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Bhaiya apologizes Karan while he was on wheel chair. Bhabi tells him that Karan wasn’t alone, his friends were here for him. Jignesh says he feels like crying, they all seem to be elated. He calls Bhabi to be a Bollywood mother, Ria seems to be a wonderland princess laughing and dancing out of love. Anaita demands what she appears to him? Jignesh says she is like the old Bollywood movie heroine’s friends, he pairs her with hero’s friend Veer. Anaita changes the topic, Jignesh tells Veer Anaita calls him angry young man behind his back. Anaita heads to leave, Ria stops her and asks her to listen about it. They calm her down. Bhabhi calls it really funny. Jignesh calls Karan to be best guitarer and singer, he reminds them of the song Karan sang on his birthday party. Ria recollect the celebration.

Ria tells them they met because of this guitar. She had some lyrics, and for that only Karan had the music. Veer asks for the details. Ria recalls searching for Karan around the campus following the music. She sings the poetry to them. Karan moves his hand over the music. Ria bends to thank him, she is sure he will remember this composition and kiss the side of his face.
In the jail, Ishaan says he is his blood, how can he do this. If he has hidden a lot from him, he has given a lot as well. He remembers about all his tape talks. He wonders how he can do this, he told him all about himself in the tape; then recalls his anger and disgust being his son. Ishaan says he hates this country and everything in it. It snatched his alone son from him. He thinks about getting out of here at any cost.
There, Jignesh sat lost in thoughts. Sohani calls him once or twice, then hits him. He was shocked at once. Jignesh says they must get vegetables for free, they are natural. Anaita says this way property must also be free, that’s also natural. Veer takes their attention to party of Karan’s welcome, he calls the song, people and discussion all to be boring. He says he would also go into comma in such a boring environment. Anaita was about to say something, then stops herself. Jignesh asks her to speak, then comes to sit with Veer and repeats about Anaita’s words, if he is out of his senses, loud music and fun? Won’t it break the rules, and suggests about doing PT. Veer asks Jignesh if he is done and comes to snatch Anaita’s phone, plays music in it and asks Sohani for a dance; then brings Jignesh to dance with her. He goes to ask Anaita for dance, she turns her face away. Veer makes a bad face, then drags her clutching her tight. Anaita asks if he is taking a chance. Veer dances with her, saying this is what she is making him do. Bhabhi and Bhaiya come to see them dancing together. Ria tells Karan they are putting in so much effort only because they all love him. Veer holds Anaita close to himself, Jignesh and Suhani watch in awe. There is a door bell, Bhabhi goes to check.
Bhabi opens the door to see Euro outside, she shouts at him why he came here, Karan is in such a state just because of him. Veer comes there and takes Euro out saying he has to speak to Euro. Bhaiya allows Veer to speak to him. Euro informs Veer that he told Ishaan he won’t return to him, he only had anger in his eyes. Veer says there is one thing he did wrong, he must go there again. Bhaiya comes to call them for dinner, Veer apologizes and leaves while Bhaiya insists on Euro to stay.
Veer comes to sit with Zubair, he tells him his operations have ended. He has turned to a failure, sending his son to Dubai also went in vain. His son hates him the most, considering him the enemy of the state. He will now spend his life inside the jail, and his son would have to get disrespected in courts for lifetime; as he won’t ever let that case close. Ishaan says Yuvraj is innocent, and punishing an innocent is a crime. Veer says his biggest crime is to be a terrorist’s son, he can still save him but for that he must tell them the location of nuclear bomb. Now Ishaan must think if he needs nuclear bomb or son?
Bhabhi complains Bhaiya why he brought him here, but Bhaiya tells her that Euro helped him. Euro thinks he never thought the one who beat him in boxing match would come into such a state. Ria notices Euro to be lost, and asks him not to feel bad for Karan; he will soon be fine. She tells Anaita what she had been doing in Karan’s room, goes inside.

PRECAP: Veer challenges Ishaan about his victory. Tomorrow he will be transferred to dark cell and may be his son as well. Ishaan curses Veer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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