Zayn comes home drunk while sanju was waiting for him since long . She ask him “zayn where were you ? It’s midnight and everyone was worried about you” . But zayn just ignored sanju and goes to the bar. He takes an alcohol bottle and starts drinking . Sanju rushes to him , takes the bottle from him and says “ zayn stop! You are already drunk . Come let me take you to your room” zayn pushes her and she falls on the floor “ Don’t you dare come near me or touch me . Get it !” shouts zayn while sanju is shocked at his reaction and composes her self and says “what happened zayn ? Why are you behaving like this ?”. Zayn replies “ Oh shut up! As you don’t know” “ NO ZAYN NO !I don’t know so please will you tell me what happened ?” shouts sanju. “ I said leave me alone sanjana . Don’t you get it ? LEAVE ! Says zayn . Sanju runs to her room. While on the other hand zayn keeps on murmuring “ I HATE YOU SANJANA! I HATE YOU” .
In the morning , Sanjana came downstairs without answering anyone and goes to her her. While zayn stares at her.

Zayn was going towards his class when he heard Neil calling him “ zayn ! Stop” . Zayn turned back and asked in a cold tone “what ?” Neil replied “ dude chill. Why are you so angry ? Come tell me what happened to you last night, sanjana was crying and what have we both even done to you that you are behaving like this to us ?” . Zayn sighed and said “ Oh of course . How can I forget that sanjana will tell you everything and I don’t care about you or her . So please go” . “ hey mate come on. why are you behaving like this . Tell me” asked Neil. At that time sanju was hearing all this silently , she came forward and said “ Neil. You promised you won’t say anything to him . Come, it’s no use talking to him .” “ of course take your cheap minded boyfriend with you.” Says zayn but sanju just rolled her eyes and took Neil with her. Zayn also went inside frustrated at both of them.

After a while , everyone gathered in the ground area . As sanju and richa were in charge of the whole camp trip of collecting the forms. They made an announcement. “ good morning everyone . I hope you all are fine . Today we have gathered you all here to tell you that tomorrow we will be going to the camp trip and we will return after a week , so I hope you all are prepared . Thank you . You may disperse” Everyone went to their classes . “ zayn wait . I wanted to tell you that I don’t have your form . Are you going ?” asked Richa, while sanju listened silently . “ no. I am not going.” Said zayn in a cold tone . “ but …” said Richa . “ don’t waste my time.” Replied zayn . But T appeared “ no zayn. you are going . What will I do without you? Please you have to go for me . Please .” Said T coming closer to zayn. “ohh babe . Of course I’ll go with you. I can do anything for you as you have shown to me the dark side of someone.” replied zayn. Sanju concentrated on his last sentence and said in her mind “ is T related to zayn’s hatred for me ?”. But as she saw zayn and T romancing in front of her she clenched her fists in anger, pushed the chair and went outside.

“ hey tani di. Are you ready for the trip. I hope you are because you and dhruv are the incharge.” Says sanju while sitting on the sofa . “ Oh shit. I totally forgot about it.” Replies tani. “ of course I knew it that you will forget about it. Because all the time you are busy with dhruv and now he will be going with you on this trip . Ahh boring romance session.” Says sanju smirking and laughing . Tani threw a cushion on her while blushing . “ what happened. Why are you guys laughing .” asks a sleepy dhruv. “ Oh look. Mr. Sleepy head has come . Well, I was talking about your and tani di romantic sessions. Boringggggg.” Replies sanjana. “ shut up sanjana .” says tani while dhruv blushed. “no way . Bro don’t tell me you are in love.” Asks zayn coming from outisde . Sanjana just rolled her eyes ignoring him and said “ if you come out of your love life with T then maybe you will get to know that their relation is fixed.” . Zayn was shocked at her words . “ nobody told me. How I mean when?”. “ like I said if you come out of your dream world .” replied sanju . “I didn’t ask you.” Says zayn In a cold tone . “ yeah yeah” says sanju walking to her room . Everyone packed their luggage.

Tani, dhruv and zayn, they were ready for the camp . “ God! Why is sanjana taking so long?” says zayn in an annoyed tone. Sanju comes downstairs wearing denim shorts, paired with a blue and white stripped shirt and her hair tied up in a high ponytail with her natural make up look and she looked at zayn who was looking at her continously. “ let’s go” said sanju. “why do you girls take so much time for getting ready?” asked dhruv . “ beacause we are girls.” Replied sanju sitting in the car. They all drove to the university.

I am really sorry for taking so long but I was really busy the last days .
I hope you like this chapter as well.
And in the camping epiosdes I’ll also tell you guys about sanjans past and T hatred for her.

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