Sanju, zayn, dhruv and tani reaches university. They go inside and join the other people. Everyone was excited for this trip. Who knows this trip can change both sanju’s and zayn life and clear all their misunderstandings. “ good morning everyone. I can see everyone is excited for this trip. Well we just have to concentrate on two things, first that we all have to be together and second nobody is allowed to go anywhere without informing me or dhruv. So, guyzz what are you waiting for. Take your luggage and let’s go.” Says tani to everyone. “ hello buddy. How are you?you seem tired” says Neil putting his hand on sanju’s shoulder. “ nothing like that.I am okay .” Replies sanju. They go inside the bus. Zayn and T sits together, seeing this sanju sighs and sits alone thinking that it’s better if she is alone, but Neil comes to her and sits beside her. Sanjana smiles at him for being with her all the time. “ thank you” says sanjana. “thank you ? But why”asks Neil. “ hmm for being with me all the time when I need you and for supporting me and for being kind to me despite my negative side and my mood swings.” Says sanjana “ ahh you know what. I guess I was born to be your partner in crime or maybe your angel” says Neil. Sanju and Neil keep on laughing at the time while zayn angrily looks at them . Sanju notices this but turns her face away. The bus stopped at some place for everyone to freshen up. Zayn was waiting for his coffee at a coffee shop. “ zayn I need to talk to you.” Says sanju coming near to him. Zayn rolled his eyes and ignored her. “Actually I just want to know that what happened zayn. Why are you behaving like this . Since the day you came home drunk. You are behaving weirdly” says sanju. Zayn takes her to the corner, pushes her on the wall. Zayn twists her hand while sanju cries in pain “ leave me zayn. You are hurting me.” Zayn applies more pressure and says “ Oh no . But you know what the game has just begin.” . He smirks at her while she is boggled at his words. “what game?” asks sanju with tears rolling down her cheek. He squeezes her hands more tightly and she cries in pain but zayn enjoys it. “ Oh cry baby. Don’t pretend as if you don’t know.” Asks zayn but suddenly someone grabs him by his shoulder pushing zayn on the the floor. “ what the heck ?” shouts zayn but when he looks up he sees Neil and rolls his eyes . Sanju runs and tightly hugs him ,crying in his arms. “ its okay don’t cry. I’ll see him.” Says Neil but sanju nodds in a no . “ don’t Neil. Please let’s go.” Says sanju trying to stop Neil but Neil goes near zayn and hold him by his collar and says “ are you even human . Even after hurting sanju soo much she still cares for you . If you hurt her one more time I’m not gonna leave you zayn. Get it?” . But zayn laughs at his words and stand on his feet . “ we will see what you do Neil.” Says zayn laughing . “you are impossible. Let’s go sanju.” Says Neil. They both go leaving zayn in the cafe. “ I have told you so many times that don’t go near that man.” Asks Neil angrily sitting in the bus . “ but Neil I just wanted to solve the problems between us.” Replies sanju. “ if he doesn’t want to solve it then please don’t try. He is not worth it . Don’t waste your time.” Says Neil. “ okay okay. Now smile you don’t look good when you are angry.” Says sanju smiling . “you look good smiling too. I think this trip is going to change everyone’s life.” Says Neil. “ maybe or maybe not .” Replies sanju. Everyone sits in the bus and they leave for the camp.

Everyone comes down from the bus with their luggage. “ okay everyone . Finally, we have reached our destination. This place looks cool . We are going to have a lot of fun. So, everyone take your luggage and then we will make pairs so that two people can stay in one tent . Come on. Let’s go” says tani . “ tani. Wait” calls out dhruv. “ what happened?” asks tani. “as you said about the whole pairing thing . I just wanted you to pair zayn and sanjana together .” Says dhruv while tani is boggled at his words . “ but why? I mean they both will never agree.”replied tani . “I know they won’t agree but we have to do this to end this hatred relation between them. Will you help me?” asks dhruv hugging tani. “ of course . I will.” Answers tani hugging him back. “ Oh god . Not again . Come guyzz if your romance is finished.” Says sanjana moving her head into the corner . Tani and dhruv both back off. “ why are you always the one to interfere?” asks dhruv with his hand on tani’s waist. “ beacause I was born for this. Now come let’s go.” Replies sanju. They go where everyone else was waiting . “ okay so the tents have been set up . Now, it’s time to pair you guys up.” Tani starts pairing everyone . “ hmm T you are going to stay with …. Let me think who is gonna suffer… Oh yeah your barbie doll ruhi. And the last pair is zayn and sanjana.” “ what? No way. Never ever. Why me and zayn ?” asks sanju angrily. “ because I said so now go and unpack your luggage” replies tani. “but..” Says sanju . “ zayn do you have any problem ?” asks tani. “ of course not . Why would I have any problem.” Replies zayn smirking. Sanju is boggled but Neil explains her that it’s okay you just have to stay in the tent at night. They all went inside there tents. As the tents were big, everyone was supposed to get their own mattress. “Excuse me? What are you doing? That’s my mattress.” Says sanju to zayn. “ so what now it’s mine . I don’t care I won’t give it to you . Sleep without it or you can go outisde.” Replied zayn. “ have you gone mad. Give it back to me” said sanju trying to take the mattress back but then she steps back deciding it would be good not to fight with him anymore . “ fine keep it. I don’t need it I can sleep on the floor. The day you will realize all what you are doing with me and maybe you will do then you will regret it.” Says sanju while zayn just ignores her and sanju sighs just wishing to stay away from him . Sanju sleeps on the bare floor with a pillow. “atleast give me my blanket.” Asks sanjana. “ I am not your servant. Take it your self .” Replies zayn in a cold tone . After a while, zayn keeps on looking at sanju while she is sleeping. Zayn says in his mind “ she looks so innocent and beautiful. No zayn! Stop it . What are you even thinking . What you have to do is take revenge so don’t think about anything else.” He also sleeps thinking about on what track his life is going through .

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