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Ria says yes Karan, I took your life in our last birth. She is responsible for the pain caused. Riki asks if she is really serious, what this all is that she talks about past life. Karan comes to Ria and asks her to explain the whole thing. Ria says like Riki and many others he won’t also believe her, but this is truth. Ria leaves, Karan asks them all to leave her alone.
Karan comes to balcony to Ria and says this isnt fair. She heads to leave, he holds her hand. He says this is 2016, but if only she accepts their last birth she must tell him about it too. If she has seen her face, it seems she is coming from a birth. Ria turns to him and says fine, narrates the whole story to him. She had come to meet him at Heer Ranjha point, he had got her a ring but she doesn’t know what had happened to

her, her heart beat was abnormal, tears in eyes. He had called her name, Udita and she killed him. Ria cries that she loved him, still she killed him. Now she knows her irregular heartbeat, her attraction towards him; but one thing that’s clear that she killed him. She doesn’t want any such thing to happen in this birth, so he must stay away from her. She backs away, Karan comes to her but she stops him and leaves. Karan wonders how this all is possible.
At night, Karan sits on his rocking chair, thinking about Ria. Ria sat on stairs crying, thinking about Karan. Riki sits beside her. There, Anaita paints thinking about Riki’s words about her love for Karan. Anaita wonders how can Ria say this all, she was talking like about a story.
The next morning, Ria’s words echo in Karan’s mind even during shower, he watches the painful scar on his chest. Ria thinks if there is a solution to what she thinks about day or night. Riki comes there and asks if she is still thinking about it, such nightmares aren’t good for health. Ria says she doesn’t want to discuss this all. She tells him that she is going to meet Mr. Shadab. RIki asks if its that Past life regression therapist. She nods and asks him to come with her, maybe he has nothing to ask then.
Karan asks Bhabi about his scar, she says may be its some injury from childhood. Karan says his brother calls it a birthmark, but can it be related to past life? Bhabi laughs at this.
Riki tells Ria that the images made in brain in subconscious seems to be real but they aren’t. Ria says she is experiencing everything the doctor said. Their brain retains memories, may be it retains from past life as well. She just have to throw this all out of her mind.
Karan jerks the idea of past life, then says Ria isn’t dumb. It might be possible she is right. Why he feels strange when she is near to him, he doesn’t know why this scar is there.
In the college, Trumpet meets Jignesh and asks where. He says he didn’t met Sohani for a long time. Trumpet asks why he is wearing full sleeves shirt and bandana. He was irritated and leaves. He comes to Sohani and hands her a pain killer, he thought she would need it after hang over. Sohani asks how he knows about it. Jignesh says he knows about her moods, it seems she must have a head ache. She takes the tablet and asks if he knows what is going in her mind. He says can only feel what she feels. Sohani says she needs a friend, she met a girl who was Roma’s friend. She never had someone to share her feelings, but she seemed to be like that. Jignesh asks what her name was, he will search an app. She tells him Roma was so drunk she doesn’t remember who was along her. Jignesh was shocked at the name Jigneyasha as it was him. He assures her to find her number for Sohani.
Karan holds Ria aside from the corridor, she heads to leave. He asks if she trusts him. She nods. He asks her to clear her mind for one minute, calm herself and close her eyes. She does.

PRECAP: Riki asks Ria not to leave Karan’s hand, he will never leave her and will be her shield always. Ria asks Karan why he loves her? He says he can’t think about anything else. Ria says this isnt possible. They come across Singhania and Principal, they tell them to repeat their Valentine’s Day performance. Ria says she can’t. Singhania says they need to listen to the whole thing and Principal hands Ria a file.

Update Credit to: Sona

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