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Karan tells Ria to open her eyes and shows her a message and says I wont to fix your broken smile and want to face it whatever you are feeling, let’s work it out together. He says that our brain can store data and it discards some of the data which causes to create illusions and dreams. He tells her that he will help her and tells her to reject this past life theory. Ria says that she is determined and but not to let this go rather to solve the problem, she says that no matter what we do I killed you. She says that I don’t want to say it again and again but want to find the truth and letting it go won’t help. Ria says that you won’t understand it, Karan says that there could be many possibilities and maybe it was my fault and I deserved it. He tells her to leave the past behind as they can’t

let the past ruin their future while Ria says that I feel it will all happen again and I will kill you. She lets go and turns back.
Riki comes and says that don’t let go of his hand, don’t make this mistake, the person you are with will never leave your side and will help you in every journey and will protect against all storms like shield. He tells her about Karan losing the basket intentionally, he apologizes to Karan for telling it. Ria comes towards Karan holds him by the collar and asks why he loves her so much. Karan says that because I cant think of anything but loving you and what should I do. Ria says that this love story is not possible and leaves. Karan follows her when they bump into Mr.Singhania and the administrator informs them about the performance. Ria says that she will not able to perform due to some personal reasons. Singhania says that a smart person listens and then decides and she is handed a file by the principle.
It says that there performance will be seen by cancer patients and Singhania says that you performance will added to the entertainment routine of cancer students. He says that entertainment is very important to their health and I don’t think your personal reasons are more important than those kids. Ria agrees and the principle says that the event will start with the performance of Karan and Ria. Singhania thanks the both of them and as he starts to leaves he says that you two have no idea of tomorrow will bring for you, and Anaita you have no scope of mistake in this game and see you all for the last time tomorrow.
Ria says to Karan that she doesn’t want any foolish things at rehearsal and says that it’s a request. Karan says that he also has a request and asks her to tell that she believes in pervious life so strongly and says that you killed me and will do it again. He says that you are stuck in the thought that you killed me and maybe its something I did. Ria says that no matter what it was our equation can’t change, Karan says that you are absolutely right as you love me and I love you. Karan says that he believed that all this Riki things was a drama as you loved me and wanted me to stay away from you, this is was because you cared for me and your love is eternal.
The students are informed about the last event being an extra curriculum performance and told to register and book the halls if for the rehersal. Anaita wonders what Singhania would do about their performance. Ria and Karan are practicing and she keeps on thinking about what Riki said to her about past life being nothing like reality and what Karan said to her about doing nothing but loving her. She falls on the ground and Karan gives a hand to help but she leaves. Riki comes to Karan and signals that I’ll talk to her, Karan says that who the special one is but loses when Riki says shoulder to cry on (who).
Riki goes to Ria and asks if she is fine, Ria says that she is not fine and says that I don’t know what I am doing with my life, my heart tells me to go near him and hug him while my mind tells me to keep him away and see him suffer and so should I suffer as. Ria says that you have seen how he sacrifices his joy for mine and chases me like a mad man all day, while I am fighting between my mind and heart, and get frustrated a lot. She says that I want to go god and ask why me and ask the one who made this cycle that why he showed me my past life, why Karan and I were lovers and why I killed him and still I am causing him pain and asks Riki why this is happening to me. Riki asks her to come to side and asks her to scream and then screams with her again. He hugs her and then tells her to leave and practice leave this place as well otherwise the college will come and beat them up for this.
Jignesh sees Sohani and goes and sits with her and asks if she is participating as well. Sohani looks away and then tells him to shut up and starts walking away. Jignesh stops her and says that I told you find about one girl and you couldn’t even do that, I hate you for this you couldn’t even find one girl and you expect me to dance with you. Jignesh says that what you thought of me as I have found about her and Sohani kisses him and leaves.
After she leaves Jignesh thinks of himself dressing up as Jigyasa and says that what did I get myself into and asks god to help him. Trumpet comes and he hides his arm, she starts telling that she is participation in the production of Karan and Ria’s performance as she is not a stage person. She looks at Jignesh who is busy in his own thinking and hits him on the head. Jignesh lifts his arm and she says that your skin is even smoother than me and says that give me some tips as well. Jignesh says that he did all of this for the gym and nothing else. Trumpet says that I didn’t ask why and follows him.
Karan is dancing with Ria again and all of their friends are watching. Anaita gets a call and leaves. Riki sits with Trumpet and says that even I support them, they look cute. In their thoughts they argue about leaving the past life and carrying on with this one. On the other hand the principal is told about different names of boxing champions and he chooses the third applicant Veer as the coach. On the call Anaita asks Singhania why he repeated Karan and Ria’s performance and what is going in his mind. He tells her to meet him tomorrow and he will tell her the rest of the plan tomorrow till then keep your focus on Ria and get involved in the backstage team and to maintain Ria’s trust. Anatia wonders what is going in his mind.

Precap: Anatia discusses the performance with Singhania and he tells her that the gun in Ria’s hand will be real.

Update Credit to: Sona

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