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Ria looks at the locket and remembers the time she gave it to him and says that I told you to keep it with you but you don’t listen do you. She sees a file regarding her name which has photos of her and she remembers that day. She comes from behind as Karan is looking for her and says that what were you looking for and Karan asks of what is wrong with that. Ria says that you are taking my pictures without my permission and that is illegal. Karan jokes that why everything that is good is illegal, immoral and high on calories. Ria says that don’t get too smart, you threw paint at me and now are taking my pictures without my permission. Karan says that I am a simple guy and see beauty everywhere and if you think these are bad photos you can delete them. He gives the phone to Ria and she deletes them and

before she leaves he says that I am not that simple and takes another photo of her. Ria says that I knew these photos would be with you and since you gave me a surprise not it’s my turn.
Anaita comes and says that we are all working and what are you doing and what a mess this is. Ria says that good things are always found mess and shows Anaita the locket and go to bring Karan. The doctor says to Bhabi that I hope you have read the paper but I want to say that Karan hasn’t fully recovered and says that you must take extra care of him. Ria says that we have read all the papers and we’ll take great care of him. The doctor says that you did took great care him and now it’s all in your hand. Bhabi allows Ria to take Karan home and the nurse comes and says that did you think that you would take Karan with you. Ria says that I hoped to take him with me but he loves his sleep a lot while Karan moves his finger a bit. Ria sees it and says that I know that you can hear me so know that I am waiting for you to wake up.
Anaita apologizes to Bhabi and says that I annoyed you a lot and Bhabi says that I should be the one apologizing to you. Anaita says that everything is better now and Karan will come out of coma very soon. Bhabi says that Karan has got better but there is no sign of his brother while Anaita says that we will find about him very soon.
The doctor gives and injection to Rajiv and says to Veer that the type of drugs given to him are not found in India, though I have given him the antidote but there will be weakness. Euro asks Rajiv if he remembers anything, Rajiv says that a cab came to pick him up at the airport in which there was a sandwich and then he remembers nothing. Veer asks if he remembers the face or the cab number and Rajiv says that I don’t. Veer then asks of what he was taking and Rajiv says that I had a red bag which came from North Korea to Vietnam and I had to bring it here and though I asked the captain of why he was avoiding the customs and he told me that he had orders. He says that I heard the Captain talking to someone about a nuclear bomb and asks of what it is. Veer says that you were smuggled a nuclear bomb with you and since your contacts are good they chose you cause if there is a doubt everyone will question you. Rajiv says that it can’t be true as the boss is a good person while Veer says that company is controlled by IRS who is an ISI commander. Veer says that now only one person can tell us about that, Euro says that he won’t say anything and Veer says that maybe he won’t tell me but will tell you and says to Rajiv that it’s time to go home.
Everyone welcomes Karan home and Ria says to everyone that I will be back in a moment. They sit down and bring packoray and Jignesh says that none even asked me. Ria tries to give one to Karan and then says that this happened to me once as well. Karan’s arm moves and Anaita says that it’s the same tale and everyone asks of what she means. Anaita says that she will tell only if they tell Ria to not beat her. Anaita says that maybe Ria would feel bad and the thing is when she met Karan for the first time in the gym and he caught her when she fell. Sohani says that you always think of Karan as the hot one while Anaita says that she does from the previous life but the stops and says that I keep wondering on who took Udita and Kabir’s life. Ria also starts thinking while Jignesh says that let it go and Anaita says that I don’t know why I get thoughts like these. Veer walks in with Rajiv and Bhabi hugs him and says that where were you, you made a joke out of me. Rajiv sees Karan and asks of what happened and Bhabi says that I wanted to tell you this but now he is better and Bhabi takes him away saying come I will tell.
Jignesh asks Veer of where he found Rajiv Bhaya and he takes a pakora out of Anaita’s hand and some sauce falls on her arm. She bashes at him and says idiot you can’t eat properly, he says that since you are going bring water from the fridge, Anaita replies saying that have you lost it, don’t even know how to talk to someone. She leaves and he says that don’t bring it, asks one thing and you make ten problems out of it. He starts telling every one of what happened and Anaita comes back with the water bottle. He snatches the bottle and after drinking says that if Euro wasn’t there than we wouldn’t have find Bhaya, Ria asks of where Euro is.
Euro is with Singhania who asks of why he came here, Euro says that he won’t change his identity for anyone. Singhania says that they will do the same to you to what they have done to me as you are the son of a terrorist. Euro yells at him saying that this is all your work, your plan and I am here because of you. He says that I have walked on your path for too long now and smashes at the wall pasting something on it. He says that Veer has already destroyed all of your plans, Singhania says that they can’t be trusted and Euro says that are you trustworthy and says that this is our last meeting while Singhania yells at him to leave this place. Singhania says to himself that everything is lost and I must get out of here.

Precap: Jignesh says to Veer that Anaita talks behind your back he asks of what she was saying. Jignesh says that she was b*t*hing about you and said that the people who eat non veg are stubborn and that your body isn’t natural and you use steroids. Euro comes to Karan’s house and Bhabi opens the door and says that why are you here you know Karan is in this state because of your Dad.

Update Credit to: Sona

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