl extra. Anaita says that what happened to you and mentions Veer in the count. Everyone laughs and Jignesh says that Veer has left the party but not someone’s memory. Anaita holds her by the collar while Sohani says that what his fault in all of this is.
Veer is exercising and the officer calls him and says that Zubair has fallen in the trap and took the packet, Veer says that this was bound to happen that’s why we planned it. He gets up and tries to call Euro but finds his number unavailable and decides to call Anaita as he has no other choice. Jignesh is mocking Anaita on Veer and so does Bhabi. She then gets a call from Veer and Anaita says that she is not picking the phone while Ria says that pick it up it could be something important while Sohani says that maybe he wants to say I miss you but Anaita doesn’t picks up and Veer decides that he’ll do another set and call again.
Rajiv takes Karan to the balcony and says that I know you are mad at me but say brother once my ears haven’t heard you say something for a long time and asks him to get well. Euro comes and says that I have to leave and thanks him for everything. Rajiv says that there is no need to thank me while Euro says that my father did a lot of things against you guys. Euro apologizes on behalf of his father and says that you still invited me over for dinner, Rajiv says that there is no need to apologize if I am here with Karan and Vinie it is because of you and I know that you feel alone today but whenever you want you can come here without hesitation. Before leaving Euro says that did you take the medicine while Rajiv says that he’ll take it when everyone else comes and Euro says that he is with Karan right now so Rajiv goes inside. Euro says that I am so happy that you are here with Ria who loves you a lot a perfect family photo and yells at him saying that my father got arrested because of you while you survived and I am saying that my father is a terrorist and that Veer thinks that I am helping with the bomb. He says that if you understand or not it doesn’t matter as I am leaving this country with my father. He says that your brother won’t get up now as I changed his medicine and don’t think that you are in this wheelchair so I am taking advantage of you, even if you were standing even than it was an equal match and you know I don’t like a one sided match.
Anaita gets a call from Veer again and wonders why he is calling and cancels the call, Ria says that let me talk to him. Veer says on the phone that do you get charged for picking up the call while Ria says that it’s me talking and Veer apologizes and says that I was saying that to Anaita and asks where Euro is as his phone is not answering. Sohani asks if Veer is saying that he misses Anaita while Ria says that he wants to talk to Euro. Anaita says that look he didn’t miss me and Sohani says that you must feel very bad right now.
Zubair comes in the toilet and opens the packet which says “there is poison in this needle which will kill a man just by touching and wear gloves, 98343.” Zubair wears gloves and as looking at the needle he says I love you son while the policeman outside says that have you gone mad. Euro brings Karan to a stair case and says that I won’t throw you off form here as if I do than your whole family will come and specially that Ria. He puts ice in front of his chair and says that you are thinking of what I am doing and says that as soon as this ice melts you will fall of the stairs and your chances of survival are slim. He says that I must leave as if I am not here than you will have fallen on your own and says your countdown begins, tick tock. Ria is looking for Euro and says that I think he left and Veer asks for Karan and she says that he is better and I will talk to you soon.
She looks for Karan and says that I think Rajiv Bhaya took him in the room, Rajiv falls unconscious while the ice is about to finish. Karan tries to move his hand and grips the tires. Ria comes to Karan’s room but he is not there and the finds him and holds his chair and asks him to get up and says that my hands are slipping. Euro is watching and says that she won’t be able to hold him for long and Ria loses her grip.

Precap: Bhabi comes and says that look what has happened to your brother he is unconscious in his room. Karan asks Jignesh to take him there and everyone tries to wake Rajiv up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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