Everyone went inside their tents after all the drama. Zayn was left alone. He fell on his knees, he was shocked at what turn his life has taken. “ how can I be soo stupid.” Says zayn to himself. While, tears roll down his cheeks and his cries hard remembering all what he did with sanjana.
Sanju was also crying, Neil came to her and hugged her by the side. “ why..Neil? Why does this happens to me?” asks sanju crying. “ shhh… it’s not ur mistake . T should understand what happened in the past was not your mistake.” Replies Neil. Neil holds sanju face and wipes her tears. “don’t you want me to cry?” asks Neil smiling. Sanju laughed and hugged him. “ thanks Neil …for supporting me.” Neil asked “ sanjana..don’t be mad at zayn.I mean it’s not his mistake. It’s T who did this”. “ Neil. I know it’s not his mistake but he is a grown up ..atleast he should use his brain.” Replies sanju. “ but plzz forgive him..for my sake” says Neil making a funny face . Sanju laughs and says “ I can’t promise…but I’ll think about it.” Neil smiles.

They both wish each other good night and walk towards their tents. Sanju is passing by, when she sees zayn alone. It was really cold and zayn was not wearing jacket . Sanju took zayns jacket and went to him. She forward her hand, he turned and looked at her. “ here..take this” Sanju says giving him the jacket. Zayn was looking down not meeting sanju’s eyes. “ I..I am” zayn tried to speak but his voice stumbled in the end. Nothing could came out of it .

“ I am … I am really sorry sanjana” says zayn looking down with tears in his eyes. Sanju immediately hugged him. Zayn was shocked but hugged her back. He could feel the warmth in her. He could feel her beautiful scent which embraced him. Sanju hugged him more tightly and cried . While zayn rubbed her back , giving her comfort. Sanju realized what she was doing and stepped back. She composed her self and was going inside, when zayn held her hand.

“ don’t go” says zayn. But sanju removes his hand. “ plz..listen to me once.” Asks zayn coming Infront of sanju. “ move out of my way, zayn.” Replies sanju. “ but..” before zayn could finish his sentence sanju shouted. “ I said move”. Sanju walked past him.
Sanju was on her phone, when zayn entered the tent. She immediately got off from the mattress, remembering zayn asking her not sleep on it. “ No! You don’t need to get up.” Said zayn quietly. But sanju lied “ don’t think I got off because you didn’t allow me. I am going to change my clothes, that’s why I got off.” Zayn nodded and said “ you can sleep on the mattress” Sanju replied “ I know..and now, I don’t need your permission.” Zayn nodded again. Sanju went to change smiling . “ huh! Zayn you look so cute when you act innocent.” Said sanju in her mind.
Sanju came back, wearing night clothes and started reading a book. “ you look good. And pretty.” Said zayn. Sanju laughed soo hard. “ zaynnnn. I am in my night clothes. Have you gone mad or what?” asked sanju laughing hard. Zayn blushed.
“ look good when you laugh.” Said zayn. While, sanju stopped laughing .sanju went to sleep and asked zayn to sleep as well. “ beside you ?” asked zayn. “ yeah. I don’t bite. And I am not like you that I won’t allow anyone.” Said sanju, while zayn nodded. “ but please, far away from me” said sanju.

Everyone woke up in the morning, but no one found T. “ wake up. Sanjana” says zayn. “ what?” says sanju annoyingly. “ T is missing. And no one knows where she is.” Says zayn. “ what! Okay. I’ll come in 10 minutes.” Says sanju.
Sanju comes outside and asks neil “ where do you think T must be?” “ I don’t know. But it’s a big place it will be difficult to find her.” Sanju nodds. After a while, sanju gathers everyone and says “ tani di, I have a plan. Let’s make groups and that way we will easily find T.” tani agrees. Both dhruv and tani divides everyone into groups. “ ok so the last group will be me, sanjana, Neil and zayn.” Says tani. Sanju leans closer to Neil and cuddles with him. Zayn feels bad seeing them and turns. “ okay guyzz.let’s move and if someone doesn’t find T , you people don’t have to roam,around just come back.” Says dhruv.

Everyone divides the areas to go. Zayn, tani, Neil and sanju walked for 2 hours but couldn’t find T. “ Oh god! Where is T?” asks tani annoyingly. “ what will she get running away from here?” asks neil. “ she won’t get anything . It’s just that she is regretting.” Replies tani. “ regret? You mean to tell me that T regrets. No! She doesn’t. She doesn’t know the whole truth and she is acting like a dumbass, she probably must be planning something else for me.” Says sanju. “ No, she is not. What if she is in some danger?” asks zayn . “ Oh! Don’t tell me all this. Why didn’t you ran away with her? And please stop taking her side.” Says sanju. Zayn says “ but I was just giving my point of view.” “ you don’t have to because your opinion have made my life hell.” Says sanju, but before zayn could reply tani shouted “ will you both stop fighting?” . Sanju rolled her eyes and went towards Neil. “ I think, we should clear T’s misunderstanding about that whole incident.” Asks neil. But before sanju could say anything zayn said “ what incident? I also want to know what happened that you are afraid of someone loving you or you loving him?” .
Sanju froze and tears filled her eyes . “zayn! Stop.” Says tani,holding him back. “but…” says zayn. “ don’t you get it,stop.” Shouts Neil. Zayn had never seen Neil so angry but then stops as he realizes that he can worsen the matter between sanjana and him.
It was evening by the time , everyone was tired. “ Neil, I can’t walk anymore. My leg ahh.” Sanju says in pain. Tani, zayn and Neil sees her leg bleeding a bit . Zayn rushes to her and tries to clean the injured part. “ how did this happen?” asks tani.
“ huh? Don’t you remember due to zayn.” Says Neil rolling his eyes. Zayn makes sanju sit and band aid her wound. “ its gonna be alright. I’m sorry” says zayn. “ its okay.” Replies sanju. Zayn holds sanju and helps her to walk, Neil tries to go to sanju but tani holds him and whispers in his ear. “ don’t, let them clear their differences.” Neil smiles and nodds.

“ is it still hurting?” asks zayn. “ no. I feel a little bit better.” Replies sanju. Zayn smiles while he keeps his hand on her bare waist accidently. Sanju feels goose bumps in her heart and she feels her heart beating so fast that it is gonna come out any minute. “ Sorry. I didn’t realize.” Says zayn removing his hand. Sanju blushes while, zayn smiles looking at her.
They all are walking in the jungle, when they hear some noises from the pond side and rushes there. “ I think T must be there.” Says sanju running. They all reach the pond area and sees T throwing stones in the pond. “ T” says tani worriedly. “ Oh god! We have been searching for you like maniacs. Why did you come here?” asks neil. T says nothing and just ignores them. “ Are you mad? We are talking to you T” says sanju angrily . “ what?” shouts T. “ what do you want to say? Come on. Please you have already ruined my life.” Says T shouting. “ ruined your life? You don’t know the complete truth T and you were the one to ruin my life. So, don’t you dare allege me . And I should be angry on you for what you did at that time.” Says sanju shouting back at her. “ sanju. I think it’s the right time clear her confusion.” Says Neil putting a hand on sanju’s shoulder.

“ what will she tell me?” says T rolling her eyes. “ For God sake! Will someone clear my confusion.” Asks zayn. “ okay” says sanju sighing. “ me and T used to be best friends. We were more than best friends, we were like sister’s. We used to share everything. She was like a family to me. I liked her soo much. My cousin akshay came here to stay with us for sometime. He was attractive and of course everyone loved him in high school. Me and akshay became very close friends. T felt as if I was not giving her importance and she taught I finished our friendship. I started liking akshay , even tough, I was not aware of love. In high school, everyone used to bully me. The boys or girls, they used to hate me I don’t why. They used to call me nerd, take my lunch, bully me everyday. I had no friend except T. I liked akshay but I didn’t knew that he was a flirt . He also ditched the whole school girls. He raped 4 girls. T didn’t knew about it and after she came to know she didn’t believed anyone neither did I. I used to taught that akshay loves me but he didn’t. One day, he took me to a hotel telling me he has a surprise for me. When we reached there, after a while, he tried to force me. He started to tear my clothes but I hit him on head by a vase a and ran from there. I was going to be rapped. Tani di found me on the road and took me home. I told her everything, I didn’t said anything to mom and dad. We were going to report on him but before that I went to visit T, to warn her about akshay. But as I entered T’s house I saw them half naked. I ran and hit akshay on his head again and he fainted . T slapped me beacause she taught I harmed her boyfriend. I didn’t knew that when he became her boyfriend. I tried to tell T everything but she pushed me out of the house not letting me clarify. After that, I didn’t knewwhere akshay went. I never saw him here. T, please believe me . He was recording the whole scene. I was trying to save you. Zayn, you ask me why don’t I let anyone come near except Neil and few others, this is the reason. What if they do the same with me? What if the try to rape me..” Says sanju , while she falls on her knees and cries hard. Neil and tani rushes to her and holds her. “ why don’t you understand T. I never tried to hurt you . I saved you from that monster.” Says sanju sobbing.

Zayn eyes fills with tears as he remembers how akshay behaved with her. T runs and hugs sanju and cries hard. “ I am really sorry sanju.” Says T. Sanju smiles at T calling her sanju. “ I wish I had never done that. I wanna be your old T again. I want to spend those moments with you again.” Says T. “ mee too.” Says sanju hugging her more tightly . “ come on. We are also supposed to join you” says Neil. Neil and tani also hugs them while zayn looks at them smiling. “ Now , let’s go everyone must be worried about T.” Says Neil. Four of them walk towards the tent area.
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