OK guys no episoDE of fake boyfriend today sorry but I won’t disappoint I have wrote an os hope u guys love or like or even hate it just drop your own comments so let’s begin…….

Twinkle and Kunj returned home after the boxing match. Twinkle was excited and as soon as they reached their room, she hugged Kunj tightly. Kunj suddenly cringed in pain.
“Kunj what’s wrong?” Twinkle asked while releasing him from the hug. Kunj rubbed his shoulder with a look of discomfort on his face.
“I don’t know. I just stretched up and must have pulled a muscle or something. It’s been sore ever since the match”
“Oh why didn’t you tell me, or see a doctor ?” Twinkle was genuinely concerned.
“It was only a little sore until now. Don’t worry Twinkle, a little rubbing always makes the pain go away.”
Twinkle seemed to hesitate before asking, “Well I could massage it for you if you want me to?” She shyly looked at the floor.

Kunj was so excited at the idea of Twinkle giving him a massage but worried at the same time that her hands on him would cause too much excitement and he could end up in an embarrassing situation. He decided to take a chance.
“Ah yeah, that would be nice. How do you want to do this?” He asked with a small grin on his face.
“Well just turn away from me. I can rub your shoulder while sitting behind you.”
He turned his back towards her and she shuffled forward so she was sitting right behind him on the couch. Both of them had a leg hanging off the side of the couch. Twinkle gently placed her hand upon his sore shoulder and began to rub. Kunj could not believe Twinkle had her hands on him and could not help but smile. He was very happy that he was facing away from her so she couldn’t see his face. After a few minutes she stopped.

“Is this working?” She asked.
“Yeah it’s great. Usually I just put a little crme on and rub it in myself.”
“What crme? Do you have any with you?”
“Sure, it’s just here in that closet. Why?” His curiosity was increasing.
“Well I’m already rubbing your shoulder. I may as well use the crme as well.” Twinkle was glad he couldn’t see her face as she was sure she was blushing. 
“Um, yeah, ok.” Kunj leaned and got the crme and handed it to Twinkle. He quickly turned away so he wasn’t facing her. After a minute of silence he turned to look at her.
“Is something wrong?

“Well I don’t think it will work if I put the crme on your shirt.” She was smiling at him and he released what she meant. She wanted him to take his shirt off.
“Oh, of course. Well turn around while I take my shirt off.”
“Kunj I have seen you with no shirt on before but sure, I’ll turn around.” She giggled to herself as she faced the other way. She could hear shuffling and then silence. 
“Ok you can look now.” Kunj had taken off his shirt and was again facing away from Twinkle. Twinkle turned and couldn’t help but look at his muscled back and shoulders. She could feel his hard, square shoulder under her hand as she rubbed through his shirt but seeing it up so close with no shirt was something else. She picked up the crme and squeezed a small amount into her palm. She slowly reached her hands towards his shoulders and placed her fingers upon his hot skin. Kunj stiffened at her touch and Twinkle pressed her palms harder into his shoulder.
“Wow that’s really working. You are really good at that. Now I know who to come too when my other shoulder and back hurt too.”

“Does your back hurt now?” Twinkle didn’t wait for his answer as she dragged down his back and then up his spine. Kunj froze as her nails tickled his skin. Goose bumps covered his back and Twinkle laughed at the sight. She continued to tickle and massage both his shoulders and back. Kunj relaxed into it and even sighed as she rubbed at the top of his jeans. Her hands were mere inches from his bum. Twinkle became more confident and she worked her way up to his shoulders and neck and then slid her hands over his shoulders and onto his chest. She had to lean so close to him to be able to reach to his front. Kunj tensed at her touch. Her body was almost pressed up against his back and he could feel her breath against his skin. He turned his head slightly and looked at her. She was so close and he could hardly contain his nerves. This friendly rub had turned into something much more intimate and he was shocked that Twinkle was doing these things to him. He had fantasized about her for so many days but never made a move from fear of rejection. He was so impressed with her confidence but still confused why she was doing it.

Twinkle was shaking on the inside. She felt her face heating up. Being so close to Kunj had only ever been a dream. Only she was tired of dreaming. She was waiting for an opportunity like this to show Kunj how she felt and hoped he would respond. And respond he did. As her hands continued to slide from his back to chest he reached his own hand back to rest on her calf which was hanging off the side of the couch. Twinkle breathed in sharply but didn’t move her leg. His fingers began to slowly trace circles against her skin. Her mind was racing. She didn’t understand how something so simple could feel so amazing. With a new found confidence Twinkle moved even closer so she was fully pressed against his back. Kunj’s breath quickened as Twinkle’s arms went around his sides and her hands traced their way from his stomach to chest. Kunj’s hand moved up and down her leg. Again he turned his head so he was looking at her from the side. It was then that Twinkle did something that would change their relationship forever.

She leaned down and softly kissed his neck. Kunj was in heaven. He feared he would wake to find this was another of his fantasies. He stopped his trail of circles on her leg as she kissed his neck a second time. Twinkle had imagined the taste of his skin but never knew the amazing sensation of actually doing it. She felt totally alive even through her incredible fear. Kunj moved his other hand and placed it in her hair as she kissed his neck for a third time. He couldn’t contain the moan that escaped his lips. 
“‘Twinkle.” He whispered. 

She stopped kissing him in fear that this isn’t what he wanted. “I’m sorry Kunj. I shouldn’t have.” She began to pull away but he quickly grasped her wrist to hold her close. He turned around without letting go of her arm. Kunj voice quivered as he said,
“‘Twinkle, please don’t ever be sorry for that. I was just hoping I could return the gesture.” 
She shyly smiled and nodded her head. Kunj shuffled closer on the couch and leaned down moving her hair from her shoulders so his lips could gently touch her bare neck. She breathed in sharply at the unbelievable feeling his mouth left on her skin. His other hand held her face. She felt him smile against her skin and he continued to kiss up and down her neck and shoulders.
He looked up and their faces were only an inch apart. Her eyes stared into his.
“Yes.” He whispered.
“Kiss me.” It was a demand and Kunj loved it. He moved that inch closer and watched her lightly lick her lips. The sight excited him so much he was afraid she would see the physical evidence between his legs. As their lips touched they both felt the tension that has always been between them disappear. They separated to breathe in before kissing again. They parted their lips ever so slightly and the kiss became more intense. Twinkle grabbed Kunj’s waist and pulled him closer. He responded by moving as close as he could and running his fingers through her hair. Oh how he loved her hair, so soft and shiny. The miracle of their first kiss was beyond both of their imaginations. In all of Twinkle’s romantic dreams where Kunj swept her off her feet she had never thought the real thing would be even better. Then Kunj pulled Twinkle closer. So close that she ended up sitting on his lap. Her legs wrapped around his waist.

In that position Kunj could no longer hide the hardness between his legs. Although surprised by it as she had never seen or felt such a thing before, Twinkle was happy that she produced that reaction in him. By now their kissing had become so passionate. Her hands were in his hair and his were sliding underneath her top. Twinkle pulled away and Kunj instantly missed the feeling of her lips on his. He looked into her eyes and she gave him a sly smile before reaching in front of her and lifting her top up and over her head. Kunj could not believe that this was Twinkle. He never thought she would do something so risky. Kunj watched as her top fell to the ground. She was wearing a pale blue bra and her skin was a perfect cream colour. He stared in awe. He didn’t think his life could get any better. He was wrong. For she then reached for his hand and placed it on her br*ast before leaning forward to kiss him again.

Kunj had fooled around with Ayesha(Sorry if his gf name is wrong, I don’t remember her name.) but he had never gone this far before as he never wanted to do it with her. But Twinkle was the girl of his dreams and now his reality. He was shy at first to really feel her br*ast but her kisses became so passionate that it wasn’t long before he was caressing both her br*asts. They were both so caught up in finally showing each other how they feel that they didn’t hear Kunj’s phone ringing.

As they came into their senses, Twinkle jumped from Kunj’s lap and reached for her top. Kunj ducked to receive the call but the call got silent after continously ringing and left a shocked Kunj and Twinkle in their room putting their clothes back on. It was as if all their confidence had left them as they struggled to look each other in the eye. After a few minutes of awkwardness Twinkle spoke. “Kunj, how do you feel about me?”
Kunj was taken aback by her question. “Isn’t it obvious?” 

“So tonight wasn’t just a one night thing for you?” He couldn’t believe she was still unsure about his feelings for her. He wondered where the confident girl who was kissing his neck had gone.
“Twinkle, I have wanted you more than anything in my whole life.” He felt vulnerable saying these things out loud but he wanted her to know now more than ever. “Tonight has been the best night of my life. You are everything to me.”
“Kunj, thank you so much. You mean the world to me too. I’m sorry I took so long to tell you.”
“It was worth the wait. Twinkle, will you be my girlfriend?” Kunj had finally asked the question he had wanted to ask since when.

“Kunj we are already married .” she playfully smacked his arm.
“We’ll start our relationship from the beginning, no misunderstanding, only love” said Kunj looking into her eyes with all the love.
She hugged him knocking him backwards onto the couch with her lying on top of him.
“God woman you just can’t keep your hands off me can you?” He smiled his adorable grin that Twinkle fell in love with and she playfully punched him in the chest. 
“You wish.” She joked back.
“Hell yes I do.”

“Kunj I want nothing more than to kiss you all over again but if we start then I don’t think I will be able to stop.”
“What’s wrong with that? I’m not going to stop you. I have never been more turned on in my life. I had the most beautiful girl on my lap with her shirt off and her lips on mine.”
“You really think I’m beautiful?” She questioned.
“I think you are the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
“Well when you talk like that it’s hard for me to say goodnight, but we have too.”
Twinkle stood up and pulled Kunj up before she went to freshen up.
“Good Night Kunj.”
He leaned forward and captured her mouth in an amazing kiss that made her body tingle all the way to her toes.
“Good Night? Twinkle. And I’m just letting you know that I’m pretty certain my shoulder will need a rub again tomorrow night” He winked at her.
She returned his smile before making her way washroom. She knew she would never regret offering a massage to Kunj.

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