Zayn wakes up early in the morning while he opens his eyes and stretches his arms feeling the beautiful morning, he eyes sanjana shivering and uncomfortably sleeping without a mattress. He feels bad and tries to take her to the bed, but sanju moves a little , and holds zayn hand tight. Zayn looks at her lovingly but then shoves her off as he remembers the recording. “Don’t zayn. Don’t get mesmerized looking at her.” Zayn says to himself, and turns around but looks back at sanju one more time and sighs “ why you did this sanjana. We could have make it together. Why did you lie?” He asks looking at her while she is sleeping. He goes out of the tent and feels the warm air relaxing his mind. He stays there for a while feeling and staying for a while in that moment.
The moment of relaxation and freshness. Zayn felt so light staying there looking at all the greenery, these beautiful birds and everything that made him feel lively and put him in peace .
Sanjana woke up but didn’t find zayn beside her. “ I guess, he is with T, huh, why do I care?” says sanju to herself. “but I need to find out , about zayns hatred for me because it’s hurting me and him.” Says sanju while getting up off the floor.

Sanju wore blue skinny pants, pairing it with a navy blue shirt with black dots, a blazer to warm her up. She wore a beanie and brushed her wavy curls and put some light make up on .
Zayn entered the tent to get ready. But ignored sanju and went to change. Sanju came outside . “ Neil, can I talk to you?” asks sanju seeing Neil having breakfast. “of course. Come let’s go there.” Neil points at a place near the woods.

The both reach there and Neil asks “ what happened?” . “ umm..actually it’s about zayn.”sanju said looking at Neil . “ Oh not again sanju. Please not again . I don’t want to talk about him.” Neil snorted. “ but I want to.” Sanju literally shouted , who left Neil completely shocked. “ okay! Your highness.” Says Neil smiling. Sanju just laughed at his words.

“I don’t know what happened to him. He is behaving strange these days. And mostly he wants to hurt me . But I don’t know why?. He keeps on hurting me and it hurts him,too. And I feel bad that something can hurt him …” but sanju realizes what she said in the end . Neil smiles and says . “omg! Look at yourself. You have turned red. Stop blushing.” . Sanju punches him on the stomach. “ nothing like that.” She says but he just rolls his eyes and laughs . “ yeah,whatever. As if I’ll believe you.” Says Neil and sanju just shrugs him off.

Sanju and zayn both reach the camp area. “okay everyone attention please.” Says tani while everyone was having breakfast. “ after breakfast, we all are gonna go sight seeing. And we will drop each pair, me and dhruv have decided a particular place.” Says tani. “ yes, and one more thing. Keep your phones with yourself. I don’t want anyone to get lost . Okay?” asks dhruv. While everyone cheer and the table fills with talks Oh how this trip is gonna be. Sanju thinks that Oh god. I know that zayn is up to something. Because she sees him smirking and with an evil grin .
Everyone get ready for the sight seeing. They drop each pair to different places. Lastly, they drop sanjana and zayn to a hill area. “ what? Are you seriously kidding me?” asks sanjana. “ We know that you are afraid of heights, but it’s the best way to let your fear go. Zayn is with you.” Replies tani. While sanjana is extremely tensed. “ yes, I am with you sanjana . Don’t worry I’ll take care of you” says zayn putting his shoulder on sanju’s arm.

Sanju just rolls her eyes and goes ahead, while tani and dhruv also leave. “ Okay! So what are we going to do?” asks sanjana . While zayn laughs, she looks at him boggled . “ why are you laughing?” asks sanju “ any problem?” replies zayn . After clicking some pictures, zayn holds sanju’s hand and start taking her near the end of the hill. “ zayn. Stop . Where are you going? You know I am afraid of heights.” Sanju cries out. When they reach the end, zayn pushes sanju, but holds her hand while she is half hanging,holding zayns hand. “zayn… what are you doing ? Lift me up” Sanju shouts while zayn just rolls his eyes. “ what the heck zayn? I said lift me up.” Sanju cries. “ On one condition.” Asks zayn with a smirk. “ what ? Are you seriously crazy. You will pull me up if I agree on your stupid conditions. You have gone mad.” Sanju says holding his hand tightly “ okay then, I’ll leave your hand.” Says zayn .

“ Nooo. Don’t . Okay okay, I agree.” Says sanju crying out loud. Zayn pulls her up while she falls right in his arms and crys badly. For a moment,he feels his heart melting but composes himself. He jerks her away while she falls on the ground due to the bad injuries she got while hanging on the hill. “ okay so my condition is that go and cut all those cactus plants there . Cut them with your hands, so that could hurt you.” Zayn commands while she looks at him shocked. “ what? No way. Are you crazy.” Says sanju but zayn says that okay if you don’t want to, get to ready to fall from the hill. Sanju was not in the state to fight back because she had many injuries. “ okay I agree.” Sanju cries out. She goes near the cactus plants,while zayn looks at her both sad and happy .
He couldn’t figure out that he should be happy or sad about it. Sanju started cutting those cactus plants with her hands,while her hands started bleeding badly. She keeps on doing it for 15 minutes as there was a whole bunch of plants there. Zayn was shocked as well as boggled, while he rushed to sanju, she collapsed on the floor and was unconscious. “ Oh no! Wake up sanjana. God! What have I done.” Says zayn with tears rolling down his cheeks. He got her in his arms and carried her to the camp area.

Zayn placed sanjana on the mattress and went outside and saw that there was no one . When he went inside, sanju was conscious and crying badly. She saw zayn , and hid her hands. She covered her hands, zayn rushed to her side . “ Are… are you okay?” He asked with concern. Sanju didn’t looked at him and acted as he wasn’t there, but at last she spoke. “go away zayn. I don’t want to bother you any more. Why did you do this ? Why didn’t you let me die?” She asks crying. “ No don’t say that.” Replies zayn holding her hand but she screams in pain. He looks at her hands which were bleeding badly and hurt. She shouts on zayn to go as she doesn’t want to talk to him .
Zayn keeps on trying to go inside but sanju doesn’t let him in. After 2 hours, everyone comes back. They ask about sanjana but before zayn could reply , sanju came out and spoke. “ Hello guys. Actually I am not feeling well . That’s the reason we came early.”. Tani checks sanjus forehead. “ Oh my God. You have high fever. Let me check your temperature.” Tani says grabbing her hands but sanju shouts in pain as everyone is shocked to see sanju’s hand like this. “ what.. what happened?” asks Neil with tears. “ Who did this? tell me?” He asks again but sanju doesn’t reply. “ I did this beacause…” says zayn, but before her could reply,

Neil punched him, held his collar and said “I knew it. Why zayn? I have told you a thousand times , stay away from sanjana.” He keeps on beating him but sanjana stops Neil holding him, but she feels pain and collapses on the floor, everyone rush to her. They band aid her hands and put ointment on her hands. While zayn looks at her helplessly. Sanju gets up, goes near him and says “ its enough zayn, now tell me what happened?”. She keeps on asking him while everyone looks on. At last he screams out . “ because of that damn recording. I can’t get those words out of my mind what you and Neil said about me.” Sanju looks at him boggled and asks “ what recording”. He looks at her amazed and takes his phone out. He plays the recording while T is embarrassed. Zayn looks at T, while tears roll down both sanju and T’s eyes. “ I never said that.” Sanju shouts. “ I didn’t said that also . In fact, we never said anything like that.” Neil also says the same thing. “ ahh! Don’t lie please.” Zayn says while laughing humorlessly. “ it is a lie.” Says T, finally speaking the truth.

Zayn looks at her boggled and shocked. “ what do you mean?” zayn asks . T tells everything how she changed the voice of the recording and faked this recording so he could hate sanju. Zayn is taken aback and shocked. He looks at sanju with tears. While everyone is shocked at her confessions . “ why did you do this?” asks Neil. “ what happened in the past it was not sanju’s mistake. Why don’t you get it T?” Neil shouts while T runs from there crying . “ Happy zayn? Look you ruined everything. Everything because of this stupid recording.” Says sanju while she goes from there.

How are you all ? I missed all of you guyzz so much. I know that you will be angry on me due to this chapter cux I have hurt sanjana badly but that was a way to end that recording thing. Right?
So, comment down below telling me how much you liked the chapter.

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