Mastaangi 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria runs towards music hall. There Anaita asks Karan to play the guitar. Karan goes to switch the plug on. Before Ria could stop, Karan had pulled the plug on and Anaita went faint. Karan and Ria were taken aback together, then takes Anaita to hospital in cab. Karan watches Ria go to a side crying. She says in the window crying, I am sorry Annu she wish she could come soon.
Karan comes to the corridor towards Ria, thinking about how complicated is this girl. He was about to keep a hand on Ria’s shoulder who stood with her back towards him crying. He thinks why this Ria makes him do weird things in his life, why does he got his eyes wet now. He thinks No, for God’s sake and goes away.
There, Euro asks his friends what will happen to their first victim. Euro says Karan won’t be able

perform now. Euro tells his friends that no one should know that he spread that electric shock. Singhania comes there, Euro tells him he did this all to take a revenge. Singhania says Bravo, today he proved to be his son. He says now, no one would dare cross his way. Euro asks him if he is alright, he thought Sighania would scold him. Singhania says there are two type of people, good and obedient and the others are bad, implementer and takes every opportunity to get what they want to.
Karan says to Ria that he will break all the bones of Euro now. Ria says how will he prove this in principal’s office. Karan says ok, he will beat him now. Jignesh and Trumpet stops him. Karan asks what they must do then. Ria says she thinks he must talk to Euro and sort this problem out. Karan asks what she thinks of herself, she should have born in 90’s. Ria says she knows there are two ways to sort a thing and she believes everything can be sort peacefully. Ria gets her mom’s call worried about Anaita, the doctor comes to tell them she is fine now.
Anaita wakes up. Ria asks how she is, she nods that she is fine. She asks who did this. Ria says Euro. Karan tells Anaita he has never done this before for anyone, then kneels down holding his ears saying sorry to her. She smiles, blo*dy drama maker. They laugh. He asks Anaita what he can do to bring smile on her face. Anaita says revenge. Karan says he will never lose Euro, may be a few people are against his policy here. Anaita looks at Ria and says they are BFFes, still Ria and she are pole apart. Ria would never want a revenge, but she would never leave anyone who hurts her or her loved ones.
Anaita apologizes that she won’t be able to perform in office event now. Karan says she is a part of their team, they won’t even perform without her. Anaita says she wants him to perform, they have to show Euro that they aren’t afraid, he doesn’t want Euro to win. Trumpet says they have no female member in their team, they can’t perform. Anaita says there is an option, Ria will perform. Karan and Ria says no together. Ria says she isn’t mentally prepared. Anaita holds her hand and asks if she can’t do even this for her BFF? Ria nods. Anaita gives Ria’s hand in Karan’s, both feel a shock. Anaita says their problem is now sorted, Ria will perform with Karan in their event. Karan takes his hand out of Anaita and Ria’s.

PRECAP: The principal says to Singhania that it will be an honor for their college if he accepts this invitation. Euro was there too. Euro comes and watch Ria and Karan practice together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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