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Ria gets a flashback about past life in her session. She explains to doctor she has come to Heer Ranjha point with Kabir, she has worn her best dress. She was getting ready when there was someone in her room, she couldn’t envision the man. Anaita tells Veer Ria couldn’t judge than man last time as well. Ria couldn’t see the face of the man, the doctor and Karan urges her to focus. She gets blurred image, tries hard. She tells the doctor this man is giving her an envelope and gun, she had to take revenge. Anaita tells Veer that envelope contains Kabir’s photo. The doctor urges her to recognize him, Ria’s vision gets clear, she says its Ishaan Rai Singhania. Karan was enraged, Veer shocked. Ria says he calls himself Zubair, Veer was moved at this name, he says he was ISI commander in 1995. Ria could

recognize Ishaan, he had smile on his face. He urges Udita to take revenge from Kabir, her hands must not shiver as he wants her to take revenge of her brother’s death. Kabir had taken the life of her brother, her brother was everything to her; her only family. Karan thinks he already knew there must be some reason that Ria did this all.
The doctor awakes Ria as her heart beat was getting slow. Ria wanted to see Kabir. Anaita tells Veer whenever Karan touches her, her heart beat gets normal. Karan holds Ria’s hand, her heart beat gets normal. The doctor smiles as he nods to her. Ria was now calm, the doctor asks Ria what happened when he gave her the revolver. Ria says she was crying, the one she loves the most is her enemy, she is in dilemma about what to do. Veer wonders what is missing, Karan is right. Udita looks at the gun, she empties the barrel of the gun as she can’t kill Kabir. Anaita was happy that Udita didn’t kill Kabir. Ria insists she didn’t kill Kabir, Karan thinks he knew it isn’t the way it appears. Ria was smiling. They were all happy. Veer stands up at once, wondering if Udita didn’t kill Kabir, then who did. The doctor asks Ria to sleep now and requests Karan to leave her alone for a while.
Veer thinks he will get this mystery solved, but it has become more complicated. Anaita tells Veer not to blame anyone without any proof now, she wonders how he would now face himself. She heads to leave, Veer drags her behind holding her down, she was afraid at once and requests him not to leave her. He pulls her straight and leaves.
Karan asks doctor what the next step is, the doctor assures they have the recordings of this session. Karan tells her he got his answers. The doctor tells Karan that this was Ria’s last session. Karan asks if there is any evidence of what Ria did in her past life, he wants to end Ria’s fear of hurting him. the doctor asks if he knows Ishaan Rai Singhania,
Veer wonders why this is getting more complicated, only two people can now give this case a new turn. Ishaan Rai Singhania and Anushka. Anaita comes to Veer, he asks what it is about, he is sure she came to say something. Anaita likes his confidence. Veer says she came to degrade him by telling him he was wrong, and Ria didn’t kill Karan. He heads to leaves as he isn’t interested. He tells Anaita this isn’t any puzzle, this is a case that is worth more than them all. He tells Anaita his dad got court martial due to this case, he was accused for not being able to protect Kabir and Anushka. Although it is late, he will take his father’s respect here.
Anaita says at least he knows Karan is Kabir. And now he has another leaf, Ishaan Rai Singhania. She gets Karan’s call and leave.
There had coconut juice, Ria was releaved she didn’t kill Kabir. Karan smiles he must have died watching her. Ria says the biggest shock is Ishaan Rai Singhania. Veer wonders who killed Kabir, then who killed Udita? If it is Ishaan?

PRECAP: Veer says this isnt Ishaan’s rebirth, there is a possibility by his reputation that he still works with ISI.

Update Credit to: Sona

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