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Mastaangi 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita says that she knew to ready the camera because she knew that Ria would do something like this, she knew this because Ria has done something like this before and it’s like a routine now. Anaita says that she has always protected Ria but this time she crossed the limit. Anaita says that I know your friends don’t like me but it’s Okay maybe I should live alone. She gets up Karan says that she is not alone as he holds her hand.
Sohani and Vanessa are with Ria and tell her to not cut herself off from all the friends because of Anaita. Sohani says that you only redeemed the friends Anaita is the one that broke the trust. Vanessa agrees and says that you should be fighting Anaita. Ria says that she cant hear the word deceiver anymore and why should she, Ria says that Anaita has remained her

friend for a long time and she can’t hurt her as she is not like Anaita. Ria says that her friendship still counts even till today no matter what she has done.
Jignesh says to Karan that you have already tested Ria’s trust and every time she has passed it. He says that take whatever decision you want but think ten times before you take it without getting biased. Trumpet says to Karan that you know very well that you are angry with Ria so are not able to think calmly. She says that what has happened to you, how can you forget that what Anaita has done to us before. Trumpet says that this projected incited of Anaita can’t prove Ria wrong and on one incident you changed your thoughts on Anaita. Karan says that he knows what he is doing as Anaita warned him about Ria and today he finally got to know about it. Karan says that he is finally listening to his heart which has told him to keep away from Ria. Jignesh says that you are our friend and we’ll always think good for you but what you are doing is not right.
Trumpet says that you are choosing Anaita over Ria and by not trusting us you are choosing Anaita over us. Karan says that that’s what you think and says that let’s go and end this for once. Vanesssa is mocking what the professor has just said about the trip. Vanessa asks if Ria is coming with them and she agrees, Vanessa says that this will cheer you up. Karan comes with Jignesh and Trumpet and says they think that I should clarify things with you and asks her if the video is edited or not. He says that they think that I am choosing Anaita over you and they are taking your side so they think that I am choosing Anaita over them as well.
Karan says that let me make my choices clear, Yes I choose Anaita over you. Karan says that my heart feeling were right to stay away from you, you have hurt me and will do the same again. You have broken my trust and your real face has come in front of me. He says that I think that the reason you came in my life is because you could hurt me again and again. Euro comes as well and hears all of this, Karan says to Ria that I don’t need an explanation. Karan takes a step back and says to his friends that you are taking her side knowing that she has broken my trust. He goes to Anaita and says that I do chose Anaita over you all. Karan says to Ria that you took all my friends from me but this lie of yours took you scope of getting me. He claps and leaves with Anaita, as they turn Anaita grins at everyone.
Vanessa tells Ria to not stay quiet and say something. Ria stops Karan and says have you said what you wanted and asks Anaita if she has done what she wanted. Ria says that you are not choosing Anaita over me or your friends but are choosing her over a pint of view. Ria says that the thing about me losing the scope of being with you so let me tell you one thing, I believe in destiny. Ria says that we got together because we were destined to be and the thing about your friends Jignesh and Trumpet, they are still your friends and they won’t break your heart because of me and I won’t let that happen as well no matter what you think. Ria says that she will no longer give an explanation even if he asks for one. Ria says I leave our future in destinies hand. She says to Anaita to do whatever she wants and gives her a challenge saying that no one can do anything and leaves., and so does everyone else.
The next morning, Ria is getting the nightmare again where she is shooting a boy and gets up and looks for her pills but they are finished. Every one of her friends comes at her house and meets their parents, they introduce themselves to her parents and her mother asks if it’s something they’re here for. Vanessa explains that the college has arranged a biology field trip and they are here to get ready for that. They ask if Ria hasn’t told them and they say that she hasn’t. They hear something from Ria’s room and run to her room and she says that the tablets ended. Her father says that you should have told us about that and her mother tells his father to get the extra ones. Vanessa says that Ria has a problem of irregular heartbeats and no doctor has ever diagnosed it till today so she takes tablets. Her father brings the tablets and she calms down.
Later her father asks if it was the same dream and Ria says yes and explains it but says that she can’t see the face even till now. Her father says that the one who gave you this problem will also give the solution. Jignesh asks of who gave her this problem and Ria’s father replies saying the one above us all. Ria says that she feels very helpless while her father tells her to stay strong. Their friends asks friends for permission to allow Ria to come to the trip and their friends ensure that they will take care of her.
Anaita is calls Karan and asks him to come on the trip with her otherwise she’ll get really bored. Anaita ends the call and video calls him and says that what is your problem why aren’t you going are you feeling sorry for Ria or are you actually missing her. Karan says that it nothing like and then Anaita says that what is the problem then come on the trip. Karan gets angry and says that how many times I will have to tell you all of this so don’t ask me again, Anaita apologizes and ends the call. Karan feels bad and Anaita says that emotion works on him and Karan calls her apologizing. She also apologizes and Karan asks if she is not going, Anaita says that she is alone and if you don’t come then who’ll accompany me. She says that I am still afraid of Ria and can understand if you don’t want to come. Karan agrees to come and says that control your emotions when she gets excited.
The next morning everyone is at the buses when Euro comes and says to himself that I remember how you underestimated me that day. He says that I prove it to you that I am your son. The teacher asks all of them to get on the buses and Ria and Karan hands touch as they both go to grab the railing. Anaita is just behind looking irritated. The both of them look angrily at each other and let go.

Precap: Ria is thinking of what a fortune teller has told her, she tells Ria that your problems are of another lifetime. Euro sets a bus after Ria as she walks on the street. Karan sees and stops the bus and goes to Ria and says that are you deaf as I was hitting the horn for so long, Ria looks at Karan and remembers what the fortune teller has told her about a problem from her previous life which is haunting her just like her nightmares.

Update Credit to: Sona

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