Mastaangi 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria is ready to take the final shot and if she scores the girls would win making her the player of the match, she takes the shot and scores. The girls celebrate and Ria taunts Karan and Mr.Singhania comes to give her the trophy and she thanks him. Riki comes and takes the photo of the girl’s team.
Later Vanessa comes and asks Jignesh of what is going on between him and Sohani. Jignesh says that nothing is happening, Vanessa tells him to stop and says that I am seeing that you are signaling her since morning, and says that if I leave you if I see it again and once I go, I won’t come back again. She starts walking and Jignesh agrees and says that it’s Okay, she comes back and asks of what he is saying. Jignesh says that maybe I was afraid before but you said it that you’ll leave me and that’s

Okay, because I love Sohani. Vanessa stops and asks him to think about it and apologizes. Jignesh asks him to stop and says that I love Sohani and I have to be a man. He says that whenever I was around you I felt like a dog with a leash on, which was in your hand. He says that I am free now and thanks her for making him realize that he loves Sohani. He leaves and Sohani hearing this jumps in excitement.
Mr.Singhania is talking with the authority and talks with them about the dancing and cultural soon to be held. He wants them to repeat the performance of Ria and Karan, the person says that though that the performance was amazing but students will deny to repeat it and after all it’s a competition. Singhania says that he is aware of that says that if they deny make them agree to it as I want to relive those moments again. The man agrees and says that I will talk to Karan and Ria in the morning. After he leaves Singhania says that this is going to memorable to everyone and there is going to be a crime in which Anaita would be my partner
Soman is looking at Ria and says I hope that Ria hasn’t started trusting Anaita again. Ria’s father says why do keep forgetting that Ria forgives people easily and what is wrong with it, look what Anaita did when she gave the chance to Ria for wining the trophy and that is not a small thing especially in this age. Anaita and Ria are taking selfies and all the girls come as well.
Karan is sitting alone when Bhabi comes and says that don’t worry the competition is still left. Karan says that don’t worry I will win the sword of honor. Bhabi takes a selfie with him and asks if he still wants to come but Karan says that he’ll come later.
Riki comes commentating about the match which just happened but changes the last scene saying that Karan deliberately committed the foul and gave the match to Ria. He looks at Karan and says that wasn’t the commentary correct. Karan says that aren’t you supposed to be with Ria, Riki asks again if the commentary was correct. Karan warns him saying that if you tell this to Ria even by mistake than this is your last commentary. Karan leaves and Riki says that what a guy and lucky is Ria and wish that there is someone who loved me like this for as well.
A girl in the team invites all of the girls to a party and everyone agrees as they beat the guys. Sohani asks of when and where and the girl says that it’s going to be at her place. Ria invites Anaita as well who is not sure but she tells her to come and Aniata agrees on Ria’s insistence and the party is at 7.
Karan hears about the girl’s party and says that Ria is going to be there and Jignesh says that Sohani is going to be there. Trumpet says that like I said it’s a girl only party, Karan and Jignesh look at each other and try to bribe Trumpet with chocolates and a leather jacket. Trumpet says that this is a girls only party and rules are rules and leaves. Karan gets an idea and tells Jignesh to do it, Jignesh disagrees at first. Karan says that you know how women are and think about Sohani and it won’t take Vanessa to brain wash her hair and says that I am doing all of this for you. Jignesh leaves and Karan says that I’ll see what this Riki is.
Riki is with Ria and says that why can’t I go and you know that I am better with girls compared to boys. Ria says that this a girls only party and if boys were allowed than I would invite you. Ria gives him ideas to watch a movie or to relax with his mom and dad but he disagrees. Riki says that I am your guest and you are going to a party and leaving me at home. He makes a face and Ria says that I’ll try to do something. Riki turns back and says that do it quickly as you know that I am going to leave soon.
At the party Sohani is telling Trumpet of how Jignesh took her side today in front of Vanessa. Trumpet looks away at Ria who arrives to the party and goes to meet the host and she asks where Riki is, Riki comes and says thanks for allowing me to come. She says that if my landlady finds out she would tell me to empty the place but anything for friends. Riki says that you are also looking very beautiful and hot. Ria asks for Anaita and she comes and they celebrate their victory.
Jignesh comes dressed as a girl and slips a lot as wearing the heels. He peaks through the door and falls as he steps inside. He tells everyone to chill as he drank a lot and hides away trying to calm down. He sees Riki and gets a call from Karan, he is about to tell Karan when sees Trumpet walking by and changes his voice and says that I’ll talk later. He sees Sohani and goes to talk to her while Karan is texting him on who has come there but gets no reply.
Jignesh goes and stands next to Sohani and tries to start a conversation by saying that it’s a nice bag. He almost introduces himself as Jignesh but says Jigyasa, Sohani finds something wired and he says that isn’t it hot in here and Sohani takes a fan out of her bag. Jignesh avoids using the same conversation words and hugs her. Karan is wondering why Jignesh is not picking up the phone and wonders what Jignesh was saying on someone who came the party and says that I have to see it myself.

Precap: Karan comes the party from the back and sees Ria and Riki hugging, Riki leaves and Ria catches him as he climbs up the stairs.

Update Credit to: Sona

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