Mastaangi 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita recalls Zubair watching Singhania. Anaita asks if she is alright, or is she having these flashes again. Kabir asks what flashes. Anaita asks him to ask Ria about it. Ria wonders what is the story of her past life associated to this man.
Singhania comes to his office, gives some instructions to his assistant. He scans his fingerprints and enters a recording room. The ISI agent speaks to Singhania saying he is their best soldier, may he call him Singhania and Zubair. Singhania tells him that he changed his identity here for the last twenty one years. He still remembers when RAW had stolen all his research, but now his men are working on high posts and he has connections with some ministers as well. He says that I Zubair Akhtar Khan will destroy this city Mumbai, and have named the mission

as Tabahi like the old one.
Jignesh comes to Sohani with a gift, she was angry at him. He requests her to accept it, though he had messed everything before. She takes the box and asks him to help her opening it. Sohani finds a huge chips box from inside. There in café, Karan said he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Anaita says the anniversary of college ad valentine’s is coming on same day. Karan agrees to perform. Jignhesh calls Sohani as Soo. They argue. Anaita stops them, she asks Ria what would suit him, it should be a love theme. Karan says he will decide it himself, he doesn’t take suggestions specially from Ria. Jignesh says Karan makes his own composition. Karan asks they must do something different this time, as it is their first performance. Sohani brings out a scent and says Ria had gifted this to her. Anaita asks this time? Ria says all the gifts are ready, even for Jignesh and Trumpet. Karan says he doesn’t need any gift from girl like Ria. Anaita gives suggestions like 19s theme or couple dance or others. Karan rejects them all. There, on a nearby bench, a spy held a call on for Euro. Anaita tells Karan she doesn’t like rejections, Karan says she will change in a while. Ria says Anaita might now, Karan is even lucky to have her as a friend. Karan asks Anaita if he is ordinary for her, offering her a chewing gum. She accepts it and says no, he isn’t. Anaita asks Ria for an idea, Ria suggests they must perform as a story. Karan likes the idea, he says the idea is ordinary but they will make it extra ordinary. Ria was about to leave, Anaita stops her. She suggests that Karan and Ria won the best couple contest, they must perform together. Ria says she can’t perform with such an arrogant person, Karan says he also doesn’t like attention seekers. Ria says he can’t lead a team with this rudeness. Karan says if one isnt confident on her own talent, one shouldn’t question other. Ria leaves. Karan asks Anaita to let her go.
Euro enjoys that story, music, drama. He says he will stab Karan on the back being his friend. He will get pain in his heart directly when hurt. Sohani offers Ria a drink.
There Anaita tells Karan she has added him on friendbook and buddy chat, now how much time will he take to give his number to her. Sohani says Anaita is getting quite close to him. Ria says it is the same with her always, no boy stays for more than a week. Anaita joins Ria and Sohani, while Euro comes to Karan. Ria says it is Karan’s test, the boy who forgets a girl’s insult is spineless and she is sure he will shake hand with Euro. Karan takes Euro’s hand but then takes it out. Karan says thankyou for doing what he has for him as a friend, he says he doesn’t respect the people who doesn’t respect girls. Sohani says he has cleared his test. Euro stops Karan and says Yuvraj Rai Singhania never takes broken things back, be it a thing or a relation. From today, their friendship has ended, they are both enemies. Euro points at the girls and says these girls also. Karan puts his arm down saying these girls have his back, whenever he will confront them he will find Karan in between. He must remember this. Euro tells Karan that he never forgets his insult. Karan says all the best to him.
Ria thinks he is so strange, on one side he says he hates her and there he has become an enemy with his friend.

PRECAP: Euro tells his friends that he will put shock strings in the guitar so that when Karan plays the guitar, he gets electric shock. Euro says he will have its remote. There, Karan asks who is giving a horn to him. It was Ria in her car, when Karan doesn’t move she takes her car from the side blowing all the dust on them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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