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Karan assures Ria that this file can’t be the only reason she had killed him, it may be something else; may be it was his mistake. Ria leaves, Karan sends Anaita to her as she needs her. Anaita tells Karan to call bhaiya, he was really worried and follows Ria.
At home, Ria thinks this mystery has finally been solved, she was the one who killed Ria but how she can do this. Anaita stops Ria from overthinking, it was all past and is over now. Karan also believe her now. Ria fears history is repeating herself, she is a bad omen for him. She wants to know every bit of this case, she took his life before but in this life she doesn’t want to be the reason of his death.
Karan throws water over his face with a bottle. Veer wonders how he can be so sure not to blame Udita for Kabir’s death. Karan

suggests may be someone had given pills to Kabir. Veer tells Karan about the mystery behind Anushka’s death, she was the second Roy in his dad’s team. Karan thinks may be Ria’s Past life regression therapy may help them. Anaita tells Ria she was very jealous when she saw Karan love her, she did so much wrong to them. And today, both of them are still away. She insists on Ria to understand his love.
Karan’s brother tells them that before Karan’s birth a young man had died, in hospital there was no one to claim his body. He insists they don’t believe in rebirth, what he knows is that Ria needs Karan. Karan assures he can’t even get a better girl than Ria. Ria was convinced she can’t get a better guy than Karan, but when she has to be a source of his pain, why she stays with him anyway. Ria hopes she gets some answers in tomorrow’s PNR session.
The next day, Anaita wins the consolation prize for painting competition. Ria and Karan share the first prize. Jignesh wish he had left his sword of honour prize, Karan thanks his parents, Veer and Ria. Ria suggests Karan should be the only winner, he is a nice human being as well, she offers the trophy to Karan and congratulate him. Veer taps Karan’s back and whispers to leave for Ria’s PNR session.
Sohani fascinates the seven rounds, seven lives and everything. Jignesh and Sohani discuss about being with each other in the last lives as well. Sohani doubts if Jignesh was a girl in his past life, these days he has started to walk in a different way as well.
The doctor warns Ria this is her last session, and instructs her to inform as soon as she thinks her heart rate is falling. She leaves to prepare for the session. Ria comes out to see Veer, Karan and Anaita there and asks them to leave. Anaita insists this would be better, friends don’t need permission. Karan holds her hand and says he will bring her lost smile back as he promised. Ria goes inside.
The doctor advices Ria to tell her if she feels uncomfortable, she will get her to present. Ria insists not to be brought to present until she gets all her answers. Karan, Anaita and Veer were sitting outside, Karan comes inside the room and insists to stay with her, as she says her heart beat is always normal when he is around. He makes her up, as he wants to hold her hands in her last PNR session. Ria allows him to stay. Veer tells Anaita not to worry, today everyone will get their answers.
The doctor instructs Ria to relax her body and mind, she counts till three. Karan wish she stay strong, it’s a huge risk for her health. Ria visualizes flashes from her past. The doctor asks Ria to get back to her past life, which year it is. Ria says its 1995, she visualizes herself shooting Kabir.

PRECAP: Ria says he is calling himself Zubair. She hints that Kabir had killed his brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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