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Everyone gets in the bus and the journey starts, Sohani and Vanessa are still fighting over Jignesh and Karan is sitting with Anaita. Trumpet offers Ria snacks and says that this trip Karan will figure everything out. Ria says that on this biology field trip everyone has a personal agenda which is definitely not related Biology. Trumpet asks of what is wrong about having an agenda Ria says that its nothing with it but I think we should leave everything to destiny instead of planning, plotting and scheming as to what has to happen will happen. Trumpet says that I think that a day will come when this blind faith of yours in destiny will leave you behind. Ria says that she is not in race and has no competition with anyone and If Karan doesn’t know the difference between wrong and right then God help him.

teacher gets up and want to announce something regarding the trip. No one listens and keeps on enjoying. She gets a cough and one of the students gives water to the teacher in which Euro mixed vodka for himself and the teacher gets drunk. They stop for a refreshment break for 20 minutes and Karan and Anaita are sitting alone. Ria comes and sits with the gang and asks if Trumpet says that everything is fine we have only just started. Two students are sitting talking and of them says that the day I found this locket my luck just got worsened, look not even my phone is working now, Karan hearing this says do wear the good luck charm given by Ria. On the other hand Ria sees a tarot card reader and Sohani says that don’t tell me that you believe in such things, Ria says that I don’t but her smile is really nice and goes to a fortune teller. Ria goes to her and says that I didn’t came for your work but your smile dragged me here. The lady says who knows was it my smile that dragged you here or something else, maybe its destiny because of which we met.
They go inside and the lady says that if you aren’t interested in the tarot card reading than why are we meeting like this. She says that I want to share something with you. A lot of people come here to solve their problems or to know about their future but nobody wants to know their past where all the solution lie. Ria says that why would we want to know about our past as we already know it. The lady says that you only know what you remember and what about the one you don’t remember. Ria says right I never thought about that as there are a lot of secrets in our pasts, she offers Ria to try a session and if she likes she can pay or choose not to.
The lady tells Ria to think of a problem from her life and select three cards, Ria says that she has to know about her nightmares and focuses on that. The three cards Ria gets are the devil, which means she is held by someone forcefully but it also means that there is a solution, the second card is the chariot which means she has the ability to fight those problems with her will power, the third card is judgment which means second chance and the lady is very impressed to see it herself. She says that very few people get this card and means you’ll have a rebirth and maybe this is it. Ria asks her to explain and she says that I can conclude from the three cards that your problems are from a lifetime after which you are born again. She says that it’s very clear that your problems are from another lifetime just as you said about your dreams and it’s very clear that you have to solve them using your will power. Ria gives her the payment and leaves.
She is walking on the road thinking of what the lady just told her about her rebirth. Euro comes and says that this is my chance to impress her as I have taken care of Karan. One of his friends sets the bus after her by loosening the break, on the other hand Karan comes to the bus to get his wallet and sees the bus going after Ria. He shouts to her but she doesn’t listen as she is thinking about something else. Karan gets in the Bus and stops it just before hitting Ria. Euro tells one of his friends to hit the security alarm so that no one can have a doubt on them.
Karan gets off the bus and starts shouting at Ria and says that have you lost it, for how much long I was honking the horn are you deaf. Ria is still thinking about what the lady said when everyone comes and asks if she is Okay. The driver goes to check the breaks. Karan says that don’t you care about your life or have you became a psycho after all this planning and scheming. Ria says I’m sorry and leaves. After everyone leaves Trumpet says to Karan that you are getting mad aren’t you, you care that’s why you are getting mad and Jignesh agrees with her.
Sohani gives Ria her pills and Jignesh asks if she is Okay and says thank god that Karan came otherwise who knows what would have happened. Everyone is trying to tell Ria that that it’s Okay when the fortune teller comes again and says You don’t need to worry about her as she is a blessed child, no matter how much anyone tries to harm but someone will always come to protect her as all of this is written it’s destiny.
The teacher tells the students to get on the bus as everything is Okay. Anaita asks Euro if this was his plan, he nods positively. Anaita says that are you mad as you said that you’ll only make her apologize and make her leave this college there was no deal about killing her. Euro says that he had no such intention, the plan was to save her life and gain her trust and I have no idea how the bus got out of control, the plan was also that you would keep Karan away from Ria than what happened to that, do you have any explanation. Anaita says that she’ll do something about Karan.
Karan comes and says to Anaita that why are you talking about me with Karan. Anaita says that she was warning to Euro to stay away from their group as no matter what happened between them, they’ll always take care of Ria. Karan says that no matter how much I hate anyone I can feel that behind this incident you were the reason but I don’t have any proof. He warns Euro to not harm any of his friends including Ria otherwise he’ll forget their precious friendship. Euro says that he hasn’t done anything but still gets curious about the thing that he is still thinking about Ria, and says that you hate her or are you still confused between Anaita or Ria. Karan says that no matter how much he hates her but can’t bare anyone else hurting her and if he finds that person he won’t let him go. Karan says that I only don’t have the proof otherwise you have no idea where you would be right now and leaves with Anaita. They come to the bus and takes a look at Ria who is also standing there with everyone.

Precap: Everyone is sitting by the fire and Karan is playing the guitar, Anaita is annoyed as Karan looks at Ria and everyone pushes them to stand together. Anaita informs Euro that Ria has left with Trumpet for the shooting star location but she’ll reach the location alone. Euro says that don’t worry as after she’ll always remember me. Trumpet gets her foot stuck in the ground and asks Ria to leave. Ria leaves and Euro tells his friends to attack Ria and give her drugs and he’ll make an mms of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hei frds .i read that k know about anu that she make the fake vedio k do all this to trap anu in front of all.and then ria know that k is a part of her past.then anu become more dagerous and make many problems btw k and ria.

  2. Ufff. .. I hate this anaita. . She is so selfish. . And this karan is trusting her. Can’t he see what his friends can see…

  3. How laaame…euro has got no other idea except making mms or what. Huh…he looks soo baad…bl***y cheapo Anaita.

  4. Day by day this anaita is gettg biggr horns on her head! !!! Jst cnt stop hatg her fr her worthles act

  5. very curious to know their past life..

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