Mastaangi 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita comes to Karan and hugs him for what he said to Euro. She says she never said this to any guy but he is the best guy she ever met. She thanks him for what he did for her and her friends. Karan asks her to go, Anaita leaves with Karan and Sohani. Ria feels her heart beat getting regular as Karan passes her.
Euro tells his friends that Karan will play an electric guitar, whose remote Euro will keep to himself. He asks a boy to hold this guitar to try, the boy fell off fainted. Euro says enemity with Euro will cost Karan so much.
The next morning, Jignesh asks Karan for his bike. Trumpet and Karan make fun of him, Jignesh says once he will also be a sports star. Anaita and Ria come from behind in a car. Karan asks who is giving him a horn, Anaita comes down and asks if they should

go for rehearsal. Karan asks Anaita to ask Ria back up. Ria says she spotted this parking spot first. Anaita says Ria is right, but Karan says Anaita should be obliged that Karan is her friend. Both give horns, Anaita shouts at them both to shut up. Ria reverse the car, then overtakes the bike speedily from the side. The dust get on all of them. Karan says it will cost him heavily.
Euro comes to an old man and asks him to let them help. He takes the guitar from the old man and says Karan must get ready for pay back. The boys make connections as needed.
Sohani was sleeping in the library when Ria comes to her. Suddenly the lights go off, Sohani brings out a torch light from her bag. A peon asks if car no. 0456 is hers. He says she must come with him to parking lot. Ria goes with him. They run towards the car. Ria shouts in shock that Karan parked his bike over her car.
Karan, Anaita and friends walked in the corridor. Anaita says she has an idea about a couple story, she and Karan in lead. A friend tells Euro they have come to the instrumental set. Karan says the story is about real carnation. It will be a story that two lovers get away in one life and meets in their next. Euro and friends watched Karan come to hold the guitar. Ria comes and holds his hand back there. She tells him to make the story later, first he must come with her. The officer with her says Principal office, he is being mean as soon as he got admission. They all leave with him.
The principal asks Karan that if there wasn’t any space to stand here, would he stand up over his head. He asks Karan to say sorry to Ria. Karan begins to cry, he says he is a dumb and can’t speak. The principal stands up and says he got admission in handicapped, he apologizes Karan and asks Ria why she is fighting with someone who is dumb. Ria steps up Karan’s foot, he shouts Ria! She smiles. Principal is again enraged and says he won’t tolerate, he is suspended for one week. Outside the office, Anaita apologizes Ria from Karan’s side. Ria says she is sorry, they turned a small argument into a big matter. She says there was parking space for them both, if he has to punish he must punish them both else not Karan only. The principal warns Karan who hands him water and leaves. Ria comes from behind, Anaita asks Karan to apologize. Karan stops her and calls her Miss Much Much. Ria turns around, he comes to her and says I am sorry Ria. He says thank you very much for what she did in Principal’s office. He looks at Anaita who passes him a flying kiss. Karan tells Ria not to be much happy, he did this for Anaita as he can do anything for his friends. Ria smiles and says its ok, he must remove his bike and leaves. Anaita comes to Karan and hugs him. They all go to music hall, Euro’s friend informs him that they are coming to music hall.
Ria comes downstairs and hears Euro’s friend telling someone on call that Euro has sprinkled water on the whole circuit, Karan will go to the end as soon as he touch the circuit. Ria was shocked.

PRECAP: Anaita asks Karan to let her play guitar. Karan goes to switch the circuit on. Ria arrives there and then, Karan switch the circuit. Anaita fell on the floor with the jerk of electric shock

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nic epi…………………………………………..

  2. Acha hai….let anaita die,i don’t want her coming between Karan nd ria nd when will dese two’s love story start?

  3. common people

    It is connected with past life ..hope .anaita wont turn to negative role

  4. Karan is really handsome ♡ who’s this guy? And d girl ria has attractive eyes, reminds me of ranbir kapoor’s mom in her young days- patla version 😉 i hv seen her movies on tv, she resembles her

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