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Veer informs them that Zubair was an ISI commander who came for a mission, whatever he has heard about Ishaan; he can possibly be working with ISI. He was frustrated that the PLR sessions aren’t acceptable in court. Ria recalls when she went to Ishaan’s house, she went near an automatic sensor that automatically gets locked, there is something suspicious about it.
Zubair tells his commander that he is going to make a huge attack, in 1995 mission Tabahi would have killed only a few influential people but right now, he owe a lot to most of the colleges here. There will be blasts around medical and engineer colleges, destroying thousands of beings from the upcoming generations of India. Ria says they must get into that secret cell. Karan vows they would work in a team.
Ria comes to thank Veer

in college, for being there for her. Veer shows her the photo of his father and asks if by chance she saw him in any PLR session. Ria apologizes but was sure they will find him, Ishaan is there. Veer agrees. There, Karan thanks Anaita he is relieved that Ria didn’t kill him. He already believed it. Anaita assures she is happy for him, Karan calls him to be a very good friend. Ria gets Karan’s call promising her a surprise, and calls her with Veer. They all get together, have fun with the snacks. Karan offers Ria to drop her home. Ria explain Karan, but he insists she didn’t kill him. Ria was now worried about who killed him. Karan reminds Ria that she is also endangered, and insists he will stick around her. She smiles as he promised to walk behind her. She turns to tease him, then comes to stop over his foot and runs away laughing.
At night, Ria writes her blog that it has all ended suddenly, her story began now. She realized there was something ahead of what she thought. She lowers the laptop screen to see Karan staring at her. Both look into each other’s eyes, Ria touches his cheeks while he heads to bite it. She realizes she hadn’t been day dreaming, and stands up in shock wondering what he has been doing here. Karan tells her he came to see her smile, Ria pushes him out of her room afraid of her parent’s. He keeps a condition that she will come to meet him, she promises then locks the door.
In the college next day, Karan awaits Ria, then explains to Anaita he isn’t used to waiting. Veer was also there. Ria enters the college with a smile. She greets everyone, Jignesh and Sohani also join them. Anaita questions why he took so much time to get ready, Jignesh thinks he has now realized why they take so much time. They ask what’s so important they called them for. Veer tells them there is something important.
Ishaan watches the preparations, and was determined there will be no hurdle this time. He laughs for operation Tabahi’s sure success.
Veer got the blueprints of Singhania house. Veer announces only Ria and Karan will go inside. Ria explains Sohani they are sure they might get some evidence against Ishaan Rai Singhania. Anaita argues they must involve police as this isn’t a simple case. Veer strictly tells her to go out if not interested, he explains to her if they involve cops, Singhania would have an idea they doubt him. And if she think cops would believe the PLR session if she doesn’t. He further qualifies Ishaan would use his contacts and flee. Jignesh has a confusion what evidences they are talking about. Ria tells him they suspect Ishaan is living a dual life, his real name is Zubair and he is an ISI commander, they need evidence to prove this. From her PLR session they got the lead that Zubair asked her to kill Kabir, but she emptied the gun barrel so she didn’t kill Kabir. Jignesh tells they are mango people, they must tell police about it. Karan tells them about their plan to go to a private party in Ishaan’s house, and get inside the secret room. Jignesh questions how they know about the party. Veer thinks about going to Singhania house like a crazy hungry beggar, they had pushed him out but the people there were talking about party.

PRECAP: Veer informs them they have to be careful not to be caught. Singhania orders for tight security, where they will scan the id’s and if found in their database only then people would be allowed inside. There Veer thought it to be easy getting inside in the crowd of party.

Update Credit to: Sona

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