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Riki is dancing with Roma and she says that single guys are so much, Trumpet is looking at him angrily. Sohani comes and asks hot isn’t he and asks who allowed him in the all-girls party. Trumpet says that to help Karan and Sohani asks of what she means, Trumpet says we have to find out that what is going between him and Ria so when I heard that he wanted to come to the party, I supported him as well.
Trumpet says that now we’ll keep an eye on him, Sohani says that like what Roma is doing right now, but who won’t date him he is so hot. Jignesh comes and says that he is not hot and not my type and asks them to go and drink. Sohani leaves with Jignesh. Ria goes to Riki and says that I hope you are having fun, and Riki says that he is enjoying a lot. Trumpet comes and takes Ria aside and asks

if she is Okay as she would want to dance and spend time with her boyfriend Riki. Ria says that forget about that and lets go and have a drink.
Jignesh sees Vanessa dancing with Riki and while he is dancing with Sohani who leaves as she pukes. He gets angry and when Vanessa comes her he stops her and asks of what she is doing. He tries to maintain his dialect as a girl and scolds Vanessa of dancing with another man. Vanessa says that firstly who are you and why are you bothered with whom I dance. Jignesh says that it would matter as I know it’s a girl party and you should focus on someone like me. He says that such guys would follow you home show you dreams and will leave you of nowhere. Sohani comes clapping and says that you are great and are now my best friend.
The party continues with everyone dancing and drinking followed by a game of truth and dare and a lot of dancing.
Ria and Anaita are laughing and Ria says that I missed you so much, Anaita says that you are a great person and this world doesn’t deserve people like you as there is corruption and pollution. Ria says that you think like this that’s why you are good, I am a bad girl I love Karan but am giving him so much pain, as I am unlucky for him, because of me he got so much hurt and almost died. She says that all of this started a long time ago and if I tell someone would anyone believe me. She looks at Aniata and she nods no, Anaita tells her to relax and leaves saying that I’ll get you one drink. Riki standing close by hears all of this.
Jignesh and Sohani are totally drunk and sitting on a table, Sohani says that I met you just a while ago and yet feel so great. Jignesh says that I am so lively that’s why and asks Sohani of her boyfriend. Sohani says that he is really cute and I really like but I think he considers me his second best. Jignesh says that it’s not like that as a cute girl like can never be second best. Sohani weeps and says I don’t know why, Jignesh says that I know otherwise why would I give you flowers. Sohani looks at him spooky and he says that just a wild gift as that’s what every nice guy does. He asks her of how he looks, Sohani says that he is not muscular neither tall and there is no wow factor in him, but he is cute, sweet and pretty and makes me laugh and when I am with him I forget all my mistakes. Jignesh kisses her and apologizes and says that I got a little emotional. Sohani says that I liked him but left him because he was confused between me and Vanessa. Jignesh says that everyone deserves a second chance and maybe he has realized his mistake. Sohani says that maybe that can’t happen and starts drinking again.
Riki comes to Ria who is sitting alone and asks if she is Okay. Ria says that she is fine and just her head is spinning a little. She says that our life is a game wherever we go something crazy happens. Karan comes to the place wondering of what to do. Ria says that life is crazy and we expect something totally different from it. Karan finds a letter and starts climbing while Ria says that it’s like as if the thing you loved the most was never yours. Riki asks her to come down and pulls her up and she hugs him while Karan sees and thinks differently of it. Ria says that I’ll come later and turns back and sees Karan.
She turns towards him and he slips while she catches him again and gets a glimpse of the past. She pulls him forward and stares angrily at him. Still drunk Anaita calls Singhania and says that tomorrow has started as its 12:30 and says that you are a typical villain, you know like scary everyone and still aren’t able to do anything. You have a big beard and small eyes but still aren’t able to do anything. She tells him to live YOLO while he angrily says that do you know with whom you are talking to and she cancels the call. Ria brings Karan to the party and says that why don’t you understand that I won’t you to stay away from me. She scolds him saying that why did you take such dangerous step and what kind of fun do you get out of this.
Karan asks if she wants him to leave and she says yes and Karan starts walking away. He is stopped by Riki who stands in his way and I looks as if he wants a fight. However Riki asks Ria why she wants him to leave and stay away from you as this is the person you love the most. He says that I heard your talk with Anaita and says to Karan that we are not boyfriend and girlfriend, we are just friends and I did all of this to keep you away from Ria and now I know that there is no need of this. He says that everything is clear, she loves you and is ready to do anything for you and asks Ria for the all this superstition and says that why do you blame yourself for something you never did, and asks her to explain. In anger Ria shouts because I killed him in the past life. Everyone looks at Ria in surprise especially Karan.

Precap: Karan asks Bhabi about his birth mark and Bhabi says that it’s with you since your childhood. Ria says that we remember things about our childhood so maybe there is a possibility that we remember our past life as well. Karan asks Bhabi that if someone could carry their mark from the past life. Riki says that there is no such thing like past life while Karan says that there is some logic behind all of this as whenever she comes close to me I feel something and don’t know what the hell it is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. thank god… riki has told the truth…. now its time for ria n karan to remember their past n the evil intentions of singhania n anaita….

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